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Ms. White Frappuccino looking for her Mocha Man 44yr (7006, NJ, Essex County)
Greetings Mr. Mocha Man.... I'm single white female, 44 years old with REAL hair sandy brown color, hazel eyes and plenty of curves Working in the import business..sales rep Mr. Mocha Man must be able to bring his independence and strength to the table.... Please be older than 35 with a plan in place I enjoy tons of different types of music, live performances, slow dancing and short weekend get aways. Send a description and a plan you could be the man. Cheers, Ms. White Frap

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Really what do you got to lose? 33yr (Caldwell, New Jersey )
I am a BBW, who is confident and sexy, cute and I really don't care what most people think. However I'd like to think that ultimately I'm a peaceful person with a wild spirit and a huge heart. I like to have fun and be the life of the party, however I can be shy and quiet at times. My favorite color is green and my lucky number is 27. I believe in making Birthdays and Holidays a big deal for those who are close to my heart. I love my ''me-time'' hanging with my friends, doing everything from nothing to going to the club and shaking my groove thing. I am lame, goofy, weird, pretty witty at times and love to laugh. I love the 80's, music, and bored/card games. I dig on trivia and useless facts! I smoke cigarettes and I am 420 friendly . I love the look of the ''Suicide Girls'' I think its very sexy. I however am a very ''Plain Jane-low maintenance'' kind of gal. I'm big into reading and movies. Vampire based are becoming my favorite I like walks in the park, snuggling, and I am always open to learn and try new things, and I am not easily offended. I am going threw a divorce and I am learning to be independent, so I am not looking for someone to “fix” me just be understanding and patient. I want a man who can ''Rock My World'' in every way possible. I mean really ROCK it, but be tasteful about it. I am a very passionate person in everything that I do and I need a man who can handle my passion. Make me laugh until I cry and be a bit of a smart ass. Be adventurous, but willing to stay in to watch a movie or living room dancing and lots of car karaoke. Someone who is a music lover and trivia buff. Someone who is into useless facts, crossword puzzles, card games, and bored games. Fallow threw on things. Be smart, educated, and willing to do anything to prove yourself. Be willing to teach, learn, and guide. Be open to new things, lets take a cooking class, a dance class, or something of the sort. 420 friendly/supporter . A protector, someone who is not only strong in the body but in the mind as well. Be hardworking, love what you do no matter what your job is or how much you make. I want someone who can be themselves no matter the situation, someone loyal, honest, and happy. Someone who can handle my mood swings and the fact that I may change my mind a few times and be accepting of my very large, crazy chaotic family, noise busy body mother included. Be independent, but not to the point where you don’t need a bit of a woman’s touch. Be patient, understanding, and respectful. Even though I am a BBW who is comfortable with myself. I do want to get healthy, so someone who would be willing to be a personal trainer or work out partner, and into healthy eating . Someone who is a good sense of reason and a good friend .And is some real romance and creativity out of the question? There is so much more to who I am a and what I want out of life. Are you willing to take the change to get to know me ? I am an open book so please feel free to ask me anything, you will always get an honest answer. Really what do you got to lose? So e-mail me a picture and a little something about yourself and we will see what comes next……………. Put my favorite color or lucky number in the subject line so I know you are real.

I just love men 29yr (7006, Caldwell, NJ, Essex County)
It's Saturday, and I have been working on my creative work for school and am losing inspiration. Thinking a nice guy, little conversation, a shot and some beer could really help. My friends want me to go out with them, but I don't have the time for the whole courting thing in a bar. Rather just be open about it. I am hoping to find a trusty friend with benefits. I don't have time for a boyfriend. We all need sex in our lives, that is human nature. I myself am a little heavy set, I would not go so far as to say I am a BBW, but I guess that is a matter of opinion. I am laid off and on the poverty diet and have lost a lot of weight. So I guess I am hard to describe when it comes to that. I am sarcastic and I keep it real. I am outspoken at times because I say whats on my mind. I have auburn curly hair and I am 5 foot 6. So hit me up if you would like, please send a photo, then you get mine. NO suburbs people. I need someone who is not far away and I can call on when needed....I live close to Wrigley field, but closer to the lake.

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roofhop adventures 22yr (Caldwell, New Jersey )
hello, pretty darn bored and don't really want to go to a bar or club, but am open to the idea. i want to be excited. have a bit of an adventure. not a pathetic cry for sex, don't have much trouble in that department :-) just someone new and exciting. someone to make me think about things i hadn't before. so lets cut to the chase. sound interesting, want to know more, or just curious about the girl who posts on cl purely for the intrigue of meeting someone new with no common ground. drop me a line with a FACE pic, and a bit about yourself. cheers

Big Booty Yella Gurl seeking an affair - w4m 24yr (Caldwell, 7006 , Essex County)
Looking for that one and only. Haven't found him yet, but if you've got what it takes, let's make it happen.Please refer to posting in women seeking men, titled, Love, Passion, Romance... I want it all! LTR! It was posted on Wednesday, March 24th, 2010. I am very honest and sincere and seek ONLY the same. Serious inquiries only... no games.Thanks and have a nice day.

