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dont disappoint me or else!! 23yr (3077, Raymond, NH)
This is only the second time I've ever posted on CL. The first time was a total and epic failure! Everyone seems to think theyre funny and sarcastic..... Guess what..... they arent.. lol I'm pretty laid back... I'm really sarcastic and sassy.. Not everyone gets my sense of humor I find really silly things amusing I like cheesey zombie movies. I like to wear my PJs after work and be lazy I've been told I have a bit of a crazy streak :) but i promise to be on my best behavior. Hmmm. What else should you know list boys..? OH.. I don't want you to tell me how bad you want to sleep with me or even TRY to sleep with me I'm interested in meeting a chill guy that I can hang out and be flirty with, drink beer, maybe kiss, and watch movies with. I don't want to be your girlfriend. I don't want to meet your friends or your parents. I just want to meet someone worth my time and see where things go. I guess.. I want companionship without a relationship. make sense?? AIM: starieyes00 you better come up with something witty if youre going to message me! i have pictures toooo

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RE: Why? 40yr (3077, NH, Rockingham County)
Not that I agree with cock shots.......BUT..........if you meet a guy, go on several dates and then jump into the sack and he has a 3 inch cock,,,,,,,,,then what........An old business tip was ''It pays to advertise''........don't tell me cock size is not important to you

An interesting trade 30yr (3077, Raymond, New Hampshire)
I need a man with camping gear. I don't need you to go camping with me, I just need the gear, and likely will not get it back. Now obviously since I will be camping for 2 months, I don't have any cash, otherwise I would stay in fine hotels...So here is what I propose...YOU: perhaps a little older, the kids are grown or have no interest in the great outdoors and this stuff is just sitting in your garage...maybe your wife keeps telling to sell it list, maybe you are injured from a camping trip/bike fall/tent collapse and will never go camping again...or if you own/work at a sporting goods store, that would also work. ME: Broke ass hot chick in need of camping gear who has an unusually high sex drive and is not at all above pimping myself out to the hot man who will make sure I do not get eaten by mosquitoes. I know may way around a naked man, I am not married , do not care if you are married, in very good shape, easy on the eyes and currently have no sex life, so this would be a double bonus for me. Camping gear AND some hot sex with someone new. Gotta love this is waaaaaaaaaaay unconventional I know, and could be considered something else entirely. But I just can't afford the several hundred dollars it requires to buy a tent, portable grill etc. But I don't want your cash, just your help and your cock. Please send a picture I promise to send one back ASAP and there is no bait and switch going on here, what would be the point? Please remember that I am not looking for a boyfriend, endless e-mails, to upset your family situation or steal your wallet. This offer is only good for one man, not several to patch together gear, so please don't offer me a lantern and a sleeping bag, because that is not even worth a handjob really... Help me help you ;) We will both coming smelling like a rose, promise.

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Here goes. 21yr (3077, Raymond, NH, Rockingham County)
Dear God, I cannot believe I am posting on list. What the fuck. Who I am: gorgeous, 5'11'' tall, curvy amazon with a sarcastic sense of humor and a love for animals and fashion. I just graduated college and I am absolutely hating being unemployed; I wish someone had told me that being a biology major meant being poor forever. I laugh at everything, mostly completely inappropriate stuff that no one else laughs at. I think I seem like a hilarious cynical bitch to a lot of people, but I'm secretly shy and incredibly kind and and polite and completely adoring of the people closest to me. Who I am looking for: basically anyone who is into the brutally honest description of myself above- that is, if you're taller than me . I like average-y looking guys. Athletic guys freak me out. I also like beards. If you're not a douchebag, that's great. If you don't believe in cheating on your significant other, that's awesome. Send me a pic, I guess? If you don't look terrifying, I'll probably send one back. Please please please don't send me a picture of your cock- I could go on ChatRoulette if that's what I really wanted. Oh, and make the subject line something non-roboty... like ''Response to Really Awkward list Ad''

Hawks lost... 27yr (Raymond, New Hampshire , New seeking an affair Greater Boston)
Why not ease the pain of the loss with some stress relief from an attractive girl, available tonight only, ddfree generous gentlemen should reply to set up an appointment

10 Reasons Why You Won't Answer This Ad 43yr (Raymond, 3077, NH , New England| Greater Boston)
--You're looking for what every guy on here is looking for: to simply get laid, find a FWB, affair, things like that, NSA, casual..... --You need to be ''discreet.'' I'm single. I don't. ---You think this is a fake ad. Don't take your paranoia out on me. Your bad experiences on here have nothing to do with me. ---You're visiting Las Vegas on business, visiting family, etc. I think you clicked on the wrong section. Convention & Visitors Bureau that-a-way----------> ---You just got out of a relationship. Yayyyy freedom right? Close this ad, please. ---You are so educated it hurts. ---You just moved here and are looking for the ubiquitous ''friends''. The site for that type of thing is that-a-way----------> ---You're bored. Ah. Boredom makes people do strange things. When I'm bored I pick lint out of my navel. I don't waste people's time. ---Because if I list specs of what and who I would be looking for to date, you unapologetically will ignore them. ---You're married, attached, yet still here you are on the personals....Read: I. Have. No. Interest. In. A. Married. Or. Attached. Man. So. Don't, Reply. To. My. Ad. . Thanks. I just want to share the joys in life with someone. *Sniff* Is that so wrong? About me, I am 43, divorced, one child.

An Eternal Optimist 61yr (Raymond, 3077 , Rockingham County)
Yes, yours truly is an eternal optimist! I know there’s a man out there for me….we just haven’t connected. Relax! I am not going to start listing priorities nor preferences. You’re either a fit for me or you’re not. You decide first. Yep! You decide and then you can email me. Ah……..then I decide and will email back to you. Let’s try it out. I am 61, 5’8”, bright and witty I like my looks and know that some men do too. . I am strong, healthy and have nice “girly parts” I love the outdoors. My one sport is golf Hey fellas……….I’m just being candid. Can you blame me for looking for someone to play a round with I cook, I eat out, I love intimacy I love games I could ramble on………but won’t There it is! You have enough info seeking an affair know if I'm tempting or not. Your turn!

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Who is out there in CL world? 43yr (Raymond, New Hampshire , New England| Greater Boston)
Long shot, but I'm adventurous....Looking for attractive, articulate, classy, fun, witty men in you exist on CL? Prefer men that are close in age or older....non smokers only! Not necessarily looking for a serious relationship, but open to the possibilities....just fun socializing/dating betweeen mature, honest adults...we can decide the level it takes if there is seeking an affair connection...hint, one night stands and married men do not work for me. Please don't respond without a current pic.