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BBFW 30yr (63775, Perryville, MO, Perry County)

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new friends? 22yr (Perryville, 63775, MO )
Anyone else looking for somebody to pass the time with today? I have the day off and am looking to get out, meet someone new, make some memories. If that sounds good, then shoot me an email! Promise I'm fun, cute and serious about meeting up. I'll return my face pic for yours. Can't wait :)

No Games Is that Possible 25yr (63775, Perryville, Missouri)
I'm a single white female. I'm on here looking for friendship with the direction of a relationship. I have a five year old daughter who might I add is amazing. She has a father in her life and I'm not looking to replace him. I have my own place my own car and a good job. I'm not looking for any one to support me or I support them. I would like some one that wants to go out do things. I don’t want to sit at home all the time and you visit then you leave visit leave that sucks. Please enclose a pic with your response if interested as you have seen what I look like and please have a job car good oral hygiene and be some what attractive. Thanks

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Looking to grab a beer with you in Lakeview Hole in the Wall Bar 29yr (Perryville, 63775 , Perry County)
I am back in school now for the creative side of advertising aka getting my portfolio full of creative ads! I am studying the copywriting side, but learning the art direction side as well. I would love to see your a pic, but I know List has issues with the size of the pic. So email me if interested and tell me about you. A quick description: I am 29, Auburn hair, hazel eyes, pale skin , five foot 6 and I do not own a scale, but I am not a skinny minnie, but I would not say I am crazy obese, I am a size 14, living the poverty diet while in school. I am not much into sports but it sounds like a great reason to go grab a drink, been a long day at school. Last class for Photoshop today. So write me back if your interested in possibly grabbing a beer. I am in Lakeview East. I love dive/local bars. Not into the Wrigleyville crazy scene. Oh my downfalls are, I can probably drink you under the table. I love arm wrestling, I smoke cigarettes and I have a cat J

Graying blonde looking for love 65yr (63775, MO, Perry County)
Age: 65 Height: 5.57' Weight: 150 lbs Occupation: retired flight attendant Location: San Francisco, CA Sexual history: I used to have a lot of dates arround the world but now I'm too old to travel and I'd like to find someone who could help me to spend my rest of energy... Hi! I am a blue-eyed former blonde whose hair is now graying. I used to be a D size woman but you know, nobody beats gravity. I was a gymast and a very flexible woman but now my bones crack a little bit. I have a little problem of memory so I usually forget somethings. For example, yesterday I spent 2 hours trying to find where I put the keys to my Bentley. I am looking for a strong young man who could take care of me and drive me around. I am a blue-eyed former blonde whose hair is now graying. I used to be a D size woman but you know, nobody beats gravity. I was a gymast and a very flexible woman but now my bones crack a little bit. I have a little problem of memory so I usually forget somethings. For example, yesterday I spent 2 hours trying to find where I put the keys to my Bentley. I am looking for a strong seeking an affair man who could take care of me and drive me around. I really like to swim, this is why I have a big swimming pool in my other house by the ocean. Please write me if you are interested.