Lets have some fun this weekend 19yr (7006, Caldwell, NJ)
Hey guys! Im 19 and a UNLV student. I'm looking to have some fun and meet some new people outside school. I like guys over 20 years old who are hot and built. Email me or text me! You wont be sorry. :] You need to know how to have a good time and be fun! Text me boys! FIVE NINE FIVE - ZERO EIGHT SEVEN SEVEN

miss independant (7006, Caldwell, New Jersey)
III am very family oriented and love having cookouts and get togethers. I absolutely love Thanksgiving, Christmas, And Halloween. Some day I want to be able to go with whatever guy I am with and go to a pumpkin patch and an apple orchard and walk around with him hand n hand. I love Taller guys and Military guys. I guess I like the feeling of knowing I am safe around my guy. I like a guy who is family oriented and loves kids. I have none but want some someday. I am very easy to get along with and always have a smile on my face. I love football and baseball. I watch almost every football game I can and baseball sometimes in the summer. I love going to the games more though! I love the outdoors. I love going camping and having bonfires and being in the country. I also love to four-wheel and go walking in the woods. Loveee the beach and walking the beach at night in the summer. I also love to travel. Someday want to travel alot and definately see as many places as I can. I love helping other people which made me help choose my career and why Im always volunteering to do stuff. Right now i have ''adopted'' a deployed soldier and I am supporting 3 of them. DEFFFF dont like clingy guys! lol... i will give you space and you give me mine lol... dont text me n get mad if i dont answer right away... or hang on me all the time when we hang out... i want someone who is my best friend and boyfriend..... Bout me- I seeking an affair Single, Funny, Outdoorsy and full of life. I am 5'9, so be taller than me! I am a full time student and I am going for Social work. Like I said, love helping people and might eventually go back for med school. I eventually want to move away from here. Im close to family but I have had enough snow and need the in between weather hah. Somewhere where the weather doesnt go below around 52 all year lol. I am super easy to get along with but my ex's have always used me and treated me like shit, I finally know now what kind of guy I want and which ones to look out for. I am ready for the holidays again but I wish I had someone to spend them with.

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My personality type according to 39yr (Caldwell, 7006, NJ )
According to, , I AM A BUILDER. Second, I am also a NEGOTIATOR. You tend to be traditional. Home, family, job and community are all central to you. You like being firmly embedded in your social and business groups and you feel deeply responsible for just about everyone around you. You can be fiercely protective of those you love. You are skilled at managing people. You are sympathetic and cooperative; you are also hard working and display a good deal of caution and common sense. And you can be very patient. So you can complete detailed, painstaking jobs more easily than most people. You enjoy building social relationships. You have excellent verbal and people skills. You are talented at achieving solutions to complex problems so that all involved feel fulfilled. You are hard headed too. You tend to respect rules, schedules and routines. You also see the big picture, have a fine imagination and can be remarkably intuitive. You like to play with ideas and examine the meaning of life. And because you have a genuine sense of community, you seek projects that enable you to contribute to a more stable world. Main Ideas : Traditional Patient Social Community Oriented Loyal Orderly Good at seeing the big picture Empathetic Imaginative Trusting Intuitive Introspective Skilled verbally Dependable In love and relationships: You seeking an affair relaxed and easy to be with, so you attract a range of friends and admirers. But you are picky. You are attracted to those who share your values; moral fiber in a partner is important to you. You also admire those who respect rules, schedules, and traditions. And you particularly admire those who have a sense of social responsibility--who spend their time and money on events that are charitable or strengthen family, business or the community ties. You see the big picture and see way down the road; so you like to prepare for the future. And although you enjoy people who play with ideas, your ''true love'' must complement you. You admire those who are direct, analytical, authentic and assertive and can enjoy your orderly and compassionate nature. Things to be aware of : You can be so modest and self effacing that some are likely to regard you as a door mat. You can be critical of others. There is often more than one ''right way'' to do something. Your caution can jeopardize your curiosity. Physical : Brown skin, eyes, hair. Only 5'1 and 113 lbs. Military or law enforcement men, you guys are first in line, see above why. Others, take a chance, guys. Pic is a must in your reply, see above why. I will reply with one as well.