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Giggity 25yr (68801, Grand Island, NE, Hall County)
Iíve finally decided to grow a pair of balls and post up my own personal, rather than just skim through the hopefuls each day. Iíll try to keep it short and to the point as to attempt to not lose your interest in the first 10 seconds. So here goesÖ My personality--> I consider myself to be a genuine down to earth person and have been told as such. Iím shy at first and will open up after some witty banter, and then will surprise most with my sarcastic quarky personality after a few drinks. Besides the fact that I swear too much and recently found out that I no longer hold the ability to ride a bike, I am typically regarded as a good person. :) My looks--> Short. Athletic body. White as all hell. Freckles. Ginger hair. Indie style. I wear the same vans almost every day. Just rad. Some of my joys in life--> Music. Itís my energy. Finding, sharing, indulging, listening, analyzing. I would never refer to myself as a music elitist by any means , but I seek someone who could share a similar interest. I am also a dancer. Itís a huge passion of mine, but I can elaborate on that later. Iím pretty open minded when it comes to a multitude of things, be it how or where to spend my time or even social and political issues . The last I will mention is my passion for travel. Iíve been to the Philippines a couple of times as a volunteer dance teacher and to Western Europe to do the typical backpacking/self discovery thing, and both excursions had a tremendous impact on my life. Just realizing that happiness can be found through diverse ways of living opens up so many possibilities. What I seek--> I tend to be attracted to those of the indie persuasion, regardless of race or age. This doesnít necessarily mean that those are the only types Iíve ever had interest in throughout my life, so I guess that it leaves things quite open. More likely I will find attraction to someone who has a similar mindset, maturity, and physical demeanor as myself. AlthoughÖmany times I am oddly attracted to the tall skinny type, despite my tiny stature. Beards are a generous plus. :) Oh, and please please have decent grammar. Nothing drives me up a wall more than when people think itís cute to write or talk like they never passed the 5th grade. What intrigues meÖa person who is confident in who they are. Someone who will fall for who I truly am. I do not want to be spoiled. I just want the company of someone who I can really connect with. Thatís probably my highest expectation and though it is rarely achieved, Iím always open to opportunity. Save the fun of exchanging more experiences for later. Hope this sparks your interest. If so, get back to me, send a picture, and weíll chat it up. Take care. -Bree

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Y Lie 20yr (68803, NE, Hall County)
Is their any real men out their dat don't want to jus email all day and talk on a computer? I am beautiful 20 yr old black female, 5' 5'' no kids, no man, in school right now so i basically jus keep to myself. Im a dime piece but i guess my standards are too high cause i dont got no man right now and mah gurls all do :. Say something in your reply to show u got a personality, ''R U Real?'' ''send me a pic'' dont really get me interested in replying . . . sorry. Yeah and be for real about meeting! I can hang out today can u?? Aw yea I prefer to meet someone thats close to my house for those chilly days dats on the way. Elgin, Dekalb, Melrose Park, GENEVA and all others in the area def encouraged to send me a message.

What fun things can we do together? 23yr (Grand Island, Nebraska )
For Starters:: I'm not going to be dat chick all of you guys are looking for. I'm going to be extremely frank. I am NOT lookin for ANY kind of sexual action. No one nighters, nsa whateva. No way. Move on to the next girl. Second, drugs are a really retarded way to trash your potential. This includes cigs. I dont understand y invest your cold hard cash into things temp and unhealty? I'll tell you time you feel the need to light your money on fire, hit me up and i can go bloe it for u on some new jewelry. Deal? lol ok. So either you're turned off or impressed by now. Dont even take the time to tell me im shallow or conceited. I'm doing both of us a favor by being up-front-games are for kids andim too old to play.. And plus, if I were to find out you did drugs, im likely to be that chick to report it. :) Have a nice day! If you happen to be one of the few who agrees with the above, cool beans!! We are already off to a good start I'm looking for friends first first, of course. Not married, no kids, no drama. I love music: Not all i dont really like metal or coutry.. I'm more alt/rock/indie/sometimes pop. A few faves: U2, DMB, Matchbox20, The Starting Line, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Queen, a bunch of local stuff, Red Hot Chili Peppers... you get the gist. I am SO down with watchin movies at the crib rahter than going out to the movies. It's kinda expensive, especially if you dont know if u will like the movie you're going to watch. Plus, those theatre arm rest make it kinda difficult to be close! :P I am old fashioned in a lot of ways, but I live in the real world and I certainly aint perfect. I can make and take a joke and sometimes I even show my ankles or my elbows! lol Anyhoo, I'll close this up. I'm looking for friends first, like I said, but ultimately, someone caring, corny, humble, goofy, intellectual, independent and spontaneous. And if I were really picky, I'd say no piercings and no tattoos. Im generally not that attracted to smaller guys just because I'm thoughtful. Muscular/thick/fillintheblank i like. Yeah yeah, and white guys too. Just stating my preference. Does all that sound like a laundry list? and i didnt even mention the application lol j/p!!!

