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WOW! Are these women serious (56201, Willmar, MN)
Have you women lost your damn minds? I havent read one CL Post that isnt some whiny chick looking for ''a real man'' and ''someone generous'' to ''take care of them'' What the hell?! Get off your ass get a job find security in yourself and be proud. Im personally embarassed to be considered in this group, should be titled whiny bitches seeking men.

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I Want a HD Riding Pal 40yr (56201, MN, Kandiyohi County)
I have a 2010 HD Softail Rocker C that has been sitting in storage since February. I was encouraged to get my m license to go riding with someone but backed out. So I guess I'm looking cruisin buddy/pal. Doesn't matter if you male or female. So instead of wasting the summer and a beautiful bike - I am looking for a riding partner to go places with that I haven't seen within the Chicago limits. Not interested in going into the city - more so cruisin down to Starved Rock and various places. Take the scenic route of Historic Rt 66 to a certain point. I am not interested going cross country yet but someday eventually. Every other weekend I am free to do what I want without reporting to anymore. This just happens to be the weekend that I'm free. I am single, 40, 5'7'' avg weight - size 14. Just looking for someone my age and live in my area who has common interests as I do. I am not offering to give anyone a ride - my bike only has one seat and I don't share. You have to have your own bike to come along. Interested email me back.

queen of tweet ready for sexy songbird 55yr (56201, Willmar, Minnesota)
Hi what's up for the weekend? Cougar mama is on the move...looking for her man. Not a cub...but a real man. Think we could make beautiful music? Do you like JD? Do you like to spend hours worshiping each other? No pros, semi pros, guys selling masssage etc. I need a a man needs a woman, just for sex and for the thrill of it all. I have pictures for the man - men - who make met wet. Don't take too long to respond...Friday is right around the corner.

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Searching For My Soul Mate 25yr (56201, Willmar, MN, Kandiyohi County)
Beautiful 25 year old woman looking for her knight in shinning armour. If you are interested please reply with your pic and I will send mine. XOXOXOXOXO Eye Candy

Thick Curvey Athletic Chick 26yr (Willmar, Minnesota )
Hi, So I'm kinda nervous but I'm going to give this a shot anyways. I'm 26 years old. 5'9'' mixed mexican, spaniard and greek. I'm super light skinned with super light golden brown eyes that has hazel flecks in them. I'm thick yet curvy in all the correct spots and believe me when I say I make heads turn. About my personality: I am pretty outgoing, love to laugh, have fun, extroverted, I spend my nights watching the Dodger or Laker games with friends at a local sports bar chuggin beer and smiling at guys who buy me free shots. *I can hold my liquor*. Ok, maybe I shouldn't have told you about guys buying me shots but hey! It's a perk that I really like! lol. I am told I am a very honest and loyal friend. I am there for anyone that needs me even if it's 2am and they are butt drunk on a street corner trying to get home from a bar or club; my ass will get up, pick them up and take them home...even if I have to be up at 5am for work. I love staying home and watching movies with my family and my mom is my best friend. I am very family oriented and believe that no matter what you go through in life, family is there for you no matter what. I play on a co-ed softball league and I used to play rugby with friends in Santa Monica for fun. I pretty much walk to the beat of my own drum and I do not conform to societies ways. I have 8 piercings, about to get my 9th next month *just getting my tongue redone* and I have a love for tattoos. I've been a pussy about getting one because I have a fear of needles *I know I know, how can I be afraid of needles if I have so many piercings?*, but I am getting my first tattoo next month also. I dress kinda rocker type. I go to church but I am not religious, I am spiritual. It's like that saying...I like your Christ but I do not like your Christians because your Christians are nothing like your Christ. Very profound saying and something that I strongly believe in. When I go to services in WeHo I can't help but laugh because everyone sits AWAY from me, like I am going to bite them or something haha. Oh well. I love writing short stories, random drives up the coast with my camera *I'm into photography* and spending an entire day museum hopping and listening to live bands. I'm a pretty random person and some would say I'm a free spirit type, but that's who I am and I love me. Take it or leave it lol. I work full time for a non profit organization as an assistant manager and senior grant writer and I absolutely love my job. I love giving back to the community and helping people in need. I strongly believe in volunteer work and that is something I wish to teach my own kids one day. No matter how bad we have it, someone always has it worse. I've learned to love the small things in life. Hmmm what else? Well, I'm smarty, witty, not conceited but super confident, know what I want out of life and I don't just dream about it, but I go after it and achieve what seeking an affair want. If you are interested I hope to hear back from you. If not, I wish you luck on your search. Oh, and one quick note, please be between 25 and 36 years of age and please be able to support yourself. I could care less about how much you make as long as you pay all your bills and you do not try to mooch off of me. Also, I do not believe in sex on the first, second or third date. I am a lady; not a whore. I want an LTR, not a casual encounter. =) If you want a response from me, please respond with more than just one line about yourself. I told you about myself, now let me read about you! Have a great afternoon!

