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Feel free to read... 27yr (Seward, Nebraska )
I am a 27 y/o mixed race BBW looking for a possible LTR. Despite this I am pretty in my own right. I enjoy indie music and film, but I am not a music or film buff/snob. I would prefer to meet someone who is open minded and willing to try and see new things. I have a hectic schedule, but I am willing to make time for the right person. I am not interested in a friends with benefits situation so please don't ask. I am also not interested in overly materialistic men or men with no aspirations or goals. I know it seems like a contradiction, but I do believe that there are some people who have goals and simultaneously drive regular non-luxury cars and who are content with a middle class living. Maybe it's too much to ask.

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Just Want A Nice Romance 32yr (68434, Seward, NE, Seward County)
Well..I guess it's pretty clear from the title - I'm interested in going on dates with an educated, respectful, romantic man. Dates = seeing the person sometimes but not constantly: that isn't possible and it takes all the mystery and fun away, anyway. I look way younger than my age, am well-read, sincere and fun with a wide range of interests. And don't worry about looks, I'm petite and fair with high-lights in my natural blond hair. I do get approached in person, but there just has to be that certain spark, that excitement that seems to be evading me..and it's kind of lonely at this time of year since - for me, anyway - it is the most romantic. So, you know what to do, if you feel a somewhat similar need to find someone who might actually be 'more' than your everyday, un-romantic, bland type of lady , go ahead and do your thing. Catch you later..

Why is it so hard!!!! 53yr (68434, NE, Seward County)
Hi I am not going to wright again a long profile about myself. Here are my pics if interested in having a ltr, please send me a pic or I will not respond. I will email you back if I am interested. I am on the left of the pic. EVE

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He's Just Not That Into You (Seward, Nebraska )
FYI- I thought it was a good movie. Iím not sure if youíve seen the movie, but the title says it all. I sense that every guy I meet is not that into me or vice versa. Well, Iím quite certain they want to bone. Iím originally from the south. I need a southern male or at least someone with a similar spirit. Men in the south are determined and relentless when it comes to women. Although, Iíve lived here for yearsÖIíve yet to find this guy in Chicago. I like to think that Iím different. I have to be, right? I want to find love but the men I meet either arenít appealing or they donít want to work for it. I donít have a checklist of certain qualities and Iím not shallow. I do expect certain things out of men but again nothing out of the ordinary. I want someone similar to me. Independent, mature, silly , affectionate and loyal. Iím shifting through men who are simply not interested. Why is it that city men donít chase after women? I consider myself attractive and men flirt all the time. But very few ask for my number. Iím told that Iím beautiful at least once a day; yet, Iím single! I donít play hard to get but I do have a wall and I need you to tear it down. Iím searching for the man who wants me as much as I want him. Are you up for the challenge? Me: Not Perfect SBW Educated Mid 20s Single Mom of 1 Plus-Sized Drama Free I enjoy laughing/smiling, walking near the lake, movies, museums, the zoo, aquarium, bowling, traveling, reading and trying new things. Reply with your favorite movie title in the subject. Tell me about yourself and include a picture.

Hi :D 19yr (Seward, 68434, NE )
I'm 19, live alone, work seeking an affair have a night life. I'm 115 pounds and I'm about 5 feet tall. Have long black hair and brown eyes. Single and ready to enjoy the summer with a special person - besides my great friends. I'll ONLY reply if you have more than one pic. I have a facebook, myspace, twitter, phone, etc. ** ALSO don't reply if you live far!

beer buddy? 25yr (Seward, 68434 , Seward County)
hey.... so first off, so i don't waste anyone's time... if you're into thin girls only, go to the next ad... now.. so you don't waste my time... i am not into older or dark complected or big or generally unattractive guys. sorry. so... about me and what i want.... i drink, smoke, and cuss..a lot.... i love metal...... acid bath, soilwork, corrosion of conformity, to name a few. i'm the ''artsy'' type.... i'll be new to sam houston state this summer, finishing my degree in geology. people think i'm a badass but i am actually really sweet and passionate. i like spontaneous randomness and comfortable silence. i want a friend first, then something more...

OFFICER 1828 I LOVE U & MISS U 21yr (68434, Seward, Nebraska)
I have a feeling that you're looking for a new girl. So if you find this, how fucking dare you. I want you and miss seeking an affair and love you and need you and you're on fucking list trying to find a hooker????? Man. I won't give up til I have you again though baby. Other bitches can try to get with you but they ain't got nothing on me.

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And down the rabbit hole I go.... 36yr (68434, Seward, NE)
The resistance to my interest in list dating has officially faltered. I am not but merely interested, but full-on, completely encapsulated in fascination. Anyone who is privy to list has heard media, work, and/or social comments about people who use list as a way to search out the perfect mate and none of it is ever positive, at least in my personal experience I should say. For the past two hours that my catlike curiosity has had my eyes bound to the screen and fingers to the keyboard I have found myself in pleasured filled awe. Not because I think my last ten years of singlehood are coming to an end with no monetary cost or ridiculous questionnaires but because even in the ads with the least serious tone there seems to be a more element of truth in the lines than in the other previously alluded dating sitesÖ..the theories abound. With that said I am going to admittedly say that I am not really that serious in meeting anyone nor will any replies I receive will be subject to as much analyzation as I have done in the previous lines of this personals paragraph. OK, so about meÖ.I have a tendency to be blatantly honest without meaning to which doesnít always go over too well , so please do not take offense to anything I say or at least first seeking an affair for clarification. I have two teenagers so my time is more theirs than my ownÖmeaning simply responding to an email can take longer than what can be considered normal. I have a professional job but am extremely laid back otherwise. I am non-assuming, could care less about having an abundance of material things, and I am very and sincerely appreciative of everyoneís differencesÖ.it is why I am so intrigued with list. I am even going against what seems to be the list Personalís grain and post a pic or two. I am not ashamed of who I am or that I find this concept interesting.