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New from South Florida 100yr (McComb, Mississippi )
Just arrived from South Florida and looking for: a) a nice latino who loves to dance salsa, merengue, bachata ; b) an African-American or Caribbean man who loves smooth jazz; island music; or c) an sane man with varied interests who would like to share my exploration of Chicago and the outdoors . I am intelligent, well-travelled with a zillion interests. Not quite the ordinary 50 something woman. What do we share in common?

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Big beautiful woman looking for love 37yr (McComb, Mississippi )
So to begin with I wish I my life had ended up differently so i wasnt here posting this ad. I dreamed of meeting you in a public place like the book store or the aquriaum but I am irritated of wishing and attempting to play my deck lol. so anyhow I really hope to find a gentleman who doesn't check here too much. Really just a gentleman who is hoping to meet some one really nice and just decided to check here.... So I am funny, laidback and very spontaneous. I am five foot ten, a size 16 but still look nice blackish hair and green eyes. I am the most reliable friend you'll ever have. I am a excellent listener, reliable, with a small amount of funny sarcasm. I am a major music lover and live for 90's music and easy listening from today. I also love catching movies or plays all sorts of stuff from cartoons to chick flicks. Don't stop reading now lol..I've got lots of girlfriends to go with me to the girly movies lol. What else might you wanna know? I am more times than not the person who is attempting to ensure that everyone around me is having a fun time. I really like making other people laugh. I've been working a bunch on myself this last few years and now I am much happier. what it is I am looking for in a man? So I thought up a laundry list ... only joking lol! So for real I want to find a an individual, thats doesnt do drugs, dependable, independant, and no money problems has to be would be a great place to start. Also he needs to be understanding of my happier way of living and force me to continue and to do exciting stuff. If you like basketball or football that would be a major plus too. almost forgot I only recently moved back to Lawndale after a year of living in Minnesota it would be great for you to show me whats new and exciting here!

Boredom & nasty weather 31yr (39648, MS, Pike County)
At home bored off my bum and the cloudy cold isn't helping. What should I do?

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Heavier and Heavier you get! (39648, McComb, MS, Pike County)
I am in the gym 3-4 days a week, and I see overweight women come in, ride a bike or walk for 15 minutes and leave. Probably to go home and eat a bunch of unhealthy food. News for you... 15 minutes of light exercise, twice a week, is not going to help you. If that is your idea of a workout, save the monthly gym fee and buy cocaine, it will work better than the gym for you. And for you women who have asked for a hand out of money, and you are single with kids... are you joking me??? Let your family deal with your poor choices and your lack of personal responsibility. Instead of being a proud fat chic, you should be damn ashamed of yourself, so much so, that it forces changes in your life... but no... a big majority of you will find another excuse or wear out the same old tired excuses to keep eating your life away. How sick do you have to get, how many unnecessary medical problems do you have to have, before it finally clicks up there what you have to do? I promise you the ONLY, ONLY, ONLY thing in your life, that will ever make you TRULY happy, is losing the weight... not some of it, all of it. Get off your bottom, get to the gym, buy healthy food... not the 1/2 fat stuff, zero fat foods, whole grains, vegetables, lean meats like chicken, tuna and salmon. Do not eat after 6pm, regardless. Watermelon, cantaloupe... snack all the fuck you want, anytime you want on that type of stuff. Get rid of sodas and drink water exclusively. Be prepared to be feeling a little run down, a little sick, and substantially sore... it sucks, but it doesn't last but a few weeks and it is the beginning of a new you. In one month your energy level will be so different, that you will actually have a hard time sitting still and will want to be out doing things. When your confidence gets there, you need to find a support group of genuine hardworking people to help keep you going, but NOBODY BUT YOU, will get you over that first month of sweat and pain and sacrifice. Don't hire a trainer and waste your money, they won't make you skinny, they will only show you the tools to get there yourself.

Tall, cute bbw geek looking for potential boyfriend 31yr (McComb, 39648, MS )
Me: I'm a cute, 6'0-ish, mixed, dark hair/eyes, smaller bbw with a big rack and enough butt to fill out my jeans. I don't smoke , drug/disease free . I try not to take myself too seriously, I'm fond of making jokes and sarcasm is seeking an affair friend. My brain filter was made with chewing gum, tin foil, and a paperclip so I sometimes get myself in trouble by saying the first thing to pop in my head. My nerd cred is solid - comics , video games, scifi/fantasy movies & tv, cons, the whole shebang. Yes. I just used the word ''shebang.'' I'm not a game player so I have no idea when/if I'm texting ''too soon'' or any of that other bullshit. Oh, I like cuss words too. I should probably mention that. I'm looking for someone who'd like a girlfriend eventually but isn't in a rush to make it happen. Let's just hang out and see if it clicks, no pressure. You: At least 5'10 , 28-35 years old, non-smoker, drug/disease free, a honest to goodness good guy , have a great personality, and actually single. I've got my own car and can support myself so you should be similarly set. I'm equal opportunity in terms of looks but I tend to be attracted more to mixed guys, pacific islanders, and white guys with pretty eyes and dark hair. Just a pattern I picked up. I also have an affinity for redheads, accents of any type, smarts, and skills of any kind. You shouldn't mind that I'm touchy feely and should be a big fan of kissing. So I'll stop rambling. If you're interested, please tell me a little about yourself and include height, age, and city. Pic for a pic. And, to make sure you're a legit response and have actually read this whole thing, please include the word ''Batcave'' in the title of your email. :) Happy Saturday!

concert friday 25yr (McComb, 39648 , Pike County)
i have an extra ticket to the good life at subterranean on friday. just looking for someone to go with. free ticket.

No presumptions. 30yr (39648, McComb, seeking an affair I was gearing up for my last date, I became aware of my desire to just throw on a pair of jeans with a t-shirt and a hoodie. Instead I wore nice slacks and a cashmere sweater ... great for dinner with the family. What I want is to be able to hang out with someone who I can feel comfortable in my most comfortable attire with. Don't worry, I would never show up to a date in my sweats or anything, but sometimes I wear ripped jeans and stained t-shirts because I believe a good, used t-shirt is a good friend not to be discarded. I have tattoos and a nose piercing, I don't wear makeup, I wear simply jewelry. I wear my smile everywhere I go. I like my chucks better than my pumps, and I'm sick of dressing to impress, when who I am is in an old thrift store t-shirt and the jeans I refuse to get rid of 5 years later because there is a hole on the upper thigh. I'm not frumpy. I don't want to date frumpy. I want to date real. I want to date comfortable. Comfortable with who you are, and who you are with. Comfortable at dive bars listening to rockabilly, comfortable walking around Walden Pond, wearing flip flops or sneakers. Let's be the kind of friends who can be ourselves around each other. Let's not be presumptuous. Let's eat burgers with the fries, buffalo wings and beer. I'm not fat, I indulge without guilt. Happy people don't say no to themselves because of calories or carbs. I don't eat meat all of the time, but when burger calls, I listen. I believe in living life to the fullest, but having a healthy attitude. If you are a positive, healthy, happy person you look positive, happy and healthy, no matter what you wear. You can be confident in your oldest clothes, and have more fun than someone dressed for a funeral on their first date. How can one do cartwheels on a whim if they are wearing high heels or ties? Let's be free!!

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looking for a great guy. - w4m seeking an affair (39648, McComb, MS)
I have no drama in my life and I'm not looking for any either...I enjoy spending time together kissing and cuddling. Looking for my best friend and lover.. and we can talk more....Please put best friend in subject line...Look forward to hearing from you!!!! Kisses.....