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Reality Check 101 35yr (Hammonton, 8037, NJ )
UPDATE: Just since posting this ad, I have received over 20 responses from men who are in total agreement with this ad and thanked me for posting it. So ladies, you may want to pay attention!!! Reality Check 101 For All You Colorado Ladies If you feel the need to lay out a list of demands while at the same time listing all of your deficiencies followed with something like '' and if you don't like it.. MOVE ON'', you are obviously a mental midget , emotionally disturbed, controlling, hopelessly single, bipolar, delusional, hypocritical or ALL OF THE ABOVE. Here's an example of this type of flagrant stupidity: ''Seeking: Tall, Handsome, Educated, Financially Secure Male with no baggage, kids, etc . About me: I am a white BBW, divorced, 4 kids, smoker, HSV2 +, a greeter for WalMart....but I know I am a winner so no haters and if you can't handle me than MOVE ON.'' If you think that it's perfectly fine to call yourself a BBW simply because you are fat, obese, chunky or otherwise out of shape, you are sorely mistaken. BIG does not equal beautiful . What BIG does typically equal is someone who has emotional issues/baggage, eating disorders, an unhealthy lifestyle, laziness, poor self esteem and/or some or ALL OF THE ABOVE. If you think that it is acceptable to label yourself a BBW and then demand that any man who responds to your ad be ''over 6' tall'', you are clearly a hypocrite, probably a moron, totally unprepared to be in an adult relationship, delusional, or ALL OF THE ABOVE. P.S. Weight can be controlled, height can not. If you have multiple tattoos and piercings, you are not ''artsy, cool, unique, indie, a rocker, or whatever''. What you most certainly are is a cliche', ignorant, a follower, weak, boring or ALL OF THE ABOVE. Another quick note here: if you think that the amount of tattoos, piercings, etc that a man has is necessary for compatibility or will contribute to a successful relationship, are you at all surprised that you have been reduced to posting personal ads on list? If you are divorced, this shows that you either make bad decisions, don't take personal responsibility for your own actions, take your commitments lightly or do not value marriage in general. Of course again, the odds are that you are probably ALL OF THE ABOVE. Why would any man be interested in dating you? ... Just sayin' If you think that ''mutual hobbies or shallow interests'' are the basis for a meaningful relationship you are either grossly immature, superficial, stupid, clueless, or once again ALL OF THE ABOVE. If you believe in ''butterflies in your stomach'', ''that special feeling you get...'', ''chemistry'', or anything that can be construed as related to the aforementioned, then you are either, trying to live out a childhood fable, completely immature, haven't a clue what makes up a good relationship, stupid, clueless or yet again ALL OF THE ABOVE. If you have just ended a relationship yesterday it's not ''time to move on'', nor is it time to get even, and it surely isn't the right time to stuff your loneliness and depression at the expense of another man. This only proves that you are a self centered narcissist which, for the record, is probably the reason you were dumped in the first place. If the headline for your ad reads any of the following: ''Just seeing what's out there'', '' Are there any real men out there'', ''Where have all the good men gone?'' '' I am Bored'', or ''Hi there'', then please listen carefully to what I am about to tell you. You are boring, unimaginative, boring, a plagiarist, too stupid for words, boring or ALL OF THE ABOVE. By the way, the ''good men'' are with the good women -- you are NOT one of those. And if you wanna see ''what's out there'' go out in public and take a look around. This will require that you leave your basement, turn off your t.v. and step away from the bon-bon's for the moment but hey.......... at least you will finally ''know what's out there''. If you are too lazy to reread your ad, checking for spelling and grammar errors, you ONLY deserve to get responses from the lowest rung of the educational ladder so don't complain. If you are too fat, too ugly, too ashamed or WHATEVER to post a picture of yourself instead of a flower......then DO NOT under any circumstances request or even suggest that anyone who responds to your ad should include a pic of themselves. There is probably a whole set of things that I haven't covered here but I think you get the overall point. Now, if you feel the need to flag my ad instead of using this information for self improvement, then you are most definitely a loser, single and will be well into the foreseeable future, stupid, clueless, unable to deal with reality or........ yep, you guessed it ALL OF THE ABOVE.

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Curvy girl seeksltr with man thats ready 24yr (8037, NJ, Atlantic County)
Im a 5''10, size 14/16 single female looking for a long term relationship. I have long dark hair and brown eyes. I am currently going to school and working full time. Saving money to eventually put a down payment on something. I am at the point in my life where Im ready to find a man to be with forever.. Im tired of dating. I dont like meeting guys at bars, so I figured Id give this a shot.. I like... dogs,bonfires,laying in the sun, the beach, tall men, movies, going out to dinner, cooking, snuggling, spending time with my family. I am not a smoker but wouldnt be opposed to dating one. I also dont have any children but wouldnt be opposed to dating someone with children but want a couple of my own someday What Im looking for... A man thats older then me... ready to be with one woman. Someone who likes to be the man in the relationship... opening doors.. changing my flat tire haha jk..etc, a man that wants to bring someone home to meet his family, a man that isnt afraid to think about the future, a man that has friends and family that he adores..... someone ready for forever \ I have plenty of pictures and will send them if I get a reply with yours :)

Why do men name their penises? (8037, Hammonton, NJ)
Because they don't want a perfect stranger making all their decisions for them.

