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Love is a fragile thing (55343, MN, Hennepin County)
We love, We care We can not betray our heart The beauty and purity The dignity and divinity Love is eternalÖ love is an fragile thing... Darling....I know your pain I know your longings, I know your dreams. I know you, A working man with a mission I know you are my fantasy I know you are my responsibility But love, Is a fragile thing.

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Looking for fun tonite 33yr (55343, Hopkins, MN)
BBW looking for man to take me out and spend all of his money on me. Must be young and in awesome physical shape with a positive outlook. I can be the only one with a negative attitude, personal problems, kids, ex drama, and of course, a chronic eating disorder. Please respond soon, I'm HUNGRY!

Summer Fling? (Hopkins, 55343 , Hennepin County)
Please be 33-40 and open to having a great time this summer with spoiling, travel, dinning, clubbing ) etc... I want an upscale summer and would like to spend it with a generous handsome summer fling. I am a cute, sexy and intelligent young lady seeking a summer fling with a very successful and adventurous handsome gentleman. I do not live in the city but I'm here weekly, more if we really hit it off! Please send a brief bio/intro. NO attached men, thanks!!

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What am I looking for? 29yr (Hopkins, 55343, MN , Twin Cities Metro)
I really have no idea... So I will tell you about me, if you interested, hit the reply button. We can chat for a bit and if we click... I am a geeky tom boy, which is usually found at the beach reading. When the sun is out, I prefer soaking it up. Kayaking , taking random roads trips with no particular destination in mind, aquariums, museums and most of all laughing. I tend to have the sense of humor of a twelve year old during sex education class who laughs uncontrollably at the word penis. Sarcasm is second nature to me. I am a smoker and donít mind if youíre a toker but anything harder, I am not so much down with. If you are not a smoker, donít be annoyed that I do since I just typed it! My life is fairly quiet, I am not a partier, you will rarely ever find me at a bar and you will never find me at a club. Prefer a BBQ or just a couple friends cooking at home. I have a fat ass. All in all I am a simple person, who enjoys her solitude but would like the company of a decent person with a raunchy, sarcastic sense of humor who doesnít offend easily. Now I really donít have a type of person I am interested in. I can say that I am attracted to white men with tattoos and who are a bit dirty. Not dirty as in doesnít shower, dirty as in has a bit of scruff on his face, has a knack for fixing things and winds up sweaty and dirty. Letís not forget Tall, I am 5í10. Between the ages of 28-35. Please donít live with your parents and for fuck sake in the age range I specified I would expect you to have a stable job. As I said I am a tom boy, I donít dress up unless itís called for. I prefer to be in jeans and a t-shirt. Oh and I have the mouth of a pissed off trucker and a sailor that has been out to sea for 6 months without a women in site. If you are looking for a lil pretty petite lady, I am not what you are looking for. I have pics to share. Please no men with children, and don't be bitter over your past.

writer's block 27yr (Hopkins, Minnesota , seeking an affair Cities Metro)
hello....just taking a break right now from typing up an essay so who's out there? :)

Jiminy Crackhits! It's cold in here. 47yr (55305, Hopkins, Minnesota)
Where is the love? In my day, men bought me a few drinks before dropping trou. Sat adoringly at my feet reading poetry, mailed handwritten letters of exquisite alacrity. Oh where are my strawberries? Where is my prince? Is this all there is left for me? The back alleys of List? Say it ain't so! But enough about me. Tell me something good about you.

To My Own Personal CL Stalker! (55343, Hopkins, MN, Hennepin County)
Dear List Stalker: I put up a post the other day you didn't like and you were determined to send me hate mail. I blocked you out once and then you switched to a different email for the sole purpose of sending me more hate mail. Do you really think I use my primary email account to post on here? Do you really think I am as stupid as seeking an affair are? My email addresses for List are disposable email accounts, meaning I can delete them at anytime to get away from psychos such as yourself. I have many phone numbers also. Oh, and this is going to disturb you even more. I deleted the last email you sent without reading it. Well, I may have read the first sentence, determined it was you, the head case and then proceeded to delete it. Whatever! All the time you invested in writing that hate mail was purely in vain. You must not have anything else to do. Are you unemployed and living in your mama's basement and this is what you do to entertain yourself? How pitiful are you??? You need to go take some anger management classes. Anyone that would persist in sending hate mail and going to the extremes of switching email addresses to do so, has more mental problems than I could ever imagine. You likely need some medication also. I'll just bet you tried to send me more hate mail and your email bounced, didn't it? Ha ha funny on you! Now find someone else who doesn't agree with you or worship the ground you walk on to stalk. I have mail controls that prevent idiots like you from pulling that trick. You are the biggest, pathetic LOSER I have ever encountered. Then you sit at home on Saturday night and wonder why no women want anything to do with you??? Get yourself a shrink and some pills, you're going to need it. Oh, yes, and if you try to respond, this will go straight to my SPAM folder and be deleted and I'll never see it. So feel free to write all the hate mail you want, if it makes you feel better about yourself. Men: Guys like this is part of the reason women online are so paranoid. So, these types of idiots are the ones that are ruining YOUR chances of finding a decent woman online!

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Looking for this to go somewhere... 26yr (Hopkins, Minnesota , Twin Cities Metro)
I am a young professional, living in a great apartment, and really happy with where I have brought myself in my life. I don't ''need'' anybody or anything, but I'm starting to wish I had someone to spend my days with - a partner in crime, so to speak. If you are witty, laid-back, intelligent, and fun, I'd love to hear from you! Please don't bother if you're just looking to seeking an affair up,'' as that's not what I'm seeking - I'm hoping for a relationship that could potentially go somewhere. Your pic gets mine. Can't wait to meet you!