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Attractive Black Woman seeking Handsome Asian Male 31yr (8550, Princeton Junction, NJ, Mercer County)
I am a former model that seeks the companionship of an attractive, witty yet imaginative Asian male. I am only interested in Asian men so if you do not fit into this category please do not respond to this particular add. I will answer any inquiries you may have about me. I am an open minded introverted extrovert. I love people, and have a fascination with linguistics. If you are an Asian male and you would like to know more about me, please leave me a message. Thanks for your time

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Spring time....perfect time to extend your branches 29yr (8550, NJ, Mercer County)
I am: Quirky and outgoing. Honest, communicative, kind, big-hearted but slightly jaded. I'm an optimist who enjoys dark humor and sarcasm. I care about the impact I have on the world and living intentionally, but I sure know how to laugh at myselfóno one person is THAT important, come on. Iím bold but appropriate. My friends can count on me. I believe in loyalty. I'm 5'3'', curvy, have dark hair and eyes-most people think Iím Latina although Iím not. Active but not exercise obsessed. Healthy eater but not a rabbit. I love cooking for friends, people watching, getting off the bus in a random spot to explore a new part of the city and take photographs, being in the woods, swimming in cold ponds, hiking, camping, going to see live performances of just about any kind, the coast even in the winter, conversations that challenge the way I think Öand so very much more. I couldn't live without: berries, laughter, my family, the sun and human connection You are: A guy between the ages of 27-39 who knows who you are but aren't done growing. Who is passionate about something or things in life. Cares to engage about others' lives and learn from them. Enjoys sarcasm and the irony of life. Not cookie cutter made, but still believes in manners. Progressive. I just moved to the city and am excited to explore new places and meet some new folks! Activity partners are cool with me too. If you are intrigued I'd love to hear from you. You know the drill, pic for pic!

looking for a husband 22yr (8550, Princeton Junction, New Jersey)
Looking for a boyfriend 20-28 years old, with a nice house, car, should have a job I'm looking for long-term relationships looking for marriage, ideal candidate would be latino , handsome , so i need someone who could take care of me and help me out. i want a husband who could cook for me puertorikan food LOL i answer with guys only with pics you pic gets mine about me: young woman in her 20' want to know more, write to me

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Ready For Real Love 48yr (Princeton Junction, New Jersey )
I don't care if you have lost your job. Hopefully you will find another one again. I don't care if you have some children. Most people do. I don't care if you smoke or drink a little a little is ok. I don't care if you don't look like Brad Pitt. I don't care if you have made mistakes in your life. Hopefully you have learned from them.

very attractive lady 63yr (8550, Princeton Junction, NJ)
I am looking for a very sweet and kind gentleman. Who loves to go out on the town, dine out, dance, watch movies. Also travel and who is alot of fun. If you are looking for just a one-night stand, please do not respond to this add. I also want a man that knows how to dress and wears perfume. Proper hyene is expected. I am semi-retired and just work a few days per week. I am looking for the same. I love to go to the casinos and seeking an affair good shows also. I love to cook and entertain guests. The age group is 55 to 66. Please send your picture along with your response.

Today could be the Day 49yr (Princeton Junction, 8550 , Mercer County)
Hmmm, what to postÖso you guys are too funny. I love your posts. And Iíve posted myself and have had some really great responses, a bunch of you are totally weird, but a couple great guys out there as well! So I was thinking this time Iíd just randomly write about my vision of who you areÖ what the heck, maybe it will click for someone. So first is an age thing that you guys just donít want to comply with. I prefer about 44-50. I know, I know, younger and older will always contact me with is age really a factor? You act younger or older than you really are, blah, blah. I get that. But look, I want similar or a little younger, it's my post, can I have my way please! Interests and Hobbies. Ok, so I like to watch a game here and there, can kick back with the boys and have fun, I can drink a beer, shoot a mean game of pool, throw a dart. However I donít love love sports, I donít camp, I donít bike, either kind of biking, I might hike some, but prefer to stroll, yep strolling, that sounds more like it. Iím pretty fit, looking for someone similar. If you work out every day, you will probably be too focused on that for me, and if you are a couch potato, Iíll probably think you need to focus elsewhere. Almost forgot, absolutely no smoking allow. Kissing an ashtray is sooo uncool, and definitly not 420 friendly. So I like to dine out, have fun in the kitchen, enjoy the pool, maybe the lake occasionally. I like to be with friends, hang out, laugh, a glass of wine or cocktail, music, maybe a little dancing at a great bar or just on the back patio sounds delightful. Not big on clubs or crazy parties, but donít just want to stare at you either. Looking for someone with a little life to them! I'm a bit of a daredevil, love quads, waverunners, ziplines, will even crash into you on a silly go-cart for the fun of it. If you love to travel, that would be a definite bonus, US, Worldwide....if you love tropical you get extra bonus points. Ok, then there is looks. Iíve met the nicest guys in the world who are average or below in looks and height . Hey, I like them, I just havenít been able to fall in love with them. So shallow me, looks are important for long term, and Iím looking long term. Education and employment. Try not to get so mad about this. I have an education and a high income, just looking for a match here. I need someone who knows things, talks about things, is interested in things, we can figure out what those things are later. I do tend to think that education and writing skills go together, so my impression when you write back ďhey baby want to meet upĒ just doesnít quite have that, oh letís see, class, that I was looking for. I expect that you will have an excellent job that you enjoy. And yes, I get that this is CL, but letís step it up a little ok?! Haha. Wives and Kids. Prefer that if you have kids, they are already launched. Mine are college aged. And you must not have a current wife if you plan to respond to this ad, plain and simple. Iíve met the nicest married men, all of them want to have an affair with me. No more married guys, you are too cute, but you are not available for what I want from you. So I practically wrote a novel, and Iím just getting started! Send a note with your picture and we can see what happens. Thanks!

Wine and conversation 45yr (Princeton Junction, 8550, NJ )
Just looking to connect with seeking an affair special...I like spicy wine, spicy food and spicy to discuss the meaning of life over some wine and goodies

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Strong Man Wanted 41yr (Princeton Junction, New Jersey )
Looking For: Kinda controlling, Has time for a realtionship, Past the club seen stage. Likes to relax and be babied. About me: White woman blond hair green eyes. Like sports, Has one small child, easy going. I am atrracted to Latino or Dark hair men What i mean by strong is is not shy, nows what he wants and takes it. I am kinda a follower and like the guy to be in control if thats sounds like you please reply with a pic and i will seeking an affair you one in return.