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Cute, down to earth seeks long term potential or just new friends 30yr (Harper Woods, Michigan , Metro Detroit)
Let's go with list form. It just tends to make things easier. † Things I've Learned: † - There are tons of available guys in Santa Rosa. Iíve seen them out and about. Havenít you ever heard of list? - I need a man who knows who he is and what he wants and isnít afraid to go for it or put his heart on the line. Because Iím a girl that isnít scared or scarred. I know when itís worth it to take the risk, and have usually been willing to do it. If youíre too scared to take a leap with some level of faith then youíre probably not my type of person, let alone my type of guy. - That I am a boatload of fun. There isnít much that I wonít try at least once and probably twice if I wasnít sure whether or not I liked it the first time around. I like adrenaline but donít stupid risks. Going really fast clears my head and gives me a good reason to hang on tight, especially if itís on your motorcycle. - Iím not that young anymore. Iím not anywhere near old but Iím done playing games and wasting time with people that I donít see long-term potential with or could make a new friend out of. This doesnít mean that Iím no fun or take myself or other people too seriously, in fact, itís quite the opposite. If thereís chemistry, we have fun together and youíre open to the idea of finding ďthatĒ person, then it is all fun and games and Iíd prefer to take it easy and take it slow. But if I donít see a possibility for long term, I think itís better to end up friends, and that's not a euphemism for blowing you off politely. - That while I can be easily swept off my feet by the right type of guy, I prefer to keep them on the ground. That I make a better girlfriend than I give myself credit for. Iíve stayed with people through the good and bad when everyone in my life was screaming ďRUN!!Ē . - That Iím pretty dang attractive. I donít stop traffic but Iím skinny , have a good rack, nice ass and beautiful eyes. Also, Iím not as much of a tomboy as I thought I was, I guess. I take care of myself and wear make-up but prefer jeans and heels with cute tops to dresses or skirts. - That horrible dates that go horribly wrong where you canít wait to get the hell out of there and laugh while you tell your friends all about it can be just as fun as the good ones. Everyone loves a bad date story. - That I can do anything I set my mind to and the universe gives me what I need when I need it. I donít buy into any hippie/new-age philosophy but itís just been my experience: you get what you need when you need it. In that same vein, I donít believe in God but I believe in being a good, moral and fair person. I donít need the threat of some horrible afterlife in order to be a good person. If you put a gun to my head and forced me to choose a religion, it would be Judaism and if you want to get technical about things, I am ďhalfĒ Jewish . - Iím smart. I read books with big words and like to think about things larger than myself and current events and issues Ė prop 8/equality-civil rights, the environment. The extreme/religious right scares the daylights out of me. - I dig dorks with a bad boy side. Not bad boys with a dorky side. Being able to build stuff or identify mechanical parts makes my brain flutter its eyes and sigh longingly. - Iím also shallow. Iím a pop-culture sponge and celebrity news fan. My Tivo line-up includes some crappy reality/celebrity gossip shows as well as educational/information stuff from Discovery, Current TV, A&E and the History Channel. Prime-time favs include House, True Blood, The Tudors, CSI . - I work for a small company and I love my job. Iíve been here for almost 6 years and I donít hate the idea of coming into work every day. The only downside is that thereís not a lot of opportunity to meet new people, although I count my bosses and few co-workers as friends. Iíll sum it up with the parameters you should fall between: SWM between the ages of 28 and 42. Divorced is OK as long as the baggage is minimal. Kids are not. I like kids and want my own someday but Iíve been there and know that dating a father is not going to work for me at this point in my life.Be employed Ė I donít care what you do but you need to have a job that you at least enjoy, pays you enough so that youíre not scraping by each month and doesnít involve a uniform . You can be a little older or younger but please, not by much. Iím 420 friendly and smoke it occasionally but Iím not looking for stoner friends or what I call ďmaintenance smokersĒ Ė people who need to smoke up every day . Iím cool with just making new friends but not looking for a just a casual fling. You should take the time to craft a response if you expect one back from me. It doesnít need to be lengthy but it needs to give me an idea of who you are. If you have a motorcycle you should mention it. Including a picture will get you mine but not if youíre naked in it. Iím pretty sure that this post is well-written and coherent. Please show me some intelligence in your response and use punctuation, capitalization and leave the ĎLOLsí for IM conversations. Good spelling and grammar will go a long way.

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Genuine, simple & easy going seeking same... 41yr (Harper Woods, 48225, MI , Metro Detroit)
I have posted here before and haven't had much luck ... hoping it will change :) I'm a fun-loving, easy going , drama free woman .. yes you read that right .. lol drama free . I'm a BBW . I don't really have a preference for the type of man, but he's got to have a personality . I'm a sucker for a smile!! If you can make me laugh you have made a friend for life. Personality and a great smile are the best qualities a man can have.. 2 things no matter who you are.. you can't FAKE! I want to meet someone that is as comfortable staying in and making a nice dinner.., kicking back and cuddling on the couch under a blanket watching a DVD or watching a football game, as he is for a night on the town. Someone who likes to do things together, but also enjoys and appreciates time to spend with ''the boys'' playing poker or golf or whatever guys do when they get together. I like taking spontaneous weekend trips / drives up the coast,the smell of the first rain, having coffee on a lazy sunday morning ,catch a ball game, seeing how lucky I am at the casino, spend the day at Sea World, the Zoo, go to the beach and feel the sand between our toes, an innocent pillow fight or ANYTHING for that matter. ! I drink occasionally and I don't smoke and I hope you don't either. I do like taller guys , but I'm not opposed to a guy that's shorter. So if you're still reading,awesome! Did I mention I'm a sucker for a smile ? lol ...I don't have a list of what he should be like.. Just be yourself ! I like things to just happen naturally and not forced or rushed..Take a chance and email me and tell me a little about you.. If you attach a pic I will respond with a pic. I look forward to hearing from you .

