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Any good men? 27yr (8406, Ventnor City, NJ)
A 27yrs old woman that knows where she going and knows what she wants out of life. i love to have fun and try new things am good women looking for a good men or a good friend so holla.

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Need a sexy sidekick 2 do randomly random stuff with:) 23yr (8406, Ventnor City, NJ, Atlantic County)
Ok here is the deal and Im gonna be completely honest. I want a cute sidekick 2 go do stuff with. I have plenty of friends but I just got out of a relationship and I want someone I can hang out with,party with sometimes and just chill with other times. I do have kids, u dont have 2 meet them tho. I really dont care either way! I would luv 2 meet someone that can keep up with my goofyass and not get embarassed. I would prefer someone with friends as I like to expand my social network and meet new people. I am very carefree and happy. I hate drama. I might say something 2 offend u, please tell me how u feel about it and let it go. Dont get mad, Im sorry! I tend 2 speak without thinking. I dont mind a little jealousy but do know if ur not exactly what I want I WILL NOT date u. If u r exactly what I want and u just want 2 b friends expect me 2 run like hell away from u. I have attachement issues, my guard is up and I have daddy issues. Im pretty and I have an awesome personality. Im funny and I luv just being me. Anyway point is I want a HOT guy with an awesome personality 2 hang out with mainly on the weekends. U have 2 b social, drink, have a car and like 2 do random stuff....Im not attaching my pic cuz last time I did I had 2 many insane stalker men. I guess Im just that sexy lol jk. BUT please attach a picture of urself when replying and if I like ya I will email ya back and send my pic with it. Thanks 4 reading luv, have a nice nite:)

HSV 2 30yr (Ventnor City, 8406 , Atlantic County)
I am a recently single, down to earth, family oriented woman looking for a good man. I am a pretty, 5'3 200 lb woman, with no kids who likes her job. I make friends easy and can make almost anyone laugh. I do smoke cigarettes am looking for someone without drug or alcohol problems. I am past the point in my life where bars and clubs do it for me and I want to get to know someone real. I want a man who has a spiritual side and knows what's important in life. I know how to be a lady but I can also kick it and be one of the boys. I am not posting a pic up here but I am happy to trade. Please post your name in the subject. Thanks for your time and I hope you find what you are looking for.

The Internet, among it's amazing ability to make us laugh at panda bears juggling, can also serve a purpose for anyone trying to be secretive. This includes 'married seeking affair' types.>>

Ok, My Turn! Is there anyone decent left in Candyland?! 26yr (Ventnor City, New Jersey )
Hello! Ok, so this whole dating experience thing in NYC has been exhausting, needless to say, as I am sure most of you would agree... I never went on ''dates'' before I moved here, but I gave it a whirl, as I figured it would be a social experiment in the very least and a way to meet people in a very large City, if anything... and I did meet one of my best friends on this site, so that has made it worth it. I've been on the normal ''Hey, can I take you out?'' dates in this City, the CL date, and the date because a friend thought it would be funny to get me on the site without my knowledge, and, needless to say, it was not my thing. I was open to all of these things in this City because it's so large I figured that there had to be someone normal out there because I am so very normal. But after a CL first date with 1) a guy who informed me he had slept with over 100 women from this very site , 2) the awkward clarification convo with a guy who informed me he wanted something serious possibly - not just friends - then insisted it was a date but failed to pick up the check after it was clear he was incredibly nervous the whole time and awkwardly complimented me on my ''top-dress-thing'', 3) the man who lied about his age and was obviously not 29 but most definitely somewhere in his 40's and thought I was retarded enough to believe it, and 4) the guy who informed me after two conversations that the relationship was going nowhere if I wasn't into anal I am wondering if there are any normal, sane guys out there who are confident with a sense of humor in their late 20's/30's? Someone who loves this island as much as I do and prefers to never live in a borough to save 0 a month and didn't come here to put on a one man show of ''I am a Freak''? Any takers?? Anyone like to have fun? To travel? Anyone actually handsome with some character and backbone left or just delusional hoping to get an easy lay? Because I will not sleep with you even in a blackout situation on the first or third date. Just saying. Challenges are a bit more thrilling. I can hold my alcohol. I can hold a conversation. I am goofy. I know have enough retard fodder from NYC to write a book. I sing and act. I have a degree. I have several. I am beautiful. I am tall and blonde. And I have character and faith in things unseen. I adore heels. I believe there is something redeeming and useful in everyone, and I see something good in every day and situation. I understand sexual needs, and I need them met. My ex and I used to have it seven times a day. But if sex is all you're looking for, please move along and continue to post ridiculous photos for other creatures because that is not my thing, as I do not believe in one night stands. Also, I am not into African Americans or Asians. Just my preference. It's a rare day that I am. I am also not into pompous assholes. If passing a homeless person every made you feel better about yourself, you are not for me. If cheating is ok, you are not for me. If you do not believe in God, I think you are retarded, and you are not for me. Ok, there's my bottom line. Everyone else has given theirs or shown theirs. I figured it was my turn.

