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RE: Look where this talking got us baby - 33 (48220, Ferndale, MI, Oakland County)
I tried to respond to your ad, but I guess you are getting flagged! 5.26.10...I can only hope that you are talking to me in your title, so here goes... Could you be the woman of MY dreams? I too am looking to share my life with that someone special. I also enjoy playing backgammon, scrabble, and trivial pursuit, etc. Don't worry, if we spend any time together, there will be plenty of playing pool, as I have a Gold Crown III 4 1/2' x 9' table in my shop. Just let me know when you wanna shoot some!!! To be honest, I can hardly believe that I am participating in this CL thing...but you have definitely sparked my interest. Well, I have gotta go back to work now. There is plenty of time to get to know each other, and I certainly would like to get to know you. Maybe one of us should give up a way to contact the other since you are getting flagged, and we may lose our method of communication.

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Fiery Irish Nutjob descended from Bog People seeks date 27yr (Ferndale, 48220, MI , Metro Detroit)
About me: I'm kind of goofy, intelligent, and cute enough. I'm a redhead, if you're into that sort of thing. I'm rather buxom, a little on the chubby side, but by no means a BBW, and I have incredibly fair skin. I don't plan on posting a picture on CL, so if you want to see me, you'll have to impress me with your wit and charm via email first. What I'm looking for: I like guys who have a passion for something. Preferably not just video games, since I like to get out of the house on occasion. Passion breeds charisma, and I love that. I think that's why I tend to find teachers attractive. You must have a car, a place to live that you do not share with your parents, and a job. I know, I'm asking a lot here. Also, I like to be treated like the lady that I am, but I can't take a compliment unless I'm sure it's genuine and you're not just greasing the wheels to getting into my pants. So don't tell me I'm beautiful every 5 seconds, and don't stare at me constantly, it freaks me out. I like to talk, and I have a degree in anthropology, which is good for absolutely nothing except that it means I can talk about just about anything. I dig geeky guys - more science than sci-fi though. Also, I hate anime. With a passion. So if you're super into it, that's fine, just don't talk about it. I like nice guys. Tip the waitress, don't send food back, and say please and thank you. Also, table manners are a necessity. If you like to talk with your mouth full, eat with your mouth open, and slurp your soup, coffee, or tea, it just won't work out. I love music. My favorites are The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Kate Nash, Cat Power, Regina Spektor, Band of Skulls, Band of Horses, Beastie Boys, The Duke Spirit, Janis Joplin, Patsy Cline... so if you like any of that, that would be cool. As far as looks go, I like dark hair, nice hands with short, well-groomed fingernails, at least 5'10'' , and nice teeth with a nice smile. I prefer white guys, but I wouldn't necessarily rule someone out based on race. I also tend to go for guys on the slimmer side, but body type is also not really a dealbreaker. Having some sort of personal style is also a major plus. So if you meet most of my criteria, email me.

Looking for a Health & Wealth Conscious Partner 27yr (Ferndale, 48220 , Oakland County)
Successful woman looking for a partner to win in life!! Someone fun, responsible, communicative, business minded and who is conscious about his health and wealth. I am looking for someone that wants to get the best from life, and that is looking for something that will turn your life around. Send me an email, and I will send more personal info.

It is important that you approach the married woman seeking an affair in the right way. She is looking for a casual, discreet encounter with someone who wants the same. >>

One-in-Nine-Million! 59yr (48220, MI, Oakland County)
The man I seek may be ''one-in-nine-million''... but then I'm only seeking ''one''! Here are a few ticklers that probably resonate for both of us. --the strong, silent type is a turn-off... because late night conversations, quippy text messages and playful teasing are a turn-on! --having a healthy, in-shape body is a must... because carrying extra weight or hanging out in doctors' offices is a drag. --being over fifty is wonderful... because the kids are raised, there's time to travel, and a ton of life experience has created a ton of appreciation for life. --dreaming big should never stop... because dreams really can come true. --having a bunch of interests is a plus... because there's someone out there just waiting to share the adventures those interests stir. --believing all there is on CL is spam doesn't make sense... because there are a few real, quality people here just waiting to catch each other's eye. If my words hit home, I'd love to hear from you, but please be over fifty and free to pursue quality relationship. Tell me what makes you one-in-nine-million... tell me what makes you tick... and please be ready and willing to share a clear, recent photo of yourself. I'm ready and willing to do the same!

A very cute guy with a great personality 21yr (48220, Ferndale, Michigan)
Hey guys, i'm an attractive girl with a nice smile and body wanting to meet a guy who has a really nice voice, lean type body 170 or less, , dark hair, non smoker, knows how to kiss well and is sweet and uplifting....I want a guy who has really good manners and is down to earth...someone who is really cute and not just think that they are but have actually been told....someone who can speak another language besides english....and someone who likes to try new foods and new things...someone who is a really good kisser and can make a girl melt without even touching her...that's what i like ;) to feel the butterflies so to if that's you please tell me about urself and send me a picture and if i seeking an affair what i hear and see ill contact you. thanks! ;) oh, and serious inquires only have a great one guys!

BBW seeking black or latino male 4 ltr 23yr (Ferndale, Michigan , Metro Detroit)
Hi fellas. 5'5 145, dark carmel complexion, hard working woman. Black hair, brown eyes, nice shape. I'm really fun and outgoing but I love cuddling, eating pizza, and having drinks. Looking 4 someone who is nice, loving, caring, someone like me.

Look inside guys...if u want a sweet woman 26yr (48220, Ferndale, MI)
OK guys if your looking for a sweet woman read this entire ad... You say you seeking an affair to meet a sweet caring woman, but yet you say no BBW, no Nerds, No Open-minded women... Why don't you take time to get to know the person from the within, not caring about the looks... I go down these ads reading them and am disgusted by the way the guys on here quote what they want... They keep saying I have posted on here before but keep getting no where, its because they dont take the time to get to know them... If guys would take the time to know the woman from the inside in they may just find she is exactly what they are looking for even though she may not look it on the outside...and the ones that look it on the outside can be total B***Hs, rude, full of themselves.... I know I have proably made a few of you mad with this posting but I don't care cause men should take time to get to the person before judging...So for those who are still reading In this ad you will find a 26 female from Houston, who is 5'6'' with long red hair, baby blue eyes, average build, with 6 tattoos..I love the outdoors, going to the movies, camping, fishing, riding horses... and you would like to email me I'm waiting on your opioins...or replys....for those who are not spam please put OPINION in the subject line...

Most of the guys seek an affair to avoid the drama of their daily life, so why would they maintain a relationship if the affair adds to it?>>

Real Sub Female for ''Normal'' Relationship 39yr (Ferndale, Michigan , Metro Detroit)
Single, attractive, educated submissive female looking seeking an affair long-term, loving relationship with a fun, thoughtful, intelligent, dominant man to whom I am sexually submissive. While I am very submissive in the sexual realm, I am extremely normal in the ''real world.'' You would never guess I was submissive or that I would post on list. I seek a fairly normal romantic relationship . Please do not contact me for short term play. Not into real pain, enjoy the control and power transfer of domination. Safe, sane, consensual. I strongly prefer someone over 5'10'' with a college degree. Tell me a bit about you and please include PG rated pic if available and you are comfortable doing that. Thank you.