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Classy and hot... 31yr (Westland, Michigan , Metro Detroit)
First off, I am really picky with people. Doesnt matter if it is friends or guys. I have been told over and over by different people that I am classy, honest, a good person, well spoken, well put together, look high maintenance caring, loving, hot and sexy. Last is up to the person I guess. Im not looking for a player, so if you blaha in my ear for month how hot i am and how much you like me and we hang out and you forgot that your Girlfriend has the key to your place... not happening. I dont do confrontation and I did not grow up in the *hood* I speak 2 languages . I get manicures and pedicures. My hair done. I expect a man to pay attention to me, wanting to be with me and I want his actions match his words. Im not looking for Mr perfect but for a manly man without estrogen or too many emotional outbursts. Dont care if you have the *bad boy look* or you are the clean cut metrosexual type. Just have hair on your head, no mustaches or beards, be at least 6' or be comftable with a girl being taller than you with heels. Articulate, smart, be able to have a conversation about serious matter but also lets moon the police together :) Please have your life together and I dont care what you did in your past. Respond with picture only please. Dont be younger than 27 and below 39 :)

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I'm a list-maker... 18yr (48186, MI, Wayne County)
In efforts to describe myself I have concocted this list to paint a semi-picture of what I am all about and what I am looking for. I like to get all dressed up and go out to eat somewhere new. I like to wear PJ's and cuddle while watching a movie I've already seen a million times. I love body art, but don't have any myself. I value a sense of humor, wit, and confidence above most things when getting to know a person I like to walk around downtown with nothing specific in mind taking it all in. The most perfect thing to do when its nice out is go out to a park and eat sushi and read and go on the swings when all the younger kids are eating lunch. There is nothing I enjoy more than a man who will challenge me in every way possible, a man who is fiery, animated, and ready to say exactly what is on his mind; yet, a man who is ready to get it all right back at him. I am looking for a man who is in touch with his childish side, yet knows when to get serious. My preferred mode of transportation is walking. I really enjoy the bands Animal Collective and Vampire weekend, but nothing can top classical music I consider myself to be politically conservative. I enjoy a heated discussion with a well informed, witty companion. I have shoulder length black hair. I am young, but I'm no fool. I am looking for a man who knows that its a waste to take himself too seriously. I wear a lot of black, but I wish I wore more orange. bubble tea is a superior beverage Despite the clarifications the south Park episode has made about ginger people and their general mockability, I still love me a ginger guy :) My favorite time to be outside is when it is very windy I have greenish/hazel eyes ART = LIFE I think that the books ''A Clockwork Orange'' and ''Brave New World'' are kick ass. I'm 5'3 I rarely paint my nails and wear a lot of linen. I often write my to do list on my hand. Men who have beards are quite appealing. I have pictures, if you do. I am looking for a fun and light relationship where its not all about giving things up for the other person. I am looking for it to be about enjoying who you are with for who they are and not what you hope to change them into. I wish I didn't rely as much on my cell phone. I enjoy an occasional 420 indulgence. I'm quite sarcastic and candid .

Hey There 31yr (Westland, 48186 , Wayne County)
I am sure you will be reading all these postings and sort it all out. Its hard to know who is real and what is real... You have a sense of what you would like to find. You would like to find someone who is smart and beautiful certainly helps...I want to be gifted and pampererd and assisted in real ways. The thing is you want it to flow naturally and feel right..not like an exchange and you dont want to feel bad in the process.You want it to be a friendship that while not serious in the traditional still a real friendship that above all is kind and real and meets some of your other needs.Thats the unique thing about this in that two people can build and define something unique and special..its inherently honest and almost wholesome in that honesty. I .love great restauruants and big cities especially NYC. I am successful but far from pretentious or full of myself. This is my first posting on this site and so far have not recently sought a defined friendship. I have had a similar in the past though and I certainly know how to make it all work in a special way.This is not too difficult and starts like any friendship...seeing if there is shared chemistry and connection and sexual tension.It has to be real from the start for it to all work in a special way.It starts with a fun conversation over dinner or drinks with no assumptions or agenda...other than too make you smile. I am seeking to define something that is unique between two people...and defined by both of us to meet someones special real needs. Obviously a sugar daddy relationship comes closest but also a friendship that is both nuturing and mentoring.I am most attracted too smart man who has intellectual interests beyond hisself and strong goals and passions. The fact that the relationship is designed to be not serious does not mean we cant enjoy our time...have things too talk and laugh about and connect on some intellectual and ethical levels.Too me it makes it all the more sexier and fun and it makes all the pampering and spoiling just follow naturally. I will not send out pictures freely so don't ask as I am looking for one person who truly wants this type of relationship In your response tell me about yourself this should be at least three paragraphs E-mailing back and forth is not what I am looking for...

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I need you now 40yr (48185, Westland, Michigan)
I'll give you everything you want. Just be good to me. It's been 4-eva since I've had good luvin from a nice man. I am short, white, long hair and voluptuous. I like all kinds of men. I will be honest, I have explosive diarrhea so I need a man that's ok with that. A real man would be ok with that. But that is the only bad thing, everything else is good. I don't eat right, so that's probably it. I like going to neighborhood festivals, watchin movies, playing pool, and watching TV. If I sound like your type of woman, holla at me.

Single, Successful and attractive 48yr (48185, Westland, MI)
Single professional woman, employed as a Sr. Business Systems Analyst/Project Lead for over 13 years, college grad from Portland State University. I enjoy travel, wine tasting, playing sports ...I get up to Seattle once/month so I'm open to those who live there. I am looking for someone to date or see where it goes; you must be educated, responsible, also successful, independent and know how to treat a woman with respect. I like someone who is reasonably in good shape; I do have a preference for the Mediterranean look and tend to attract foreign men more than non; perhaps due to my own Lithuanian descent. I would love to work in Europe for a year so if your a bit adventurous and mobile, all the seeking an affair I've been to Europe four times; I would like to visit Greece and Italy next. Please reply with a photo.

SINGLE, younger, dark haired FRIEND WITH BENEFITS wanted! 43yr (48186, Westland, MI, Wayne County)
SINGLE? Older than 30? Attractive? Average or smaller in build? Professional? Non-smoker? Attracted to plus-size women? If you answered yes to all these questions, you may be the man Id like to spend time with ON AN ONGOING basis. You know what to do.

Cute Petite Redhead 34yr (Westland, 48185, MI , Metro Detroit)
Thought I'd see whose searching for fiery red head...I'm seeking a witty, intelligent nice guy for fun adventures. I love hiking, traveling especially to cool Summer getaways, yoga/meditation, concerts and massage. I'm into a no-drama, happy, healthy relationship where we can spend seeking an affair time together. Although I'm very passionate and we all want to get laid I'm not interested in a one nighter with random guys as I have got to feel an intellectual connection and well as physical chemistry with a man. So if you're single, no STDS, not dominant or an alcoholic and adore redheads let's have some fun. Tell me about yourself!

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seeking a life partner 37yr (Westland, Michigan , Metro Detroit)
I am an asian female, in the mid age of my life. I have been working in hi-tech for many years. But I feel tired and would like to be a housewife to take care of my partner and kids if we get some. Physically I am above the average height among girls. I am not a beauty model, but an average looking. I have a sincere and loyal heart. I dont care about your age as long seeking an affair you have a sincere and loyal heart and financially established such that we can have a worry-free retirement life together . But I do require you to be above 5'7'' and without a beer tummy.