I choke on my reply... (Willmar, 56201 , Kandiyohi County)
We've written each other with flair, and with style Shared poetry, flirting and fun We've spoken of love, of our kids and our fears and how lovers have left us alone. Our conversations these last few days Have lifted our spirits and hope Of meeting someone on the internet who's not cynical, angry or doped. Suddenly you ask if I'm ''HWP'' And I choke on my reply When my heart is reduced to an acronym, I'm forced to ponder and sigh. You hope this question doesn't ''make me mad'' You hope I will somehow relate It's apparent you value your skinny friends And so I hesitate. When a smart, curvy girl thinks she's found her a friend to partake with her, in the bedroom His middle aged paunch notwithstanding, she finds him Living in kind of a vacuum. I thought you a fellow whose mind I relate to Who maybe can weather a friend Yet, as I answer your question I fear Our ''friendship'' is about to end. For my body type is all my own I'm neither fat, nor thin I get muscle tone with a little work And it works its way from within. Most guys and girls want to be thinner And I am no exception. But I hoped you'd find that my heart and mind Are worthy of honorable mention. So, since I got your email Inquiring if I am slender I've been staring at the passers-by on a people-watching bender. Today in line at the grocery store And again in line at the bank I noticed the folks in their sweatpants Trying to hide their weight. The girls wore no makeup on their faces The guys didn't always comb their hair Some of their sweats looked dirty Like these people no longer care. For they know they don't fit the fashion Of the stars in your magazines So no one will gaze upon them With anything but disdain. Even if she were brilliant, would it trip you? Unless she were skinny and young? And then, if she were thusly endowed You might just trip... over your tongue. So, she dresses like a sloppy one Because really, who will care? As long as she's not naked in public Nobody will stop and stare. As for me, I did my errands today In my stockings and heeled shoes A mid-length skirt and a pretty lace top My lovely dark hair hung long... and loose. I have no need for compliments For I always dress like this Just because I'm not built like a toothpick Doesn't mean I'm a hit or a miss. There's a difference between me and the ladies who look like they've stumbled from bed. I'm surely not built like your Barbie doll, dude But I'm pretty and I turn some heads. What does HWP mean anyway? Should we bear it or let it ride? Is it a Him Without Patience? Is it a Her Without Pride? So then my thoughtful inventory crept To the girlfriends I know, with mates All the skinny ones, without exception treat their men like sour grapes. If he loses his job or insurance Or does something she doesn't want Twiggy can just replace him, because The media told her she's hot. If she's forty or fifty or sixty, but thin, And god forbid you should get old, Her body may rattle like bones 'neath the covers You're still hot for her, but she's cold. If you still expect Barbie at Fifty Even as you are sporting a gut Your chances at love aren't so nifty And you may as well stick with the bots. Cause if you are here seeking love on the Net You've obviously not found what you need If a twig fell down in your forest Would you even hear it indeed? While my healthy frame can pedal a bike My muscles are covered by curves Would you even know the difference between My hot bedroom savvy and hers? It's ok if you ask if I'm Barbie online And if I'm not, well, then, hey! that cuts it. But what if I were to ask you, my dear: ''Say, what is the size of your ''whatsit''? And if you desire a woman or girl With a brilliant and beautiful mind But you want her to be a bit thinner And to sport a boney behind... Then find a gal who has everything between the ears and above Help her work out the excess And maybe you both will find love. Let's take rides together on our bicycles Go to the gym together, to train Stop waiting for Barbie to challenge your mind Cause that bird don't eat enough for her brain. Even now I grow weary of waiting As you lust for some dancing queen I'm a dancer, too but go figure Me and Marilyn are both size sixteen. Now here I sit in my reverie Knowing I have what it takes To make a man healthy, wealthy and wise Not to fall, till I see the whites of his lies But with one perfect kiss, I know he will surmise I'm sexier than Barbie. What a surprise! So my friend, and my Lover, I'm waiting for you To get over your media jive With my heart and my brain and my curves, you might find I'm the sexiest woman alive.

Short and Cute.. not hot, but cute :) 22yr (Willmar, Minnesota )
Hey Everyone Well as my title says I think im cute. I know im not hot, but im totally ok with just being cute. I have seeking an affair here before and met some great people, but it just didnt work out. Im 5 ft tall so yes i am short, i love tall guys.. I am mexican american. i love to go bike riding, and to the beach, and out with my friends. I love to go out and dance and just have fun. I am always smiling or giggling, I dont see the point in being sad. I work with kids, I am going to school to be a teacher, I love children. I am looking for a tallish guy with a great smile and laugh. Someone that I can talk to and he wont judge me or be a jerk. Accents are nice.. but not I just want someone that will care for me and that I can care for. I want a friend that is more than a friend. hope that all makes sense. Can't wait to hear from You

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BBW SEEKS HISPANIC BLACK MAN 21yr (Willmar, 56201, MN )
HEY IM AS REAL AS IT GETS IM GOING TO MAKE THIS SHORT AND TO THE POINT. IF YOU ONLY WANT SEX PLEASE LEAVE MY POST!!! Im a BBW aka big beautiful woman who has a good head on her sholders. i know exactly where im going in life and am looking for someone like me. i am attracted to TALL DARK AND HANDSOME MEN and i would loveee a black hispanic men who can dance bachata! if this is you or any seeking an affair cool guy that wants something real contact me