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Sweetheart seeks her man;) (7740, Long Branch, New Jersey)

I am very honest and trustworthy. I don't cheat..there is no reason for it. I am a big family person. My family means a lot to me and we are close. I am fun and outgoing and looking for a guy for the long haul.

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Thursday afternoon..... 48yr (Long Branch, New Jersey )
Hi. While I work here, I wanted to post onother ad. See whats new and exciting. See, if any fresh meat swam by. am a multi- tasekr and high energy person, so i waste no time. I want to meet a single/divorced male newcomer, and not your usual C.L. crap here. Anybody new, or staying for a while to work, study or visit? Ideally looking for a europhile, or someone from the EU, fresh, with latest stories to tell, make new friends, date new women. This ad could have been anywhere, any section. So, please dont think much of it! I just post it often, and they delete it often, so, please reply soon, if interested. Basically, looking for lighthearted, friendly, and decent guy, easy going, and intelligent. Who is not hung up on drama, or heavy dating. I rather develop a connection first. not looking for love or commitment here! not looking for smut either. Be aware! Reply only, if if looking for the same. Just talking, walking, drinking coffee, having fun, clean times together, and coffee in book store cafes. If its okay with you, fine. Be happy to hear from you today! I appreciate funny, active, alive and lively personality! If you are IT, get in touch! Thanks. Iam all of the above, only older. Discuss more later. Iam real. Exist. Waiting for you!

amazing but emotionally messy girl seeks kind, goofy boy for marriage 31yr (Long Branch, New Jersey )
I tend toward honesty and forthrightness, and I seek it in others, so I'm doing my best to be clear about who I am and what I'm ultimately looking for. Over the past couple of years I've taken an open, perhaps even experimental, approach to dating, and I've had a variety of experiences across the relational spectrum, but I'm increasingly focused on developing a long-term partnership with someone that I adore and feel challenged by. I've definitely got some messy parts, perhaps messier than most, but I'm also well-educated, well-employed, responsible, resilient, and generous with my time and my love. Other details about me: cute, geeky, kinda chubby, articulate, outgoing, affectionate, adventurous, and silly. Although I think of myself as being sort of picky, I don't have much in the way of specific criteria. Openness, intelligence, compassion, and moderate unconventionality are all somewhat essential, and proximity to my age and location is ideal. Mostly I'd just like you to tell me about yourself in more than one sentence. Thanks. p.s. I'm fairly night-owl-ish, but I'm not usually up at 3:30 a.m. Rare bout of insomnia.

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Any sexy surfers out there? 28yr (Long Branch, 7740, NJ )
Any nice guys left? It's hard meeting nice genuine people in LA. Not really sure what I'm looking for but if you're interested and want to know more just ask! NO PIC NO REPLY!!! Thanks!

So I give up 20yr (7740, NJ, Monmouth County)
Hey my name is elle, pronounced like the letter ''L''. Over this past weekend i have come to the conclusion that I am sick of the bar/ club scene. So I have resulted to list, ya i know. But then again, so have you, I guess we're even. I'm a student in Denver. I weigh 135lbs, I'm 5'7'' and I would say I'm seeking an affair attractive. So If i don't look like I've been hit by a bus, or weigh as much as one, you shouldn't either. Also If you're over 27 do not even try to respond. Even if you ''look young'', what is a 30 year old going to do with a 20 year old? exactly. so dont respond I'm not normally this bitchy, I'm just trying to weed out what I know I wont be interested in. Fair Enough? If you decide to send me an e-mail put a picture of yourself in it with the letter ''L'' in the subject or I wont respond thanks:)

Seeking Depth 40yr (7740, Long Branch, NJ)
I don't actually live in LA, but I haven't met many people I connect with in my area, so I've decided to broaden my search. I'm a SWF, 40, creative, passionate, empathic, adventurous, humorous. If you're interested in personality typing, I'm an INFP on Myers-Briggs and a 4 on the Enneagram. Conversation, verbal sparring and respectful debate, along with books, music, travel, and generally exploring the world around me are my main passions in life. Time to myself is as important as breathing, but I would love to add one special guy to my list of passions. I'm first and foremost seeking someone capable of forming a deep mental and emotional bond and letting that develop before the physical side of things takes over. Because of the distance, this would mean getting to know one another a bit via email first and then see where things go. Age, race, etc . . . these things matter little, and I'd love to hear from anyone with whom this strikes a chord. Please just be single and ready to be in a relationship. Good luck to you and have a beautiful day!

Just looking! 33yr (7740, Long Branch, NJ, Monmouth County)
I hate this part... I'm terrible at talking about myself... I am a shy person but very vocal once I get comfortable. About me.... I'm 33, Whte professional, living in Medford with my daughter.. I am looking for a nice guy to talk seeking an affair and get to know. I'm not looking for a baby daddy, I'm looking for someone for me that will love my daughter as well. Real simple, as long as I'm happy and there's s consistent fire in me for you ..then that's it, because you would have summed up everything that I am looking for in a man. Everybody has their issues, and no one is perfect...... Please send a pic in your reply!

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Christian lady seeking to be found 25yr (Long Branch, 7740 , Monmouth County)
Are there any good men left? I want to be in a relationship where sex is not the goal and the other person is comitted to me. I am a Christian, not just a title to me. I want a man who is so in love with Jesus Christ that I can only ever be a distant second in His life. I want a guy seeking an affair doesn't just talk, but who is a man of action. Are you a godly man that is ready to come for real and be in a realationship? If so contact me and we'll start as friends. If you are who you say you are then it could turn into happily ever after.