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RE: Reality Check 101 (68022, NE, Douglas County)
Great post. Seems as if you have it all figured out. You know, to know as much as you do about all of us means you spend a great deal of time on CL too!! I bet you are quite the catch, but I'll throw you back everytime!!

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big girl looking for big love 19yr (Elkhorn, Nebraska )
Ok so lets not act like if I write my whole life story out for you that you will read it. So ….. here are things about me that you might care to know Nickname : Bree Age: 19 School: i am going to mat. sac for fashion hoping to move on to FIDM Drink/smoke: yes I am no were close to on the small side so please if that’s what you want I wish you the best but don’t tell me I am fat… just get a life For fun I reading its something that I am always doing. Never leave the house with out a book. Ooh and watching movies that I get so sacred at the I cant sleep. Does that make me crazy ?? I like going to people watching. Sitting at a coffee shop just watching someone and by what I make a story about them can be every fun, and just driving I get lost so fast so I have learned to enjoy the drives I end up on =] I have been know to be a ever sweet person but I do have a mouth like a sailor and I no I no that a lady does not curse but what can I say I am trying to cut down ….thats about all I can think of right now Ps. I am a hopeless romantic, then again what girl is not? no pic and nothing about you will not get a reply I am not trying to sound like a bitch I just like for someone to no who I am…so ya that is me -XoxO Bree

Looking for a helpful friend 26yr (Elkhorn, Nebraska )
First and foremost, if you read this and plan on responding with ''i need to see pic first''.. ''send pics''... or just a pic of your d***..then please... dont read an furter and dont waste my time or yours.* I'm being honest and upfront I don't deal in games or drama. Its hard being a regular girl in a hard spot needing some help and finding a guy that doesn't have some preconcieved notion about what kind of girl I must be. I love to do for myself and actually prefer it and honestly if I had a millionaire at my beck and call I really would only call in dire circumstances and it would be for the vital things and anything else would be his offering not my asking. I am seeking a man of means yes but not to use him or perform ''transactions'' with him but be friends with and rely on and know that I have someone I can rely on if I am in need, not to take care of me but to help me do it myself like I myself would do for a friend if I had the means. And I am simply putting on the table that I am open to the physical side if that happens to be a need you may have because I am grateful and I do appreciate the help being given to me. It seems that when I was busy turning down things people offered to me because I didn't ''need'' it they were all around me and now when I do need someone they are either no where to be found or aren't genuine people. I am a great friend and I have some good people in my life and unfortunately I have always been the one offering help to people and being in the position to do so. So now I just want to expand my circle of friends to include someone that has something no one else in my life has right now and if this forms a ''special bond/relationship'' between us so be it. Did I give it to you straight enough? Im an african american woman who is looking for a mature man who wouldnt mind helping me from time to time Times are really hard for me and they have been for quite some time... so I could really use the help. Im looking for a genuine, mature man who has no problem helping if I came to him and said ''daddy, I just got a ticket..can u help me pay it''... ''can u help me pay a bill?''.. or ''i'd like to get my hair and nails done... if this sounds like something you can possibly entertain.. keep reading... if not.. STOP HERE! Now before you start thinking too far ahead.... let me say this... I am in a relationship and have been for 6 1/2 years.. and i no intention of replacing my partner. Im not looking for a boyfriend... or anything of that sort... just a mature financially secure... . This arrangement would in no way be one sided. I definately know how to please in a lot of different wys... and i love to be pleased as well. Ill take care of you as long as you take care of me. We can work together to bring eachother to that uncontrollable point of ecstasy and passion.. itll definately be worth it! Now as ive stated... this is a helpful ''arrangement'' for both of us... Im not posting this lookng for a f*** buddy or anything like that... im looking for someone genuine..who knows how to keep his word. Im looking for something ongoing. If you are any or all of the things i mentioned then we DEFINATELY need to talk!!! Well, if you're interested... respond freely.. but keep in mind...i WILL NOT respond to one liners.. or obscene responses.. or a response with a number saying call me.... if you cant say more than that.. DO NOT WASTE MY TIME!!! Also, at the moment i dont drive so if this is a problem for u... pleas dont bother respinding... *and if you're one of those men that responds with some dumb s*** just for the sake of responding... DONT BOTHER!!!! Your pic will get mine...

