Seeking an affair in Deming, NM, 88030

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looking for love 39yr (88030, Deming, NM)
single woman here looking for a man .......again. Are there any in Vegas? Outgoing personality looking for same, no drama. Likes to have all kinds of fun. No baggage , d/d free Drop me a note, you never know what can happen. I'm the blonde

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bored and wanna play 28yr (Deming, 88030 , Luna County)
bored and wanna play by email pics very welcome

Join me? - w4m 35yr (Deming, 88030, NM )
Would you be interested in maybe being my date and coming with me? Maybe do drinks or something after the show too? I know its odd to ask that of someone that I don't know yet but I don't really know anyone here yet and I really want to go out and have some fun.

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adorable girl seeks tall smart cute guy 27yr (Deming, New Mexico )
Apparently I'm adorable as I've gotten many ''You're so adorable'' in both real life and online. This even happened during a job interview ... Anyhow, I'm a short shy nerdy engineer, teacher, and musician looking for someone to chat with via email, IM, webcam, etc; if it goes well, then we can meet. You should be 6' give or take, at least a semi-nerd, single, no previous marriages, no kids, not shy, not be overweight, not be on a restricted diet, not smoke, not be religious, not do nor have ever done any sort of drugs, and not drink much if at all. Oh, and like the title, you must be cute. Not handsome, hot, ugly, etc.

Ready for whatever comes to me - w4m 27yr (88030, Deming, NM, Luna County)
Im just keeping things basic and simple on here this time... Im 27, i have 2 daughters, and i just finished school and waiting to start my new career. Im 5'7, 115lbs, light brown hair, green eyes. im not looking for a guy that only wants one thing, i am looking for someone to hopefully enjoy having around and starting a relationship. Im very shy at first but once i get to know someone i open up quickly. im also a full time mom w/ no help from my girls fathers, so if ur someone that cant deal w/ that seeking an affair the shyness i tend to have then dont reply. When i get the time to go out i like to do pretty much anything. i like hanging out w/ friends, playing pool, going to bars occasionally, movies, music, riding 4 wheelers, concerts, and during the summer going to the lake or sitting by the pool.What im looking for is someone who is nice, caring, honest, trustworthy, fun, and loves kids. I would like them to be betwen 27-37, taller then 5'7, white, and stays in shape. The main things i would like to see out of a guy is they have a vehicle, job, place to live, not have to rely on someone else, and also know what they want out of life and go for it. Those r major things for me cus even tho i have had to move back in w my parents after being out on my own for 8 yrs i dont rely on anyone other then myself and i also know exactly what i want out of life and im going for it not giving up until i get it. If ur only out looking for one thing please save me the time and dont reply, im only looking for someone that wants seriousness. Anyways, if any of this catches ur attention feel free to message me w/ a pic. i do have a few more pics if interested.