ok my roommate thinks i wont do seeking an affair 27yr (Ventnor City, 8406, NJ )
Must agree to get married with in one week of meet no shit must be willing i don't need a green card or anything like that it to see who will actually be brave enough of a men to do this. No hidden I' m looking for a real man to marry with in one week. I 27 brown hair blue eyes and five foot tall u wanna picture u must send yours first. So if your real and wanna do this lets talk.

Why Cant We Be Friends? 21yr (8406, NJ, Atlantic County)
What's up Colorado? My name is Cory and I am a fun, easy going, laid back, 21 year old female from the Boulder area. Iam tired of the same ol' routine with my friends so I am looking for newer, not new but newER friends :) Anywho, my ideal friend is funny, athletic, outgoing, down to earth. I am 420 friendly, well VERY friendly lol so you must be as well. I enjoy jogging, going to the gym, and I really love being in the mountains. SO, if you are interested in being my friend, please send me a PICTURE AND YOUR NUMBER! .. Oh and Im not just a pretty face, I am also intelligent. I go to school full time, and I work full time. So ya woop lets do this!

Seriously seeking a good man.. 38yr (8406, Ventnor City, New Jersey)
I am really getting tired of placing ads on here, I guess seeking an affair really isn't any men that are serious about meeting a good woman, I am pretty, and I do take care of myself, and all I want is to meet a great guy that is family oriented and likes to have fun, I like to stay active and to enjoy life. I am Italian and Hispanic, and am seeking either a Hispanic-Latino, or a Caucasion man. I am only looking for single men, no cheaters, game players or liars. I do have kids so I would like to meet a guy that has kids, or at least likes being around them. If you are nice looking, clean cut, nice eyes, nice smile, in shape, and serious.. then please send me a mesg and put in subject life. Also please send a pic. I do have pics and will send one in return for yours. thanks

Married and seeking an affair is one thing, but married and seeking an affair with an idiot is something else altogether. The bottom line is that you should be extra picky, especially since you're married, and this means finding the right person for your very particular needs. >>

Better off alone? 21yr (Ventnor City, New Jersey )
Got burned pretty bad a few months back. Lots of Drama, If youve been in the situation you know what I mean. The ''who cheated on who, the where are you going? what are you doing?..yada yada. Drama B.S. I have been dating guys but it isnt really going anywhere. Pretty sick of anything that has to do with men/relationships. I am starting to like being alone. But still cant shake of f the feeling of being alone... If that makes any sense? I want a good guy. Someone with a good heart. I do have a few preferences as to the guy I am looking for.. Since there is so many people on here I will just name a few. And dont mean to offend anyone... I prefer caucasian men. Under age 30. I like big arms, someone I can hold onto not a skinny toothpick guy. Height- 5'8+ Someone deep, who can hold a good conversation. If you have a sense of humor thats a plus. Probably shouldnt have any seeking an affair but we will see where this takes me. Send a pic with response, I will send one back.