Married seeking affair; three simple words that mean a whole lot. If you're not careful you might end up having an affair that you regret. However if your spouse isn't pleasing you and you feel you deserve more there are five things you need to know before seeking an affair. >>

Black BBW Looking For Non-Black Man 22yr (Hammonton, 8037 , Atlantic County)
I'm a Black BBW looking for a guy who isn't black for friendship and maybe more. I'm shy and kinda dorky. It'd be nice to find someone to bring me outta my shell and show me new things. I don't smoke or do drugs, but I drink occasionally. Its the summertime, and its been awhile since I've had a summer love. MAYBE I can change that. Please don't reply, if you're only looking for sex. Like I said before, I'm looking for friendship with the potential of it being something more. I'll only send my picture to those who send their picture to me. If you're interested, reply with an interesting subject line. Thanks.

Here I am.... 29yr (Hammonton, New Jersey )
Hi! Well I am on here just looking around...A little about me, I am 29, blonde hair with hazel eyes. I work full time at a woman's clinic. I like to stay at home and veg out in front of the TV. and fill my head with pointless sitcoms, watching movies at home curled up on the couch after a home cooked meal but I also like to read, go to seeking an affair hang out at the beach, and kick back and have some drinks with friends. I guess I just like to enjoy the simple pleasures that most people take for granted. I have 2 kids that live with me, they are 10 and 8 and I have no drama with my exes.....I'm a real simple person... I'm very open very funny and creative. I'm looking for a person who is genuine and someone who keeps it real. . If you'd like to get to know me better, make it happen, don't be shy send me a message. You'll never know if you don't try. Not looking for games or one night stands. I want to meet someone who wants to start a relationship. Kristy

Big beautiful woman looking for love 37yr (Hammonton, New Jersey )
So to begin with I wish I my life had ended up differently so i wasnt here posting this ad. I dreamed of meeting you in a public place like the book store or the aquriaum but I am irritated of wishing and attempting to play my deck lol. so anyhow I really hope to find a gentleman who doesn't check here too much. Really just a gentleman who is hoping to meet some one really nice and just decided to check here.... So I am funny, laidback and very spontaneous. I am five foot ten, a size 16 but still look nice blackish hair and green eyes. I am the most reliable friend you'll ever have. I am a excellent listener, reliable, with a small amount of funny sarcasm. I am a major music lover and live for 90's music and easy listening from today. I also love catching movies or plays all sorts of stuff from cartoons to chick flicks. Don't stop reading now lol..I've got lots of girlfriends to go with me to the girly movies lol. What else might you wanna know? I am more times than not the person who is attempting to ensure that everyone around me is having a fun time. I really like making other people laugh. I've been working a bunch on myself this last few years and now I am much happier. what it is I am looking for in a man? So I thought up a laundry list ... only joking lol! So for real I want to find a an individual, thats doesnt do drugs, dependable, independant, and no money problems has to be would be a great place to start. Also he needs to be understanding of my happier way of living and force me to continue and to do exciting stuff. If you like basketball or football that would be a major plus too. almost forgot I only recently moved back to Lawndale after a year of living in Minnesota it would be great for you to show me whats new and exciting here!

Tall self deprecating classical music lover seeks same 31yr (8037, Hammonton, NJ, Atlantic County)
Tall seeking an affair pretty and slender hobby-pianist seeks one with similar interests for long term. Must love orchids, be between 28-38, live nearby be tall, slim, gainfully employed and incredibly handsome, of course, as well. Love of wine not a must - but god knows will certainly help... Must be down to earth. Please submit a current picture/your short version life story and favorite album description and will reciprocate.

Most of the guys seek an affair to avoid the drama of their daily life, so why would they maintain a relationship if the affair adds to it?>>

We're two beautiful women stuck in a situation with some people that we really don't need to be around. We're new to houston and we don't know anyone here and we just need a safe place to stay with someone that will take care of us for a bit until we find our own jobs and stand on our own feet. Also someone cool to hang out with a have a good time with is always good. We're sweet, pretty, bubbly, and cool chicks. In return we'll take care of the house, you, cook, and clean around. No sexual stuff guys! We're 19 and 20 years old. And believe me, you won't regret calling us. We just need someone to come pick us up so we can get out of here. We won't have internet access for the rest of the day so if you could get ahold of me it'd be awesome. 4 zero 7 seven 1 five 5 four 5 seven Thanks, Anala & Jayla P.S. We'll send our pictures from our phone when you call!! Thanks!! :)