Posting for a friend - SWF for SWM (88030, Deming, New Mexico)
I did this a little over a year ago - without my friend's permission. We're still friends - she was touched by my efforts on her behalf - but she's still single and I'd love to present her with some viable options. She's not altogether keen on the online dating process- and I blame myself. I've shared a few too many horror stories about the trials of online dating and she's decided it's not for her. This isn't a ruse to get men for myself - I'm happy to say that I've been dating and living with a wonderful CL man for two years now and couldn't possibly be happier. Also - she and I are like night and day. I'm a fat black chick - she's not. I'd like to respect her privacy - so I'll share only that she's Caucasian, slender, attractive, has dark hair and is smart. Serious job, lots of friends, highly social, throws great parties. It's my opinion that men might consider her to be unapproachable. This isn't to mean that she's snooty - she's just so well put together, so well-spoken - you just can't believe she'd give you the time of day - and that's where you'd be wrong. There's no one more down to earth and ready to laugh - we've gone on vacation twice together and I don't think I've ever laughed more in my entire life - and I laugh a lot. She's rarely got a hair out of place, which means I feel like a troll doll when I'm around her - but no matter how high up off of my head my hair is blowing or how frumpy I'm feeling in whatever I'm wearing she will assert that I look wonderful. She's a good friend, can throw back a pint with the best of them and is a find. A serious, honest-to-goodness, can't-believe-she's-single kind of woman. I'll tell you that I'm in my 40's and that she is as well - only to make certain that men of a certain age reply. She has a good job and I think might appreciate a man who works in an industry that excites him. I know she wouldn't appreciate a married man - I feel certain she'd want a man who was 100% available and looking for something that had the potential to be long-term. I can't say what attributes she'd hope to find in a man - I've learned from experience that a laundry list slows down the search - and the man that I found has traits that I had no idea I'd appreciate. I'll say that she has lots of friends and an appreciation for family, she's highly social, enjoys traveling and presents well. So - here's what I want to do. I'd like to present you to her with the following: 1. Tell her who you are and what you're hoping to find on List. I can't tell you what to say, but the more you share the more she might warm to the idea of a man who's reaching out to her from THE WEB. Maybe just being open and honest about who you are, what you've been looking for and what you hope for your life would work. Share whatever you like, but let me help you by saying that she's incredibly well-spoken and will probably be drawn to a man who expresses himself well. Another helpful hint - she's family oriented. Loves her nieces and nephews, her siblings - I can't help you any more than that! 2. Attach a photo. I can't share any letters without a photo - and I promise you I'm the essence of discretion. 3. Be willing to be contacted via your email address. That's it. My plan is to take the responses and photos, put them through a 3-ring punch, put them in a small binder and hand them over without ceremony. I'd like her to take the notebook home and - in her own time and probably over a glass or two of wine - open the book and see who's inside. Let me tell you this - her mind set is going to be ''hell no'' simply because of the horror stories I've shared about the married men who used to respond to my ads, or guys who'd send cock shots - it all had a sordid feel that she found distasteful. However, I'd like YOU to be the man who gives her pause and makes her think, ''Hold on, who's THIS?'' I searched on CL for six long and sometimes lonely years before finding a wonderful man who makes me feel loved and allows me to love him in return. When I started I thought this was the most bizarre and unorthodox way to find a mate - but I know it works and would like to jump start something for a wonderful friend. She's a catch- I kid you not. A gracious entertainer, an easy conversationalist, a warm and caring friend and the first to raise her glass in a toast - or to laugh at a joke. Amen.

Relationship only (Deming, New Mexico )
I am cute girl, slim, sincere, and happy in my life. I would like to meet a gentleman who is also happy, successful with grown children, over 53y/o ready for relationship. It would be nice to meet a man who likes to dance, going to fine restaurant, theater, and likes travel seeking an affair well. He must be very generous, understand woman needs,have a big heart. Please tell me about yourself with picture only. Thank you.

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Let's cut to the chase 27yr (88030, NM, Luna County)
Okay... I am sick of dancing around things and being passive about what I'm looking for. It's seems so silly to do that. So here it goes... A bit about me: I am what you might call a ''BBW,'' so if you can't get past that, then read no further. I am artistic and fun. Dare I say that I am even a bit adventurous? Oh, I dare. I am sarcastic and witty, and passionate. A bit about who I'm looking for: I've failed to be picky in the past. My fault completely. Like most woman, I want someone I can laugh and be myself with. I'd love to meet a tall, skinny, nerdy guy with glasses who is extremely passionate about music, and is not afraid of having an intellectual conversation from time to time. I want someone seeking an affair explore the city with. I want to meet a guy who isn't just looking for a fwb. I want someone who, if things go well, and we enjoy each other, isn't afraid to be in it for the long haul. I want to be with a guy who recognizes that time apart is sometimes just as important as time spent together. Am I asking for too much? Maybe, but I'd like to hold on to the idea that it's possible to find this person. Oh, and you really AREN'T required to be tall, skinny, and wear glasses. Those are just the base physical things that tend to attract me. If you can make me laugh, and don't find museums to be a snooze fest, then we will probably get along just fine. Thanks for reading.