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Date tomorrow 36yr (Carson City, 89703 , Carson City County)
I'm swf hwp looking for a man my age for tomorrow evening. Please be perfect.

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shy boy 36yr (89705, Carson City, NV, Carson City County)
I believe it is always better to be friends first ,then we can see where things lead. Looking for an artistic type. Musician, artist, writer or design/ architect type. If you are spiritual and seek meaning in life you are the kind of person I seek. Someone who is caring, and knows what it means to be a real friend. I am a truther and would like to meet someone else who is awake as well. So talk to me if you think you are the kind of person I am looking for. Some girls appreciate the quiet shy type, and I am one of them. please send photo and a description of yourself. =)

Come As You Are 21yr (Carson City, Nevada , Lake Tahoe)
Take your time. Hurry up. The choice is yours. Donít be late. I donít know why and I donít care if you have a foot fetish, just please donít respond to this ad if you have any ideas concerning it! Thanks. Whoa, that felt good to say. Iíve run into SO MANY dudes with foot fetishes lately... Alright. Now that I got that off of my chest I think I should just bite the bullet and say I'm new to such things as interweb lurking for potential male suitors. And I donít know any dudes with foot fetishes, I just hate feet. That being said, I also am new about talking about myself to the interweb, hoping to find someone interested enough to garner a response. In reality, this is not much different from meeting people at the pub. Only difference is instead of basing someone off of their appearance, itís off of punctuality and how good at Photoshop you are. Anyways. I'm a quirky college girl who enjoys tremendous things such as: the tea I am drinking, the Nirvana vinyl I am listening to , and basically everything humourous. I love humour, literature, live music/vinyl, quality marijuana and just about anything you might associate with things of that pretentious nature. That's right. It may sound like I am your typical Wicker Park hipster. I am not a hipster. Just someone who sounds like your stereotypical hipster. Clear? Splendid. I'm on list because I don't like the pub scene or the guys who inhabit it. I'm too dry and sarcastic for any of the bros at the pub to comprehend that when I'm telling them I think they're daft and smell like they bathed in cologne; I am not flirting. Meeting people is difficult when you're a sassy shallow college girl. Woe is me. So Iíll try and keep this somewhat short. I would guess that Iím looking for the sort of guy who appreciates good humour, sassiness, quality music, and having a good time without the necessity to get sloshed every evening. I like drinking, I just donít prefer doing it every damned night of the week. You're probably thinking I'm an obese cat lady. I'm neither. I have long-ish dark brown hair in a 60's haircut, blue eyes, and pale skin. Height and weight proportionate. I wouldnít call myself ugly by any means, so Iím hoping you would say so for yourself. I really dig pale scrawny guys with dark hair, nice eyes, and who are height and weight proportionate. If I sound finicky, you must be ugly....Or a dude with just an awesome personality! If Iím looking for guys on the internet I feel as if I have the right to be as finicky as I want. You should too! I'll exchange photos with anyone who isn't bothersome/illiterate. I donít need to say I wonít respond if you arenít attractive. Wait, just did. Tell me something stellar about yourself that will impress me. Or whatever you want. I'm not as much of an asshole once I find out that men actually have souls and brains. I will discard the ones asking for sex because I expect you to buy me dinner first. If you find the title of my post with the combination of the content terrible and cruel, we wouldnít get along. If you find it ironic and AWESOME, we will get along swimmingly. PLEASE have a sense of humour. Mine is killing me.

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Margaritas?? 34yr (89705, NV, Carson City County)
Any really handsome, funny, confident, smart men up for taking a beautiful, smart, fun women out for a margarita or 2? Who knows, maybe we hit it off!! :) I'll even throw on a cute sundress for the evening.

bbw--looking for a friend (Carson City, 89703, NV , Lake Tahoe)
Hi Lets see, I am 31 recently seperated and looking to start over. I am looking for a man to show me that there are good ones out there. seeking an affair have been hurt, and I am not looking to jump right in. Just someone to talk to, tht can keep me company, make me laugh, and have fun. I am a mom of a three year old, and I work full time. Just getting out of a marriage. I love the beach, motorcycles, reading and playing Wii---when I get the chance! I am a big girl with a lot of love to share. Looking forward to hearing from you..

Scorpio and all that it intails 44yr (Carson City, Nevada , Lake Tahoe)
Bossy but sweet and compromising, thoughtful Loyal will please you if your the one.. Smart-ass Funny brains cute but 44 so not a model not perfect but who is 5.4 Brown eyes and hair Love kids.. pets.. Seeking a good guy Have my own place and car.. Great credit.. Very sexual but a 1 guy girl. Wanted: White age appropriate Serious ltr minded. NOT seeking a old, fat bald guy but if your still attractive in my age group a plus. Im attracted to 5'11 or taller. Someone who knows how to be a nice person.. thoughtful .compromising. Not asking for perfect but a real person to have a life with heading for the same goals .. A weekend at the lake..boating cooking together watching a movie at home..or at the theater. Someone who doesn't have a perfect picture of someone that is unattainable .. We are in real life.. Lets have fun ,laugh, cry and struggle together. I love sex but if that is all you want good luck with that.. PLEASE SEND A PICTURE OR BE IGNORED>> Aries and Leo need not respond as I know I dont get along with you.

Re:Re:This Is Going seeking an affair Sound Weird... 35yr (89705, Carson City, NV)
L M F O A This is NOT going to sound Weird.... But I have to agree with the person that replied to your ignorant ad. Get a job & pay your own bills & stop trying to make people feel sorry for your irresponsible a$$ LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO

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Still looking for a practicing catholic man 38yr (89705, Carson City, Nevada)
Still looking for a practicing catholic man -- its amazing how difficult it is to find a kind, decent, seeking an affair practicing catholic guy in the Chicago area... Emailed and chatted by phone with some seemingly nice guys, but that elusive 'special something' just wasn't there yet. Looking to develop a friendship first then see if anything grows from there. About me: 5í7Ē 115 lbs but curvy brown hair blue eyes Degreed but still looking for a job I donít drink, donít smoke, and am active at two churches No sex until after the correct TWO rings are on my correct finger. Would like to get married, travel a bit , then have a few kids, be a stay home mom and homeschool. You should be: Not married and no kids yet. Preferebly between 33 and 43 years old but this might vary a bit if you seem like a great match for me. Have impeccable traditional manners and a good sense of humor Taller than me in heels and be in shape Non drinker, non smoker, non drug user, no diseases Good morals values and a practicing catholic who is willing to wait til after marriage for sex . The guy Iím seeking should be mentally and emotionally mature, be able and willing to: lead a relationship to marriage, get married, have and properly care for a wife and family. If you are seeking ''a women'' then I'm not her/it ... so if you know what I mean, then I'm really looking forward to hearing from you. If you just don't get this then maybe you need to contact the ladies at the posts above or below mine. I welcome all thoughtful emails. I'm tired of trying to explain that I am a human, I've come to realize that most people here are human, just perhaps not interested in the person who writes to them so move on, that's internet dating, that's life, if you're ego is that sensitive then we're probably not a good match. Maybe that should clear things up... seriously, can a spambot be that demanding?? Guess I need a real patient, understanding, flexible guy... again I mention sense of humor! Thanks for reading.