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smart independent quiry gal looking for same 32yr (Neosho, 64850, MO )
So I had a conversation with a male friend who told me that men are basically looking for a simple girl with not much upstairs. I am set out to prove him wrong. I'm a fun, quirky kinda gal. I like such things as interesting conversations, learning new things, real estate investments, local pubs, music, bocce ball, restaurants. If all this sounds good, send me an email.

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It's lonely over here....need some company? 33yr (64850, Neosho, MO, Newton County)
Come see me...thick n juicy super busty sexy female looking for generous companion for the night. I'm ready when u are and waiting here down south...

lookin for a good time - w4m 38yr (64850, Neosho, Missouri)
so I like to show off my body.Please don't leave me unsatisfied if I wanted that I'd just go ahead and do it myself. I just want your body, not a commitment.

Married seeking affair; three simple words that mean a whole lot. If you're not careful you might end up having an affair that you regret. However if your spouse isn't pleasing you and you feel you deserve more there are five things you need to know before seeking an affair. >>

BBW DANCE TONIGHT! 37yr (Neosho, Missouri )
Alright what I have gathered with CL is that you get exactly the opposite of what you ask for. So lets try this, I am looking for someone who has a girlfriend, recently broke up and on the rebound, has no clue what they want or is out looking for the next best thing to come along so they can cheat. A man thats an undercover alcholic and is a sex crazed perv. Smelly and and doesnt care about personal appearance. A man who is in a needy place in thier life, always smokes cigs, has ghonerea. Okay now really guys, please get real when emailing me. A few of the women that post here are good women. Its true we are few and far between, however we exist. So please be nothing like above and you might be surprised on how great this could, or could not be. I am a nice looking white woman, late 30s, completely single, i am thick but not nasty. I take great care of my mind and body and once I get your picture I will return the same if I am interested. Thanks for reading my post and gud luck in your search.

Miss having a boyfriend 28yr (64850, Neosho, MO)
I def. miss having a boyfriend on nice days like this. I KNOW i wont find anyone decent on here.. becasue i NEVER have in the past.. BUT if for the very slim chance that there is someone out there who is a decent guy.. take a shot at emaling me. I wouldnt be interested in anyone over 33 or anyone with baggage of any kind . I prefer white guys with a good personality, fun, good looking, and on the bigger side. Im a thick girl.. so I like guys who are bigger. Also must have a good job, and car. Looking forward to hearing from someone... and YES i am REAL! seeking an affair

distraction for distraction 37yr (Neosho, 64850 , Newton County)
So to begin with I wish I guys would wake up so i didnt need to post this ad. I always thought i would meet you in a usual place like the dollar store or the aquriaum but I am sick and tired of stalling and attempting to play my self lol. so anyhow I really want to find an individual who doesn't review here every day. Really just an individual who is also waiting to meet some one really nice and just decided to look here.... So I am nice, super cool and very dependable. I am five foot nine inches, a big but not huge brownish hair and green eyes. I am the most loyal friend you'll ever have. I am a awesome listener, independant, with a tad of playful sarcasm. I am a major music lover and love 90's music and country from today. I also love catching a show all sorts of stuff from comedys to chick flicks. Don't stop reading now lol..I've got lots of girlfriends to come with me to the chick flicks lol. What more could you wanna know? I am always the one who is attempting to ensure that everyone around me is enjoying themselves. I really love making other people laugh. I've been working a ton on myself this last couple years and now I'm much happier. So what do I want? So I thought up a really long list ... only playing lol! So actually I want to find a a gentleman, thats that doesnt have 5 baby mommas, dependable, independant, and a man that has a job needs to be would be great. Also he must be understanding of my happier way of living and require me to continue and to do exciting stuff. If you like baseball or racing that would be a big time plus too. almost forgot I only recently moved back to Keithsburg after a couple years of living in Minnesota would be nice for you to show me whats exciting in this place!

Calling all gingers and foreigners! 21yr (Neosho, Missouri )
Hi, I know this is uncommon but I find Rupert Grint, the man who plays Ron in Harry Potter, irressistably attractive! I would love to meet a man who looks like him. That's probably impossible though, so I've included more realistic prospects in my title. I just love foreign men in general, not really a specific type. There is something so alluring about accents and learning about someone from a different lifestyle and culture that fascinates me endlessly. I'm also a major fanatic of traveling, though my dedication to school and work has me a bit tied down from making any great itineraries at the moment. I enjoy languages and trying to learn/speak them, so there is always something to talk about. I'm not really sure how to go about this, but please just feel completely free to send me a message if this crappy post interested you in any way. It's kind of hard to go out in public and try asking everyone I know and see about awesome foreign men and Rupert Grint lookalikes, so I figured the Internet was the next best method. Maybe I am just a just a terminally insane woman was hasn't come to realize her own insanity yet, I guess you will have to wait and find seeking an affair Looking forward to your messages!

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You contain multitudes... 27yr (64850, MO, Newton County)
…or at least I hope you do, as it would be rather awkward to be the only one riddled with contradictions and incongruities! Anyone who’s going to like me is almost surely going to be at least somewhat turned on by and/or have at least some background in some combination of all those fascinating and stimulating seeking an affair pursuits I probably don’t need to list As far as temperament goes, you should be reasonably tolerant of someone who’s really not all that great at negotiating life, but who is more or less content to bumble through it, bruises not withstanding. Moreover, I’m a very private person with all but a small handful of people, so it might help if you not only value quality over quantity in your relationships, but also appreciate that time has to factor into building and fostering them. Some other things that are important to me : Please have an analytical mind that isn’t without the ability to feel deeply; please don’t be religious , don’t have an aversion to vulgar humor and that which is ridiculous, and please like at least dogs, if not all animals. At least some grad. school would be a plus, but isn’t that important. It might be rather nice if you preferred to be “in charge” in the bedroom, but this isn’t necessary—and do not write if that is your primary or only interest. Other things you should/might like to know about me: I’m a 27 year-old soon-to-be-graduate student who’s height-weight proportionate, within the normal range of appearance for someone in my demographic, and quite feminine; I have a perpetually atrocious sleep schedule, a penchant for snuggling, a general dislike of “dating,” and a thoroughly ambivalent attitude toward politics. Pics can, of course, be traded. Finally, I would love to be a “woman in love,” but would also like my partner to believe that there’s more to building a relationship than the vicissitudes of emotion. Et tu?