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Cool chick looking for a guy to make her smile ;) 30yr (Northfield, Minnesota )
So... how do I start this thing? Why am I here? What do I want? Well , I am looking for a great guy who knows how to have a conversation and enjoys a night out just as much as I do. If you're funny, I want to talk with you. If you're intellgent and can teach me something, I want to talk with you. And who am I? I am a vivacious and very out-going 30 year woman. I sometimes feel like I belong in the forties, I'm a broad and I have the curves to prove it. I love a good adventure. I love the arts, music and theatre. I am a die hard Beatles fan. Ben Folds is amazing. I thoroughly enjoy reading books, my favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut. I enjoy live music. I collect movie posters and memoribilia. I enjoy a good glass of wine on a warm summer evening . I get riled up watching sports . I am excited for Inception to come out and will be checking out Centipede this week. I was a Biochemistry major when I started College but switched to Musical Theater. Um... what else? Well, I guess that's something we can discuss. I'm a cool chick. I am a fierce friend and a great conversationalist. And I am looking for someone like you. How about it, handsome? Send me a pic and an email, and we'll see where this list thing takes us ;)

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MEMORIAL WEEKEND MEET (Northfield, Minnesota )
If you are a perfect concept of a true gentleman , RESPOND!!!!! You wont regret meeting me..HOWEVER...I am not into sexual escapades or anything of that nature.Let us respectively get to know eachother.... I am a stunning woman of color from the islands. I am in my very late twenties, very well dressed and awesome clean personality Yes, I do work and have a busy life , dont have too many male friends in MIAMI, looking to meet tonight, go someplace full of life and we continue from that avenue!!!!!!!!!

Lets have a drink 25yr (55057, Northfield, MN, Rice County)
Just wanna go have a drink close by woman or man ..sorry if your a guy please be decent looking and not a creep.

The Internet, among it's amazing ability to make us laugh at panda bears juggling, can also serve a purpose for anyone trying to be secretive. This includes 'married seeking affair' types.>>

Looking (Northfield, 55057, MN )
Looking for some excitment .... Plain simple...

re: Whats wrong (Northfield, 55057 , Rice County)
The dating & relationship scene has always been unequal 1 Professional men dating younger & beautiful women below their socio-economic class. 2 Succcessful men dating women above their social class. White professional women are discovering what black, Latina, & 55+ women already know that your profession does not deny you the option to date younger & handsome men below your socio-economic class because they know men have an intrinsic value as men. Yet, San Diego women who think that a man who earns less than her or are not professionals are losers should resign themselves to being alone because no man in his right mind shall succumb to being denigrated by a woman based on socio-economic class. Or become cougars and acquire boytoys for that reason alone who regardless will leave them one day for a younger woman. Men have not the aquired the same ''trophy status'' as women to be accepted in the same social class based on physical & emotional attributes becasue professional & non-professional seeking an affair devalue men if they're not professionals or their earning power is less than theirs by assigning them the loser title. Whereas, all men atttach a value to women based on physical beauty and emotional attributes of companionship and not earning power. Women, BBW's & professionals, are confused on this matter: A man of equal soci-economic class will opt for a younger and/or more fit woman of lower socio-economic class than a woman who will assign to them the title of losers. When women value men for their intrinsinc value as men [physical & emotional ]attributes if intellectual attributes are not withstanding the premise that women & men are equals]and not earning power or what they can benefit based on a pecuniary interests of ''traditional'' man-woman relationship then professional women, including BBW's, will have created that context for men outside their socio-economic and/or physical class to become available to them based on mutual respect as human beings. Maturity goes both ways but its valued more by women and a young firm body is valued more by men. Having a man or woman with both attributes of maturity & firm bodies are almost unattainable premises becasue maturity comes with age and firm bodies are domain of the respective young. Men look for younger women but younger women do not look for older men thus limiting the availabilty of men exponentially for women and increases the competition for younger women which inflates the value of young fit women.

chubby girl 20yr (55057, Northfield, Minnesota)
Looking for someone to talk to on AIM cuz im bored as heck. that too much to ask these days? 29yr (55057, MN, Rice County)
I have a lot to offer the right man. I'm caring, considerate, loving, passionate, sometimes exciting :) and a nice looking girl. I think it would be nice to meet someone who is the same way to me. Too many men get wrapped up in their work or social lives to really understand what's important in life. I guess I'm getting that age where I'm thinking about the future. I am starting a new chapter of my life next month, I'm moving to Vegas for a job. Would love to meet someone fun, sometimes exciting, sexy, passionate, , and just seeking an affair who can be themselves and enjoy each others company. Not too much to ask I hope. Send me a message and a pic and we can start a new chapter :)

Luckily, there are sites that are focused of married affairs and will allow men and women to seek out like minded individuals. >>

free spirit wanting to connect with like minded soul 42yr (55057, Northfield, MN)
Please let me preface by saying by connection I am not looking for a '' booty '' call..if that's your preference so be it.. As for me I will say that life has handed me obstacles and I have survived a stronger more independent woman.. I am amazed at how life passes us by so quickly..yet so many of us are consumed with yesterday and tomorrow and are missing the here and now. I am not perfect..who is? our passion and integrity dictate the life we lead and how we treat others, I chose to be an optimist looking at life as an opportunity to learn..we are only here for seeking an affair short is meant to be cherished and lived not squandered and wasted on trivial things.. How many of us take the time to see the beauty in front of us everyday, the natural wonder that is ours to behold and take in and benefit from.. I am spiritual and in tune with myself and how everyday experiences are treasures not tasks and chores.. I am well read, consider myself intelligent even though never formally educated past high school, I am ready to embark on a new path ... I am not materialistic not worried if I am privvy to the finer things in life, money is a convenience but not always a ticket to happiness. A smile a tender touch to me are worth more than a dinner at a five star restaurant..I do not require to be impressed...impress me with your heart not your wallet. I like to be outdoors, enjoy just viewing nature...I have many interests, will try just about anyhing.. I am not naive enough to expect that one person can complete need to be ok right with yourself, to love and respect yourself before being able to connect with another.. My passions are reading, travel and shoes.. I am loyal and honest and not into being spiteful or mean.. I enjoy day trips.museums, love to discover new placees..I love music..all types...from Punk to oldies to alternative rock..if it moves me than I like it. I am curvy..meaning I am not skinny I guess I would be considered a small bbw.....I have a figure and that may not be your thing and that's cool. I like to party once in a while and let loose..doesn't mean 24 seven...but once in a while.. Dark hair, dark eyes and about 5'4 pretty sexy if I say so myself.. If any of this resonates you please get back to me..