It is important that you approach the married woman seeking an affair in the right way. She is looking for a casual, discreet encounter with someone who wants the same. >>

JiRaffe on Monday nights 46yr (Elkhorn, 68022 , Douglas County)
So JiRaffe has a Bistro menu on Monday nights that changes every week. It is a set price for 3 courses and it sounds like a good way to try the place. Wanna go? I am not a good cook I must say but I do love good food. I'm not a snob mind you. I like Le Petit Bistro as well as Poquito Mas. Depends on my mood as all things do. I love watching all the cooking shows on Saturday while I do chores in the house. Jacques Pipan is my idol but when I watch his show I end up gesturing to the tv going ''Oh yeah. Sure he can do that!'' I love Alton Brown and have learned some good short cuts from him like how to get the last bits out of the shell fish. Ina Garden's stuff is very easy to make and her show was inspired by Nigella's show which I also love. America's test kitchens is probably the best for instructions and i love to watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. One of them was actually in the shadow of Dodger stadium which I have to go to one of these days. I like French, Italian, Chinese not necessarily in that order. Depends on the day. I also like Greek and believe it or not but also British. There is nothing better than an English breakfast with bacon rashers and baked beans. Do you cook? What is your favorite cuisine?

Is this you?????? 22yr (68022, Elkhorn, Nebraska)
I dont care about seeking an affair term, i dont care about short term, I am a smart outgoing, sexy women looking for an epic summer. I really just want someone that can show me the type of time that I can look back and reminisce in the moment. This can be anything from going out to a club or a day at the beach. I want to do it all and really experience LA like never before. I do like to drink and am up to do anything Im am open to anyone but am looking for someone over 5'8, between 21 and 28, black or mixed, nice body, great since of humor, smart, has a job and a car, and knows how to have a good time. If you dont think im asking for to much, like what you see, and would like to show me a great time hit me up

Great Guy 30-38 32yr (Elkhorn, 68022, NE )
I am posting this ad for my best friend, she is a beautiful 32yo single female. She is very out-going and loves to have a good time. Looking for a man between the ages of 30-38. She deserves a man who can wine her and dine her. A man who has the means to spoil a woman whom he enjoys spending time with. She can obviously find a man on her own but I would love to weed out men who we know from the beginning are not gentlemen. She doesnt want any drama. She is a hard working woman in business management, who is very independent. She is about 5'5, long black hair. She wants someone who has interests in taking her to experience outdoor activies. Must be at least 5'9. Enjoy attending church. If this sounds like you, please attach a photo.

Titles are for squares 30yr (68022, Elkhorn, NE)
I work full time, go to school part time, and have my own car. I don't go clubbing or wear clothes fancier than jeans and sneakers. I'd rather play video games and design websites. Here's a description of who I want to hear from. Open-minded, not easily offended, homebody, introverted, funny, creative, job, car, between 26 and 40. Made up seeking an affair mind that you want to get married and have kids. Non-smoker. Drink no more than occasionally. Not a jerk, player, or looking for a one night stand. You IM. Can type properly . So if that's you, fill out this short survey. Age: Height/weight: Have a job: Have a vehicle: Support gay marriage: Regular or extra crispy: Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore: Robots or ninjas: Attached is a sexy picture of me. There's more where that came from.

Married and seeking an affair is one thing, but married and seeking an affair with an idiot is something else altogether. The bottom line is that you should be extra picky, especially since you're married, and this means finding the right person for your very particular needs. >>

It there a guy - w4m 24yr (68022, Elkhorn, NE, Douglas County)
Im a big and beautiful woman. Looking for a guy that isnt shallow, that is romantic, funny and isnt afraid to be in a serious relationship. Im ready to find my future hubby and to start my own seeking an affair If you are close to my age and enjoy spanish music and having fun reply. Only serious people. Im NOT looking for just fun.