LOOKING FOR LTR 22yr (Harper Woods, Michigan , Metro Detroit)

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Lets go Fishing on my boat 55yr (48225, MI, Wayne County)
Hello, Let's go fishing, scuba diving, water sking, or whatever. All I ask is that you help out with the gas. Please, hand me your donation before you get on the boat, so I don't feel like a begger, or feel like I have been cheated at the end of the day. Please don't tell me you will go to the bank when we get back or hand me 2 or 3 dollars, and tell me you will give me more when you get to the bank. I have heard all that crap before. I have a very nice boat and it run on HIGH TEST GAS. Yes believe it or not it runs on GAS.

Goth gurl seeks goth boi 24yr (Harper Woods, 48225 , Wayne County)
I'm not your average girl I don't act much like a girl, I don't dress like a typical girl. I'd rather wear combat boots and bondage pants then a skirt and heels. I have black spikey hair, piercings, a couple tattoos, and I intend to get alot more body modifications done in the near future. I guess if your to label me my style would be considered goth/punk. But there's alot more to me than meets the eye. I like to have fun, I smoke alot, I drink alot, and I don't say no to drugs. But I also have a steady head on my shoulders, I work alot, and I love my job. I fix and build computers for a living. Music is more important to me than anything or anyone else.. music is life, music is everything I love all types of music except for country and rap and there are a few exceptions in those genre's that I like. I'm especially fond of industrial/j-rock/goth/alternative. I love technology, computers, android phones, etc I'm a geek at heart. I love the darker side of things, the occult, dark humor, dark art, dark music, dark fashion and dark literature.. I am a LaVeyan Satanist, Deal with it. I enjoy wandering seeking an affair cemetries, going to the industrial club, causing havoc downtown and being mischievous I also enjoy staying home and playing video-games, hanging out and snuggling. I am a bit obsessive with Japanese culture, my favorite musician is Japanese, I love manga/anime, J-RPGs I love the fashion, one of my odd quirks is that I only eat with chopsticks. Yes I LOVE Nihon. And I intend to move there eventually. I'm looking for someone who appreciates music, art, and literature as much as me someone who has a dark personality like mine, but a good heart as well. Someone who is extremely passionate and sexual, someone who would be submissive to me, as I am a domme. Someone who is faithful and loyal, sweet and caring. someone who can have fun in almost any situation. A man that is not afraid to dance, a man that is not afraid to be passionate, anyplace, anytime Someone open with his sexuality, perhaps even bi-sexual. He has to be in touch with his feminine side, I like girly boys.. it's just my thing, and no that does not mean cross-dressers, just guys that are feminine in looks, androgynous even. I need someone who makes this a lifestyle like me. Someone that can stay out all night even when they have work the next morning, someone that can be completely random, almost crazy, someone adventuress, someone strange. Someone that only likes to go out at night. Personality of course is the most important thing and if you lack one, don't bother contacting me. I prefer younger guys, however age is just a number, so if you really think we'd be a good match, don't worry if your a few years older. I will send you a picture if you send me one in your email.

Recent Dumpee = Loss of Wedding Date! 26yr (48225, Harper Woods, MI)
I am not gross or anything, but definitely old enough not to want to bring one of my guy random friends to a wedding of a high school girlfriend :) - esp when there is history making high school friends, alcohol and craziness involved. I am funny, crazy, funny, kind and goofy as hell. I just got out of an awkward relationship and definitely looking to go into my summer a single lady ....I have a few back up plans, but would like to meet someone new and exciting to keep my interest and possibly go to this wedding and get ridiculous. Dancing is a must, and a nice suit. Duh. You obviously have to be amazing enough to make me look good - these are my peeps! I cannot believe I am doing this, and actually kind of mortified, but definitely over it. I have like 9 weddings to go to this summer/fall....bad time for a break up. Wedding is June 12th. Well maybe this is your thing, maybe it isn't, but if you don't think I am a freak and you are a good secret keeper , then shoot me a 8 liner about why you're the bomb + your picture, of a must! This isn't like you re replying to some happy job posting :) Oh, And this isn't me, but if you play your cards right.....

LOOKING FOR THE MAN!! 26yr (48225, Harper Woods, MI, Wayne County)
I am looking the man seeking an affair will make me feel what love is all about and also to be the man of my dreams..

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Needing a Massage 34yr (48225, Harper Woods, Michigan)
Hi there....Single mom here, looking for a good relaxing sensual massage. Looking for someone who has atleast some experience in giving one and can make seeking an affair feel good from head to toe. Have been very stressed lately and need to relax and loosen up and just need to feel good. Let me know if you interested and looking for some between the ages of 30-40...Your pic gets mine only serious inquires please. Put Sensual in the subject line so i know Your real i am real, it was supposed to rain today but didn't......