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Seeking LTR 37yr (Grand Island, 68803 , Hall County)
Simply put I'm a strong independent woman looking for a fantastic guy. I prefer men who are alpha types in public but privately are willing/wanting to bow down and please my every want/need. I'm 5'4'' , average build, brown hair/eyes, first born/taurus and irish . I like hanging out at the gym, playing tennis when it's nice outside, films , plays, concerts, eating at new places as well as old favorites, etc. etc. etc. All the normal type stuff. I've been in NYC for a few years but am originally from the West Coast. Let's see... what else... I suppose I could go on and on but to start with it comes down to a physical attraction and in the end it's about compatibility and chemistry. That said, please send me a pic if you think we might be a good fit.

wistful and wanting (68803, Grand Island, Nebraska)
How the stars shine bright, silver moonlight. Night cascades around me. With silent step the moon stretches, gentle breeze caresses my soul. Alone on a blissful night. There are so many things that I want in life. More than anything I want happiness, joy, and fulfillment. I work hard everyday, I study< and I care for my seeking an affair I create, I cherish, and I live in moment. I appreciate stupid movie quotes, a cold beer on a hot day, a breath of freshness as I water my plants, and a stillness on a quiet night. I don't even know why I am posting this, men my age don't usually get a poetic soul and a energetic creature is what I seek. Good night to a fellow glistening soul on a summers eve.

Latina BBW ISO LTR 31yr (Grand Island, Nebraska )
Okay, here goes. I am a professional Latina woman in search of a nice guy to get to know and spend time with. I don't really care what you do for a living, but I would like to you to be gainfully employed. I live in Oakland, and recently bought my house. I love board games, movies, politics, reading, swimming, the outdoors , travel and road trips, and learning new things. I am not fluent in Spanish, but am working on it. I am a pretty independent and happy person, and would like to find someone who is also pretty happy and independent, but wants someone to share their life with. Bonus points if you like to cook. Your race and age are less important than your sense of humor, intelligence and character. Within 10 years of my age would be good, though. Send me an email if this sounds good. S

Any cute young guy, wanna go out tnite, drinkin and dancing 36yr (68803, Grand Island, NE)
Just wanna go out to nite, let my hair down, drink dance fun and whatever else we can get into and get seeking an affair wild! Lol...please reply w pic....

