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Only Open If Youre Serious About Finding Someone 25yr (Grandville, Michigan )
Dont reply unless youve actually read this. I KNOW I WROTE A LOT & ITS HARD FOR YOU MEN TO PAY ATTENTION... BUT I ASSURE YOU... I AM WELL WORTH YOUR TIME =) Im Not Talking About A Year.. No Not 3 Or 4. I Dont Want That Kind Of Forever In My Life Anymore. Forever Always Seems To Be Around When It Begins, But Forever Never Seems To Be Around When It Ends... Give Me Your Forever.... Ive been on this search for my soulmate since the day i was born... ive yet to find that person, though ive gotten close & almost settled. Im the girl who got away & once you realized what you had, it was too late because i wasnt hearing your apologies anymore. Im convinced im the closest to the perfect woman you will ever find... any guy ive ever dated will agree with me. Im old school in a sense when it comes to relationships. I cater to my man to an extent, though i expect to be treated as an equal & i do want to be treated as good as i will treat you. I believe in romance.. TRUE love.. magic & mystery. Im looking for that fairytale kind of love, where if my heart is aching yours will feel my pain. I wear my heart on my sleeve & people like to take advantage of that.. Everyone ive ever loved has hurt me... i dont just mean boyfriends... just in general. Doesnt anyone know how to truely love someone anymore? Im a bit insecure, its a flaw. Im sorry. Im your typical pollyanna-- i always want to see the good even when the bad is staring me right in the face. I want to believe in you & that everything you say to me is what you mean. I want to get married & have a family... sooner rather then later. I guess I could get married to a couple of my exes but they arent exes for no reason & i am confident that somewhere out there is the one i belong with... my other half. I dont like to fight AT ALL! Though i dont like to be made a fool of and if you try, chances are ill call you out on it & i wont drop it untill im satisfied that you understand that. Ive never had a guy who really treated me like i know i deserve to be treated. Not to toot my own horn or anything , but im a pretty ****ing amazing gf to have. I long to be loved & sometimes that blinds me momentarily in a relationship & i get played.. for lack of a better word. I am so0o loyal its sickening... if i say i love you, i mean it, forever. I believe in giving second chances & maybe another, if i truely believe you deserve it. Ive lived enough to know what really matters & thats not money or material items, though they do soften the blow of life a little bit. I am looking into nursing school in the next year , mainly because i like to help people.. i love to make someone smile & feel better. I guess even though i dont mind working I would still rather be a stay at home mother & wife. I believe that in a family situation if it can be afforded financially thats the place for a woman. The type of guy im looking for.... Basically, i just want you to be loyal & love me unconditionally. Id like a strong man , but not one who cant hang his head to cry when something has really got to him. Personality is so0o important.. know how to be serious but also how to let loose & have fun. I really like to show & recieve affection. Im the type to run after you & kiss you one last time b4 you ugo to work & just tell you that i love you for no reason as often as possible so that you dont forget or ever feel alone. Please be able to hold a conversation.. about anything and everything or nothiing at all. Pillow talk is one of my favorite things in the world. You have to enjoy going out & staying in, as i like to do both... but mostly i like to stay in. Ive reached a point where im over the bar scene & what not. But i do like to have a good time. Hold my hand & touch my face.. tell me that my imperfections are what makes me me & that makes me perfect for you. As far as looks go... i tend to like taller guys, the taller the better! But you dont have to be a giant... id just really like to look up at you not down.. especially since im kinda short.. Hair color doesnt really matter, id like you to have some though, lol! Im not in the very best of shape so im not going to say you have to have a rock hard bod & hit the gym all the time. Though id really like to get into working out. I consider myself to be on the attractive side.. i try not to be superficial but at the same time if youre going to look at someone & kiss them everyday for the rest of your life , you would like to enjoy what youre seeing. Im not interested in hooking up... ive been down that road and it just isnt for me. Im the long term relationship kind fo girl. Ideally the person whos perfect for me wouldnt push sex.. i want the sparks to fly when we get to that point. Im not saying im not sexual.. because id actually consider myself to be quite sexual.. i just take it easy. AHH.. P.S.-- Im NOT a skinny girl... im not really fat though.. too fat for guys who like skinny girls but too thin for guys who like em fat.. i cant win lol. Something I wrote: Dear Soulmate, Every single day I am dreaming about our first meeting ..about our first kiss & first hug. I wonder how you smell & how you taste. I make eye contact with nearly every guy I see, hoping that one day our eyes will meet & in that moment I will see my future in an instant. Im feelin so empty inside , wishing I could reach out & touch you but I cant. Sometimes at night when I lay my head down to sleep, I hold my pillow close, wishing it was you. Sometimes im almost in tears cause youre out there somewhere when I want you here with me. I long for us to be together. I cant wait to have you by my side night after night for forever... to look into your eyes & to show you all my love, my love that grows stronger by each & every second of each & every day. I cant wait to take walks with you & to laugh with you. Take me to that place in your heart where noone has ever been... the place where you hold all that is too dear to you to share with just anyone. I wish to see all the places that are special to you.. To spend long days & even longer nights in your arms. I want you to show me your everything. I want to share everything with you..... everything that I am & everything that I know. I want to give you all of my heart & to be there for you when you need me. I will comfort you and to tell you how everything will be just fine, as long as we are side by side. I need your love, I need you to hold me. I have never felt so close to anyone as I feel to you. You, & you alone can bring light to the darkest of days. I love you. I love you & even though we have yet to meet, I have always belonged to you & i always will. Love - Your Soulmate

