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RE: ''Seeking Professionals - 27'' - 69 27yr (Essexville, 48732, MI , Flint/Tri-Cities)
Judging by the cool mirror with the phone pics and the white ''wife beater T'' She looks like thats the only type that would have her anyhow.

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You can't handle the truth. Ha! 32yr (Essexville, Michigan , Flint/Tri-Cities)
I had to find a way to thank all the guys, and girls too, who responded to my first informative ad ''Looking for an honest ad? Ha!''. What better way than to keep telling the truth? First... to all those guys who sent me pictures of them in the bathroom, or sent things like, ''Hey you are one funny girl. Let's fuck.'' SERIOUSLY??? Has that ever worked even once? It made me laugh, but what I was laughing about was that only a few of you figured out that the author, me, is not a woman! How else would I know all this stuff if I hadn't dealt with it first hand??? So here's my thank you in the form of a Tip Of The Day; You aren't going to find pretty girl-next-door sweet & in-shape women in their 30's or 40's on list. Stop looking. I know for a fact, sadly, that women like those pictured below are not the list type. Well... except for one of them. Can you guess which one? Don't feel bad though. It isn't you. The problem is, girls in their 20's are too young and all the sweet and in shape Sandra Bullock type women are taken by guys who treat them like crap. Why oh why did we have to be raised to be honest and kind? Darn our parents! My point is, I, like you, must face the truth that we are not going to find our perfect girl on list. We may not find her at all. We may have simply waited too long and spent too much time putting other things first. Hey if that's the way it is then so be it. Life has way too much to offer for any of us to be remorseful over missed opportunities. Stop wasting your time here and go live life! Honestly, that's the only way we are going to find someone who has our same interests anyway. It's like I never said, but will say from this point on, the girl you find when you're out rock climbing is a girl who enjoys rock climbing too. Ok time for the Question Of The Day: Who will flag this first? Will it be the embarrassed loser who tried to pick me up thinking I was a woman? Or will it be a highly offended cow upset that someone is telling the truth about their scam? Happy Memorial Day guys. Don't forget what it's all about. ADDED DURING SECOND POSTING: The answer to our question of the day was... Blond chubby white girl. Guess she saw something in this post that made her upset. Can't imagine for the life of me what it could have been.

Ebony, thick, and luscious. 25yr (Essexville, 48732 , Bay County)
Big, black, and beautiful. Chocolate, soft, and tasty. Either way you put it, I'm delicious :) And so is my touch! PIC4PIC. Email me if you want to talk handsome.

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Typical w4m post on CL 25yr (48732, Essexville, MI)
Uhm, I want a big burly guy, teddy-bear type, lots of jailhouse tats, piercings , blue-collar... yeah, I'm a thugs-and-drugs kinda gal! I hope you like kids, cuz I like, thought my bfs would pull out when I was 14, 18, and 21...I guess he didn't! oops! I'm 5'2'', but you must be at least 6'1''... yeah, I have height issues... but you guys better not have weight issues cuz I probably weight as much as you do! And I won't post my pic... but you better send yours or no pic, no reply! And I certainly don't want well thought out, nicely written emails...those go right in the trash... I like 1 sentence replies better! Please, I know my dream-man is out there! P.S. I'm one over, that's old enuff to be my dad!

ltr 37yr (48732, Essexville, Michigan)
I would like to find a seeking an affair with a chance ltr

swf looking for my best friend for possible ltr 46yr (48732, MI, Bay County)
I am looking for a best friend to do things with, laugh with, chill with, someone that i click with and we both enjoy being around each other. Would like to find someone thats trustworthy, funny, affectionate and has a good heart. I love all kinds of music, like to draw when im in the mood, like to go camping, fishing and cook out. If interested please send a pic :)

These are the good ol' days 38yr (Essexville, Michigan , Flint/Tri-Cities)
These are the good ol' days! This is what I like to remind people. With that concept in mind comes the desire to create as many adventures and as much connection as I possibly can! So, it has been a few years since I have used CL for this purpose but I have met some beautiful people here, so here goes. Living in West Marin is paradise to me and I have a desire to meet a man who also lives in the area. One who appreciates the vast beauty of this land, one who is or would like to be a part of the Pt. Reyes community but also appreciates the many wonderful aspects that San Francisco has to offer. I am a combination country/city woman and love living in an area where both are so richly available! I am looking to create a relationship with a man that is based on communication, exploration of our fears and desires, ridiculous amounts of laughing, philosophical discussion, and sensual exploration. I would love someone who is intense and goofy, opinionated yet non-judgmental, open-minded , health-oriented yet still likes a glass or two of wine and perhaps some nice herb on seeking an affair values excersise but prefers hiking to the gym, has an interest in politics, food politics, listens to KPFA , loves to give and receive massage, loves music, and who loves to cook and eat! What a bonus it would be if you loved your work and it enabled you to live comfortably. What a bonus it would be if you had a large family that you are close to who live in the Bay area! What a bonus it would be if you didn't feel the need to eat meat at every meal ;) What a bonus if you loved cats......and if you had a dog! A little about me: I am 38 yet many say look 30, have very long dark brown hair and fair skin, am considered attractive, and have a healthy, strong body. I do yoga, hike, go to farmers markets, cook healthy vegetarian food, love independent movies, love jazz , consider nature my religion, have many loving friendships but greatly value my alone time, respect meditation but can't get my head around it , am strongly opinionated but love to have my mind changed, love to talk politics, sex and food, love all animals, do work that I love, and live in a cottage in an insanely beautiful place! Well, as open-minded as I like to think I am, I do have some physical preferences :. Not into cigarette smokers. Please respond by including a clear face shot , a sentence or two as to why you are more open-minded than the average person, something that you love about women and a pet peeve about us, where you are from and how long you have lived here, and the last movie or live show you saw that you loved! And anything else you would like to say to create your first impression! Please do not be offended if I do not respond but please know that I appreciate the time you took to write to me. Thank you!

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Tired of Cheaters and Confused Men 32yr (48732, Essexville, MI, Bay County)
If you have cheated dont know what you want or what u are looking for, seeking a one night stand or booty calls - friends with benefits and are only interested in how HOT I am ......exit this posting and continue with your search I would post a pic of me but I get more replies strictly on my apperance vs. someone who is actually looking for a good girl and if there is a connection a possible commitment of some sort. Ive dated online and gotten nowhere as of yet .... chatting is over-rated as once you meet its like ewww where is the man I was chatting with..... Yet this is my first time on CL what I am looking for: Honesty Humbleness Romance Loyalty Friendship Easy going Light Hearted a BIG teddy bear Kindness if these fit your top 10 seeking an affair then send me an e-mail.....I am waiting for Mr. Real!! Im so not a dissapointment yet I am not pettite I am a tall thick yet curvy girl a major goof ball and definitely inlove with life... I am a mom and it would work best if you are a dad .... so we are on the same wave lenght... Send me a pic of u and Ill then send you one of mine....