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U might be too cute 4 a Nice Film &RoundRobin of Tennis? 29yr (Grand Island, 68803, NE )
////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I'm covering alot so no one will feel I am elitist here, there's a bit of everything for everyone interested in the activities, hobbies, sports activities, & all things subjective, objective & scientific that I am interested in...SO, Bon Appetit, all my handsome cute, health-proactive foodies & expert geeks out there!! *** & if u do live by yourself or are u sharing w/ others?> what was your major back in college/University affiliation, Religious- if any, Cultural/Ethnic background via your grandparents & forefathers, & what has been your occupation & career FOCUS__aspiration for the past 13-15 yrs? I'm in late 20's- settling into a maturer mind set & ready for bigger & better things in life, not into clubbing or parties with no clear boundaries, [NOT into smoking, No drugs, no boozing,but maybe a light drinker-- no vices that will land U on the wrong side of the freeway!] 5'7' trim, slim, slique physique lbs., /lovely long soft, silky hair, fair skin, & have perfect vision, I aspire to be with someone who is a total good gentleman who wants long term rel .possibilities & is traditional-minded when it comes to looking out/caring sincerely for the woman in his life. [action/behavior demonstrate this,!] & becoming a wonderful life partner/eventual family man if he sees himself fit enough to be a father or family man... :br> ****but HE should also be accepting of a strong-willed, woman of asiatic origins who knows how to assert herself & tells it like it is & can take charge of certain situations if need be.. Very adroit at handling emergency situations so.. I'm good for that.. ;) I'm breathtakingly opinionated & mindful of the world around us, a current events/news/media junkie- artist at heart & techy-loving, geeky -o-rama -writer-esque, bibliophile, girly girl wunderkind media auteur at the core. I am interested in science, history, all things medicine, health & alternative wellness topics, eat healthy, a foodie. I hope you do like reading many things & would like it if U can list 5-10 magazines, periodicals, newspprs that You order/subscribe to, or get usually for your regular reading.. What museums have U been to lately? What movies are on your top 10-15 list? from the last 2-3 yrs & also from the last 5-10 yrs? OR really from any period I guess if U haven't watched any movies lately.. WHat is your zodiac sign? WHen were U born/ Mo/Day/Yr just to see if I like your sign,, compatibility sometimes draws some hints from the aura of astrological bearings.. funny as that is, or sounds, & No, I am not a mystic or sucker for tarot cards but find it quite interesting.. I like well-made fortune cookies, pastries from good chinese bakery stores, LOVE fresh, top of the line FRESH sushi, enjoy all sorts of fish dishes, French cuisine, Italian food, all sorts of interesting ''healthy'' pastries are my weakness! I love baked goods, love dark chocolate from the well-known brands, & love nature, the beach, water, love snow, & Would be thrilled if you like the following sports: or can get into or would like to take me to one of these activities: Horseback riding, Mountain biking or city--, skiing, snowboarding, tennis, racquetball, any sorts of ping pong, Wii gaming, triathlons anyone??hehe-- maybe show me some golf techniques if You're into that.. ANy other sport that YOU can think of.... that you've done during your college days or activities that you STILL love to do, pursuing ardently-- going fwd... I admire athletic abilities, athletic drive. & the competitive spirit in an A- type man! **I can LIKEWise, be that, in tandem with you as well, --- SO long as you truly are by nature, competitive athletically & all else? .. MOTTO to LIVE BY:: DON't expect An American Pageant Winner with 100 talents of me, When you lack the mirror of this or /what you can't offer of yourself in terms of attractive manliness & true sports/a fierce physical competitive set of abilities & interests!!! EVEN if it was back in the day, & not as much now,...BE HONEST about this! Not looking to carry a man literally, looking to be carried by a strong, intelligent, charming GENTLE-man across the doorway!! >..:) SO maybe you will be 5'10'' at least & up.. A TAD much TALLER than me, that is!!! Do u like/can play chess, TACKLE math puzzles, pursue crossword puzzles?, Have a serious appetite for all things technology, maybe even tinkering with computers? amateur or pro-WEB DESIGNer, Into Adobe Photoshop/ Graphic Arts, Motion Graphics? CGI, Linux, UNix, Java? Flying an airplane ? or Being in one, like a small plane for short excursions? to take lessons, or be a navy pilot or enjoy it as a hobbyist? [including radio-controlled small model planes for entertaining flight!!? Have you BEEN to or DO U like/emjoy or even KNOW what The Hamptons is??? BEaches? Lots of living space for all your magazines & books that you read & go through?? Do u work out on a regular basis? What routines or work outs do U do? Pls state your STATs: Height, Weight, waist line, Jacket size, pants length size, shoe size.. I can offer more details *& converse [I have a great voice that one can truly appreciate! ;P !] if U respond like a real person would with real color photos of yourself [no sunglasses or baseball caps or costume-like hats pls] & maybe a contact # to go along w/ your Letter of Introduction sans B/S artifice!!... & allow me to understand what you are seeking in a relationship.. wish to gauge your maturity as the age of men in ny seem to belie their real maturities or lack thereof!! Conversant in more than 1 language/International in scope but also very provincial in some ways since I am traditional-minded at heart, Eclectic, A Paradox at times, a pretty PArody of the Surreal!! Purty, soft to the touch in ambiance & feel, but stern when I NEED to be, I will hold my ground for my beliefs.. & more can be discussed/. English delivery par excellence. since I was seeking an affair up here in states. FAIR minded, fair skinned, long DARK hair, & a graceful lotus flower when I can muster it up. heheh. :) Many flavors of life I wish to taste, but only with the right guy in life at this point in my life. I Hope you like math, science, finance, read the WSJ, Financial Times, BArrons, NYT, Economist, Popular Science, Computer mags, maybe more of alot of everything else..Better Homes & Gardens or Architectural Digest? or AutoWeek!! & you're not a self-declared vigilant socialist but U still are happy that Obama won? SO capitalism is important to one's growth & expansion BUT caring about the world at large or at least in your own community - to those whom have it less fortunate than you, is something I can sympathize with if not wish to see some sign of humanity in a man I may walk with down the road.. -- sweet, nice, mysterious asian w/ diverse interests-- who'll introduce myself w/ name & further soupy details -->when I receive your real response letter... NOT a cynical form letter back, pls.. How else would anyone get to know one another if the girl doesn't ask her questions first towards the man that opens the floor up for good Q's? ;P : ) Oh, did u also mention, I can be goofy & a ball of waxy, sasperilla sexy fun to play with too, w/ the rt person.. Also, Into Broadway plays, so I hope U already have a taste of that, taste for it, too.. Lincoln ctr, Opera?, Jazz, or classical music?Films made around the traditional martial arts perhaps? U like Jet Li? Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee? Good night sir.. __________ == ==================================== REMINDER: ME:====>>>> ** 32yr (Grand Island, 68803, NE )
i'm irishish?..or just white...early thirties. understand I'm a 'lil chunky and you gotta have love for the booty. i love cuddling. laughing, jokes and funny TV shows of anykind... and comedians. Love to dance, love to party....can be kinda reserved AT FIRST. I'm all about music like punk-including pop, thrash ,grind, folky and gypsy shit) to indie. metal. rock and roll classic and otherwise. I love rap, beats, hip hop. LOVE LIFE. but can be very submissive in bed. love to smoke bongloads. 420 friendly a definite must. vegetarian A+ too. looking for someone over 30. under 45. you have your own personal style. love what you love or, 'rep yo shit' haven't met anyone on here thats really on my level. no one seems to be as straightforward as they make themselves out to be.... FAILZ. it's hard to even say what I am looking for because I don't necessarily know...i just want to chat with a hot white guy. let's see where this takes us. hit me up.