You've got to know how..... 39yr (63775, Perryville, MO)
My fantasy…. So it’s Friday night, we are drinking a nice glass of wine, shootin’ the shit about the highs and lows of our week, actually communicating and not interrupting that with texts every five minutes from someone. I make that pesto pasta thing, I love that is embarrassingly easy. We discuss which random movie we want to watch on Netflix tonight….will it be the random documentary about artists from the 90’s that took popular ads and billboards, reworked them and showed them the hypocracy, that foreign film, the eye-candy animated one that just came out or the romantic one that you really wanted to see and thought it would be nice to snuggle up on the couch too? The cat is really chatty tonight and waits for us to settle on couch so she can find a spot to take over. We watch the movie, have some more wine, snuggle on the couch, say how pretentious that artist is, but his stuff is pretty cool and it reminds you of when you were in college. I rub the back of your head, you kiss the back of my neck, nibble my ear, you know the right buttons to push….fade to giggle and fireworks. Saturday night we decide to go out with the gang, grab a few drinks, maybe we will end up back at someone’s place to play board games or whatever. But the point is we have this great group of friends, that we all more or less get along with, they are there for us and we always have a good time and leave the evening thankful for such good friends and feeling like it was time well spent, we don’t feel drained we feel renewed. …and these people really never bring much drama, thank god. The best part about us is that we are honest and compassionately direct with each other. If something is going sideways, we find a way to talk about it, accept that sometimes to get to the good stuff, you have to process the bad stuff. Talking isn’t like pulling teeth, it actually feeds our relationship, we respect the other person’s perspective, we like each others querks , value each the other’s strengths and are gentle with each others weaknesses…not in an eggshell walking kind of way but in a “I know that’s a thing for you, if you wanna talk about cool, if not I’m gonna respect it and not emotionally crap on it”. The other great part about us is that the sex is just….well yeah awesome. We seem to have the same non-verbal-sexual-physical cues and when there is something the other person wants, they ask for it playfully, respectfully. There are times when it’s just animal and other times when it is just really good…when we just radiate bliss…or just connect. So here is me and my baggage: I am 39, but I look younger. I am a really straight forward person, but I am also a great listener and I am very compassionate. I can be tightly wound at times, but I am a work in progress, and a gentle nudge from those that love me on that front is greatly appreciated. I am trying desperately to be untangled from my marriage, but the other side is just not letting me move forward. I am so done, I have moved out, but I have some legalities to sort through and I don’t hate him. I am not petite, I am curvy, but like all things in my life a work in progress, my goal is to be healthy and the rest will fall in line. I am me, I will never be supermodel, but I know I am beautiful. I can been geeky: computer geeky, movie geeky, pop-culture geeky…..I can dork out with the best of them. Basically I am a happy person, I believe we make our own realities and we are responsible for the state our lives are in and if we don’t like it, it’s on us to change it. I am not in a rush, since it’s obvious that I am working through some stuff…but I know that life and perfect timing rarely if ever go hand in hand. I really like people, I like to talk….the best aphrodisiac for me is conversation ….smart, funny, thoughtful, with some back-bone in it, gets me every time. I am open to what life brings me, but I am hoping this post weeds out the jerks just playing the odds with no care for what the person is actually saying or looking for. Your deal: You have a really good positive sense of who you are, you don’t give a crap about what other people think of you…which is cool because that is my approach to. Life is too short to build your life around what other people think of you. But just because you don’t let others opinions dictate who you are doesn’t mean you’re an asshole. You have a good relationship with your family, your Mom in particular and you don’t need consult them 24/7 but they gave you a good foundation of love and security, so you don’t mistrust others because of it. You are cute in your own way, able to carry a decent conversation on varying levels . You aren’t above being silly, but also know when the occasion calls for a bit more serious consideration. You pick up on what’s emotionally going on around you without needed a literal-overly-obvious translation. I don’t have a type really, looks aren’t critical, although chemistry is, and the combination of confidence and comfort in your own skin are mandatory 30ish-43ish. Please don’t be overly sensitive, too politically correct… lighten up Francis. ;0)Oh yeah and hopefully you smell good. I don’t know if what I am seeking is really a chick or what….but I would like to think that there is a man out there in the world who has had enough life experience to have clearly put together in his minds eye what he wants and he’s not afraid to seek that out, and just really gets what it means to connect. Maybe we can meet for coffee or drinks some time…not strings, no expectations, just a chance to get to know each other. I will provide pics if you do…. extra points if you know what my post title is from.

Chicago Endurance Sports? 34yr (Perryville, Missouri )
It's funny how sometimes you reach a certain age - or period in your life - when you're ready to make a change. Not just mull something over. Not just talk about it. But, actually commit, sign up, try, train or tell people so you feel more accountable, etc. I wanted to start running. And I joined a group running program with CES and I can't believe how great it makes me feel. I was doing one of my training sessions on my own on the bike path tonight - and I couldn't help but take notice in how lately I've felt happier than I have in years. I'm lucky to have an amazing career, great family and friends and a fun, spirited outlook on life. But alas, I don't have a boyfriend. Maybe you've had e a bit of a transformation yourself? Maybe you also have goals for this summer? Maybe you're attracted to intelligent, genuine, full-figured girls with a little spunk seeking an affair lots of ambition? If so, you're in luck. Please be a SWM and in the city. Pic for pic.

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Looking in all the wrong places 50yr (Perryville, Missouri )
Single Blk female 5'7 145 lbs. I have tried c/l and I really do not know what guys want . I work have a carand a home. I do say I do work a lot and maybe this is a problem. But do you think that is life and we have to work around each other work schedule to make it work. I'm honest, sincere,a one woman man. I'm d/d and drama free. I like simple things such as movies, dinner , walks and to watch a good movie at home with dinner. I'm not into the bar scene been there and done seeking an affair would like to try a ltr with a white , or hispanic male between 35to55 years of age. I have two small dogs and no kids . Been marry . I'm a lite smoker and I will take a drink from time to time. I just want to find a man who have something in common , not a bunch of lies. If you are in search for a ltr and have a understading about life and what a person need to do to survive then e-mail. otherwise please do not our time