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What I learned from my Daddy 47yr (Billings, Montana )
1. If you don't come in when I flash the porch light I'll come get you. 2. If a guy drives up and honks for you I'll be going out to greet him with a shot gun. 3. If he does not open the door for you just wait and someone else will. That's who you go on the date with. 4. A gentleman does not mind waiting for his lady. 5. Be a princess!!

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Girl looking for British or Irish guy 25yr (59105, MT, Yellowstone County)
I am a 25 year old biotech student living in Los Angeles, CA. I am only attracted to Irish and English men which seems like a curse since it is very difficult for me to find any in the Los Angeles area. So if you're out there then please contact me.

Summer Lovin (Billings, Montana )
I'm moving at the end of the summer, just looking for a guy to go out on dates with, get to know, and see what happens. You: 5'10+ between 22 and 35. Nice teeth, fun, race is unimportant. Me: 5'10, thick, chubby, SBF. Your pic gets mine. The closer to Covina the better :-)

Married seeking affair; three simple words that mean a whole lot. If you're not careful you might end up having an affair that you regret. However if your spouse isn't pleasing you and you feel you deserve more there are five things you need to know before seeking an affair. >>

seeking LTR 25yr (59105, Billings, MT)
im an attractive female, who is seekign a LTR with an attractive guy...who is stable, good person, genuine etc... looking for a relationship, the bf/gf thing. Not looking for sex, one night stands, creeps who want to get laid if this is you then get back to me, reply with a picture, no pic no response

Just Wanna' Have Fun! - w4m 43yr (Billings, 59102 , Yellowstone County)
FUN, FUN, FUN, - Off this weekend and looking for some fun! Eat at a restaurant I've never been to before, see a new town/city I've never been to before, have a drink I've never drank before, shop in a cool boutique I've never shopped at before, get a full body massage , from someone I have never been massaged by before, and FUCK a complete stranger, who may / may not be involved in all of the rest of my to-do's that I would like to do this coming weekend. I am posting now so after work in the evenings I can correspond w/ ya'll and get this figured out before the weekend rolls around. I am off Saturday and Sunday - a ''whole'' weekend and that is unheard of....Guys, I appreciate the time and trouble you go to when taking photos of your cock to send, however, I would request a face pic instead....We might hook-up - is that what it's called these days? For a short time during this weekend or we might really be into the ''groove'' seeking an affair things and hang the whole time....

Home Away from Home 41yr (59102, Billings, MT, Yellowstone County)
Hello fellas am a professional pretty black lady look 4 a home away from home longterm. Am not a quickie type of lady am lookin to get to no u not lookin for a sexual partner or 1 night stand. Am 41, AA, pretty also has a great sense of humor and truly can hold a conversation. I can tell you more when we chat or meet but now this is what am lookin for Pleasedont ask me 4 a pic cause I will not send 1 but if convo is headed n a great direction then I will send pic Black male thats stable 40-50yrs of age professional currently workin not livin with mom can hold a conversation if u once mention sex conversation is over southside is a plus vehical is a must

LADIES---READ THIS !!! 50yr (Billings, 59101, MT )
Ladies, This message is written to you by a man to advise you what we really want in a women on here, or any online dating site. 1. First of all, tell the truth. Don't lie about your weight or age. Tell it like it is. We're going to find out anyway. If you tell us your ''going to start exercising and stop eating cupcakes on Monday, your really saying to us and yourself, ''...what can I get away with between now and Monday....'' We men are not here to change you, you have to make the change yourself. And your age, if you have to say that your 40 when your really 46, or that your 50 rather than the real 58 just to get dates, we are going to find that out too. This has happened to me on more than one occasion. If you tell the truth, we are VERY LIKELY to appreciate that, but being a liar up front doesn't make a good impression. Don't you want men to tell the truth up front also? 2. On your body size/shape, again tell the truth. If you slim, say so, if your large, say so, don't say ''bbw, or thick or a few extra pounds''. If your arms are larger than my legs, well just say so --- we are going to find out sooner or later. Misrepresentation is not appreciated. Chances are you are on here because the outside world didn't care for you. And someone please explain to me why women ages 18-28 with the fastest metabolism are large these days ? That wasn't the case when I was growing up, a large woman was extremely rare . Ladies, get off your butts and exercise and eat right, men are 80% visual creatures and we really appreciate if you take care of yourself. Heck--we do, how many large men are seeking an affair here ? Hardly any !! 3. If your a hooker or whore, get off of here, use the adult section. 4. If your looking for money just because your a female , get off of here also. Go find some work/employment. Your sexuality won't get you very far, it will likely put you where you belong - in prison. Don't believe it ? Check out the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. You ''sugardaddy bitches'' make the good women look bad. 5. Single mothers ages 18-28. What the heck is going on here ? Didn't you use your brain before you spread your legs ? We men want kids of our own, not those from your failed relationships. The amount of single mothers these days is staggering. If this is you--get off here and take care of your kids so they don't end up making the same colossal mistakes you did !! And how does a 19-year old have a 3-year old ? Again, use your brains...if you have one. 6. Photos - We men want real RECENT photos of you, not photos of flowers or the ''your pic gets mine'' crap. Your on here to advertise yourself, so for gosh sakes ADVERTISE YOURSELF ! Put up some photos of you, not some silly cartoon. These phony photos tell us is that your trying to hide something. Go get a tripod and use it. And please --- Don't hold your arms out take a picture. That is so DUMB !! Get a friend to take the photos or use the tripod. I can't stop laughing at the photos taken of a bathroom mirrors !! 7. Grammar and Spelling. If you really want to meet a good man, your going to have to face reality, we don't want to date losers who write in ghetto talk. I realize you HISD women have a hard time spelling and using grammar correctly . Consider these personal ads a resume. Write one as such. 8. For those of you complaining about having your ads flagged, deleted or receiving ridiculous responses, it's the result of your poor presentation and/or ghetto message. When you use text message language to place an ad, men think you’re a easy target for sex. If you have a well written ad with a good photo, you would probably get some high quality men writing. 9. Don't like what you've read here ? Keep trying to cover up the truth about you - again your emails and words tell one thing, and the truth about you will surface very fast. 10. And Ladies, you are not God's gift to man, so get that BS out of your mind. Your sexuality won't get you far here. If you want us, your going to have to earn our respect, so...tell it like it is - we men really appreciate it.

Yet, there are more married women seeking affair than men, since men are more career oriented and have less time for family, as opposed to the wives, who have all the time in the world. >>

Smart, Funny & Creative. Are you out there? (59102, Billings, Montana)
Looking for a new friend, seeking an affair more, maybe less. I'm open to fun little afternoon delights, to a relationship...should that be the case, to a friend to get together from time to time. I don't want to say exactly what I really want, because I don't know, and wont until I get to know you. But introduce your self, and lets see what happens!