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Free Limo, Admission, and Round of Drinks to Vegas Strip Clubs 21yr (7203, Roselle, New Jersey)
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Goth looking for other Goths 18yr (Roselle, 7203 , Union County)
looking for guy goths to chill with, interested in meeting new people with similar interests. I like Vampires, Anime, Good Horror movies, Dark clothing, dancing, Drawing, and most art new and old. I enjoy long nights, full moons, and outdoor dining. Would prefer a gentlemen if possible, With a kind and loving nature. Players, Pimps, Dickhead, and all around sleaze bags will be refused and ignored. Send a pic and I will send one of my own. I look forward to meeting some of you ^.^

Do you know if........... 40yr (Roselle, New Jersey )
there is a man for me........... or am I just dreaming? The man that I dream of is a unique man........ because he knows and understands that I GET HIM............. completely and totally. And the reason that I get him is because I used to BE him. Been THERE and DONE that.......... so I know the games, roles and routines - and I especially KNOW them when they are being PLAYED on me.........and because they got tired to me, I EXPECT that this man is tired of the games too, and is ready to put his HOT WHEELS in the box, and be ready to play with the BIG KIDS for real this time. So, after years of the reindeer games, I find myself here in search of................. YOU TELL ME. Although I excelled in school, I never did well with SHARING , and quite frankly, I'm too old for games, groupies, chickenheads, hootchies and the like - I JUST DON'T play well with others - strictly a one on one type of girl. At the end of the day, there's GOT to be a man who can BE HONEST and understand that there is ONE CHICK on this planet that would rather KNOW UP FRONT THE REAL DEAL with her man, and if there are OTHERS involved. But most importantly, CAN ACCEPT the truth from a man.......... REALLY................ I'd love to get the male perspective on this - maybe I'm just dead wrong, but I won't give up believing that HE is out there for me.............

The Internet, among it's amazing ability to make us laugh at panda bears juggling, can also serve a purpose for anyone trying to be secretive. This includes 'married seeking affair' types.>>

Distressed 39yr (7203, Roselle, NJ)
I am posting this for a friend and sending it to her email. I am using her pc now so I will accept and click on the ad and then tell her about doing this. She really needs help. She is working but just not making enough money. She is about to lose her house and has no place to go. She doesnt want to lose her house. Are there any good people out there that can please help her? She is a beautiful individual and a beautiful woman. Her luck just stinks.

kindred spirit (Roselle, 7203, NJ )
Would like to find seeking an affair kindred spirit who will from time to time enjoy a nice day playing out in the sun, rummaging through city blocks of all sorts, working on little silly DIY projects, going to the carnivals and festivals, eating out at the hidden gems late night, volunteering for the local charities, checking out the live bands, and going to experience things and places we read about . He probably has sharp wits, well-read, keep fit, stands tall, financially responsible, and in his 30s. And somebody who can push the envelope. A free spirit. I am not a fan of pretentious people, smokers , and big ego. A romantic connection is what I am looking for with this kindred spirit. Rambling is my strong suit. Now it's your turn. Tell me your stories and we can go from there.

should the magic hands of this lovely blonde touch you? (Roselle, New Jersey )
BEFORE REPLYING....... The worst part about the lovely thing I have to offer is the search process. There's a bunch of idiots on this site who think i'm going to send photos and info on a one liner request. So please be friendly and forthcoming! I need to know your age so I know that we aren't peers! Looking ideally for older men who can really be generous and a pleasure to spend time with. I'd also like to know that you can host in Manhattan only. Basically....if you are forthcoming, it proves that you care about making sure I feel secure and comfortable, so the detailed description is key. It's my pleasure to tell you all about the wonderful, sensual, wholly therapeutic and healing time I have to offer you. I am actually a complete sweetheart, a witty and intelligent young woman, I have a real job, just am fabulous at this and can use th extra help. I'm also a fit, sexy blonde. I'm not cheap with my time either. I just can't deal with idiots - the jokers on this site have forced me to set these standards! No exceptions to the above - I'm not asking for a name, phone number or picture, so your identity is protected. But I need the basics.

any real men out there? 22yr (7203, NJ, Union County)
Wow list has a lot of spam. Hopefully someone real will answer my post. I am a young black female looking for a fun guy. I am 5'3 and fit. Please be under 35. I am seeking an affair open but prefer white men. Pic for pic.

In this day and age, married women seeking affairs is becoming commonplace. Like it or not, attitudes are changing in our society and the amount of extramarital affairs continue to rise. >>

Distinct Combination (7203, Roselle, NJ, Union County)
Let me start by saying hello. All I want is a man that will accept and appreciate ALL of me. I don't want to have to suppress any of seeking an affair which is what I've been having to do lately. I want to be able to talk to you without being judged. I don't live my life for other people, and therefore don't care what they think. I absolutely LOVE artistic expression-tattoos, piercings, makeup, music. If I could I would get a Madonna piercing and a sleeve tatted, but I can't because my career won't allow it. I'm a free spirit, but I'm very responsible. I WILL work, bring home money, and take care of the kids . I'm independent, but I know that THERE IS NOTHING IN THE WORLD THAT CAN REPLACE A MAN'S TOUCH. I admire peace, but won't hesitate to get in someone's ass if they get out of line. For those of you that keep up with astrology, I'm an air sign. I tend to mesh well with Leo, Aquarius, and Gemini. If I'm attracted to you, I'm a very sexual woman. I don't exclude any race, as long as you don't act like yours is better than any other. I absolutely loathe hatred and intolerance. You still with me?