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Where are you? ????? 33yr (55304, Andover, MN)
It's so hard to get out and meet new people once we get older and have a child. So.. I'm turning to the internet.. LORD help me :) I'll just keep this simple and to the point. I'm 33, never married, 1 child, gainfully employed, self sufficent... life of the party gal...... I'm looking for a man who doesn't spend every weekend in the bar/club. I'm not a home body but I not into that scene anymore. Please DO NOT be married or going through a divorce. If you are divorced, great.. I just am not looking for someone who is still dealing with getting divorced. I'd like you to be in my age range. I am a simple gal.. raised in the country but love the opportunites that a bigger city has. I love fishing, hunting, anything outdoors and I also love museums... live music and great sushi! :) If I sound like someone who might want to meet.. please email me. :) I have pictures, so please have your own as well.

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Bigger girl... looking for stoner cutie 23yr (Andover, Minnesota , Twin Cities Metro)
For a sane normal guy age 23-35 Who is not just looking to get laid, though it may be a possibility The main thing is this: I am not a huge girl, very proportionate and sexy, great breasts and a nice juicy butt too :) I know I look good, and if a voluptuous thick girl is what you are into, hit me up. I am not going to be some venture for you or someone you can sleep with until someone hotter comes along Is it so wrong to ask that the guy I am with actually like me and finds me sexy and irresistable, everyone wants to feel beautiful I know I am beautiful, have a beautiful cute innocent face too :) Send me a picture and we can talk, I know that sounds shallow, but much like I want to be your type, I would like a physical attraction also :) that said I am a woman and have no idea what I want, so just email me and we will see where things go please be able to actually come spend some time with me from time to time :) Oh, if kids or cats bug you then I am not your girl

Grad student looking for educated guy 28yr (Andover, 55304, MN , Twin Cities Metro)
Ivy-educated grad student looking for a nice, smart guy who enjoys classical music and travel. I'm 28, Asian, 5'6, slim. Working all day and getting bored already :), maybe catch dinner and/or movie in the Harvard Sq area tonight?

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Letís talk! - w4m 24yr (55304, Andover, MN, Anoka County)
I love culture and all things art, theater, cinema, exhibitions, music and comedy. I love walking and cycling to the markets. I'm seeking someone who is mature and fun at same time and not afraid to show emotions. If your up for getting to know me as a friend and maybe it can lead to more lets hit this little bakery i like to go to on Bellaire Blvd for some sweets and take a walk and talk. If your up for that let me know!

Super nana ISO life/travel companion 50's+ (55304, MN, Anoka County)
I was a foreigner in many places in the world, born in Europe, in LA too long.... I d love to go to Montreal, Paris, Spain, Asia+++ with a significant other:) Where is my seeking an affair tall, fun loving, intello man mid fifties who will share my love of the Path, my love of life....who want to go travel now?

Mutually Beneficial 30yr (55304, Andover, Minnesota)
Well...I am not looking for the typical mutually beneficial relationship...I have done this once before and it was great...maybe telling you a bit about that would give you a better idea of what I am looking for. I met a wonderful man who was going through a divorce. He was a few years older than me but in good shape and clean cut. He was funny, outgoing, sweet, and thoughtful. We would see eachother atleast once a week. We would go to lunch, go hiking, watch a movie...we became very close. Although sex became a part of our was much more than that. He listened and gave great advice...and I hope I did the same. He also helped me out finacially with 00 per month to take care of my expenses while I went to school. Due to issues with his divorce we had to call things off...against both of our wishes....although we will probably always be good friends. I was hoping that maybe there was another wonderful man like him out there that is generous in taking care of my monthly expenses, kind, and who can appreciate the time spent with a wonderful woman like me. BTW...I am tall, beautiful, funny, outgoing, a good friend, fit, and lots of fun. If this sounds like a good match for you then I hope to hear from you soon. If you are just looking to hook up with a hot woman for money...or if you are not willing to send a pic and actually meet for a cup of coffee...please do not reply. :-) Thanks

Hey loser, this is my new ad (Andover, 55304 seeking an affair Anoka County)
You have make it your life to flag my old ad because I rejected you. I know that you are making this your life now to flag this ad and you flag it faster than a speeding bullet. What's the matter? You don't want people to know your ugliness? You are sick, Eddie, go get some help. You are so angry and bitter at us women not interested in you. I know that you have been on this site for years and years judging from your lies on your post about me and the emails I received from other women you flagged and still looking and haven't find anyone. I know you are the chronic flagger who constantly not only flagging my ad but other women's ads too because we rejected your ugly bald headed ass face. In the past when you posted craps about me here just like you are doing now, I posted your craps back at you with your name. Other women saw those posts and they emailed me and sent me your photos and your name telling me that you flagged their ads and posted craps about them too because they rejected your ass also. I admit that I am picky in the man I am seeking and I have lots of haters of my ad because they didn't fit my bill but they didn't give me any trouble other than one initial hate e-mail. But you make it your life to flag my ad, you follow my post like your dick hanging between your legs and keep flagging it. There isn't anyone else other than you who keeps flagging my ad and posting craps about me. Now you post exactly the same words that you had written in your past few emails to me in the past using multiple email addresses with multiple IP # and you also use exactly the same words in your posts awhile back when you posted your lies and craps about me here on list. You are angry and bitter and vengeful because you got rejected. Because you don't know who I am and what I am, there's nothing you can post about me except your own anger and bitterness and tell people to stay from me, that's what you posted then and that's exactly what you post now and you don't have any other words to post. In the past, you tried to mislead people to think that there are a lot of guys posting craps about me here but there were none other than you, you were the only one, this is exactly what you are doing now, try to mislead people again to think that they are a lot of angry and bitter guys like you out there upset at my ad because they don't fit my bill. Your tactic didn't work back then, so you switched to flagging instead so no one can read it and respond to it and you have been doing it since. When you flag, I repost. When you flag again, I repost again. You make it your life to flag my ad. My post was never up long enough before you flag it again and again. You win on that ad, I give up on that ad. This is my new ad now. Go ahead and flag this which I know you are going to do as soon as you see it just like you did a while back, you flagged down my negative posts about you as soon as they were up because you don't want people to see the ugly person you are. You posted craps and lies about me and you keep your negative posts about me up forever because you want people to perceive me the way you want them to see me, the lies you spread. This is a free site and you don't own it, I will not let you bully me. You know that if you flag this and I will repost it.

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Seeking Sane Platonic Guy with a Hint of Adventure 37yr (Andover, Minnesota , Twin Cities Metro)
I've posted an ad on here and WOW, but I'd like to give it a second try. I am not seeking a fly by night romance or to be wisked off to happily ever after land, but someone that is down to earth, sense of humor and responsible. I must admit, I have a thing for older men; something about poise and wisdom that seeking an affair me. I am a country girl at heart and enjoy Harley rides to the country, there's nothing like wind in your hair and honey suckle in your nose. LOL. I am black female that stands 5'8 with more curves than ''twisted sisters'' . I am a double degreed college grad, if u are worrying about me being able to hold an intelligent convo. I am one of those people that is outgoing and loves to meet new folk. From classic rock, to country and old school r&b is where you will find me. What I am seeking is a true gentleman that is white, black, or blue that is above 35 that has learned many lessons in life and has found their passion. I am not going to play games, smokes make me ill, and be ready to laff at my silly jokes. Your pic gets mine.