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Could I find the LOVE of my Life here????? 36yr (49418, Grandville, MI)
Could I be the love of your life? We'll never know if we don't take the chance to find out. I am seeking my soul mate. I want to know what he is thinking by knowing the look on his face. I want him to be able to finish my sentence by reading my thoughts and knowing my values. Is that kind of love and relationship too much to wish or hold out for? Does anyone else want the same things from a relationship? It would be cool to find someone in my age range that's looking for the same things I am looking for. I know that you are out there, some where. Could you be here with me? So close?

any smart people out there? 21yr (Grandville, Michigan )
I'm a recent graduate of the best public university in the states and am now back home for grad school and looking for a job. I haven't met any decent guys in college since most already have experience and are only after one thing. I'm traditional and old-fashioned because I'm a Chinese-American, so I don't believe in the promiscuity that the American culture advocates . What I am looking for is someone with the same values and interests. Please don't change yourself or lie to get my attention because I will find out. Do not reply if you do not fit my criteria 100%!! What I want from you are that you: -Are Chinese-American -Are tall -Are between the ages of 21-25 -Are a great speller -As long as you don't pressure or convert me to a religion, it doesn't matter what you believe in. -Like ''The Office'' -Have an interest in music or plays instruments -Have a great sense of humor -Are smart/educated -Are not promiscuous or a big partyer/drinker -Know how to cook/bake -Have goals in life -Enjoy exploring nature -Are family-oriented -Love animals -Are not frivolous in spending money or eating out all the time -Are not a technology addict ***To reply, please send a picture of yourself and tell me about yourself from your own words. If I don't reply it's probably cuz you wasted my time not fitting into my requirements. In the subject headline of the email please write the name of Erin's foster brother. Any other subject line will be deleted or face a mean reply because it shows you didn't read this post thoroughly.

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TIRED OF DATING MYSELF SBM (Grandville, 49418, MI )
............I actually can't seem to remember how good it feels to be in the company of a mature man. Guess I'm, not ''girlfriend material'' even though I know I would be the perfect girlfriend. Guess, I'm just really hard on myself. Don't want to fall for the ''okey-dokey''. Dont wish to be anyone's ''booty call'' and definitely don't want to be a one night stand. Times have taken a change in the dating/relationship circle. I'm definitely what they call ''old skool''. Love to cook11 Like looking good! I can hold a conversation about current events. I know how to be quite Keep my house clean! I like the simplicity of things. Little things and simple gestures mean alot to me. If it's nothing but a will do me some good to get out and socialize.. My intentions are honorable and in good faith. Not one for endless e-mails or texting back and forth to try to know you. It's still alright to pick up the phone and hold a c onversation. Let's talk Subject myself Pic for pic

Looking for someone---Tower Hill Corner store- w4m 37yr (49418, Grandville, Michigan)
I have serious doubt that the person this is intended for will read it, but I am going to try anyway. I donít know his name or what he does for work. Heís about 5í10 maybe shorter, a white dude with the blue collar worker look, great smile, smokes, i think but thatís ok, light seeking an affair brownish hair, nice tanÖhe used to hang out at the Tower Hill Convenient store until Ian sold it a few months ago. Me: I have two adorable lovable black and white huskies, I walk them a lot and would go to Ianís store to get my scratch tickets all the time. Blond, white and tattooed, independent, 420 friendly, home owner, Lawrence Resident, responsible, but lots of fun once I get to know someone. And now looking to see if he was ever interested. I bumped into him maybe twice at the Quik Stop Mark over the line in Methuen, but had I had a boyfriend until recently and a lack of confidence. Would love to see him again, give him a quick smile and see if there is anything there.

What the Hell's going on in here? 37yr (49418, MI, Kent County)
So earlier tonight I was emailing back and forth with a man and he said he would never date me because I was white, or thats what he told me but maybe its because im bbw. I guess what I want is a guy who doesn't care about the fact that I am white. I just want a decent guy, is that too much to ask? I tend to get along better with guys. If you are interested hit me up and lets see if it can work.

Blackhawks fan seeking possible LTR 23yr (49418, Grandville, MI, Kent County)
I've never done anything like this so hang in there with me ;) I am looking to meet somebody in the area to have a good time with and possibly get into an LTR. I am a hopeless romantic who believes that physical attraction is important. I am 23 and just graduated with my Masters degree. I'm currently looking for a career in the Chicago area. I do not smoke, and I drink on occasion. I am obsessed with the Blackhawks , love to ride my bike on local trails, and enjoy watching movies and listening to all types of music. I have a saltwater fishtank and love the ocean and going to beaches. I enjoy going out with friends but also enjoy a night in to watch a movie or a hockey game. I am only 5 feet tall which most people find adorable. My hair color changes between red, copper, and blonde depending on what mood I'm in when I'm at the hair stylist, haha. I have bluish/greenish eyes that sometimes change colors and people think they're totally awesome. I wear contacts 98% of the time. I am very curvy and about average build. I guess I'm looking for a guy around my age , taller than me which obviously won't be difficult, and maybe enjoys to workout or go biking Other than that, I just want to see what kinds of people are out there and what may come from this. If anything, if we talk seeking an affair don't click, we each have a new friend. :o) Please put ''GO HAWKS!'' in the subject line when you respond. Not looking for a one night stand or any man-whores, so if you're in those categories, kindly move on to the next ad. :o)

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The Kessel Run in 3 Parsects 29yr (Grandville, 49418 , Kent County)
Do seeking an affair think you can make the Kessel Run in Three Parsects? Do you like light sabre practice with Captain Solo? Spend a lot of time grooming the wookie? Maybe what you need is a good Klingon woman to show you around the battle bridge. Cloaked ofcourse. Then we can boldly go where no man has gone before. Or is you phaser just set on stun?