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{I am looking for a man with values/morals for a long term commitment} 45yr (49319, Cedar Springs, MI)
Hello, I am an woman in my mid 40's attractive take care of myself. I'm a very sincere loving, caring loveable person. My kids whom are grown & live on their own have jobs doing good! They mean the world to me also my grand-babies. The reason for this ad is I was married for years then in an relationship for years. I miss the talks, walks, the closeness, calls/texts from work. Cooking dinner for us both having it waiting on him. Relaxing in the Jacuzzi, doing yard work house decorating together! Cuddling watching television I like going fishing, golfing and watching Nascar. Would love to invite someone to join us to come in July if we go. I'm really a down home girl I don't go to bars I mostly stay home. I like Downtown Disney/Old Town. If you have grown children with grand kids I welcome them, will treat all of you as family. I'm a very romantic, trusting, honorable person with values & goals. I work hard have a home have nice things. I don't go through life owing people. Love the beaches-weekend trips. Just to drive and take a go wherever! I expect from a man one whom is sincere, honest, trustworthy, caring loving, honorable, morally right, has values, non-married!! Lies and you have nothing 1 lie to me that's it! So, if you are looking for possibly a long term relationship and to be with just one person to care for love the rest of our golden years to come.. Then give me a shout tell me about yourself, open up--truthfully! I hate the words drama. and baggage. My kids aren't either, and drama well that's everyday life name one day without it. You get through the stress of life and go on. I love to laugh, joke around I don't do any drugs I expect you do not either. I don't smoke or drink so if you do within limit please. So, if you feel as if any connection and you may have some of these things I've said tell me about yourself, please ages around 50-55 I like a man in a jeans & shorts like I am.

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Anyone awake...looking to talk (49319, Cedar Springs, MI, Kent County)
I just got back from the clubs...which i haven't been to tin a long time, so I'm wired. Anyone in the same predicament...or just awake...lets talk.

Hello, is it you? 34yr (49319, Cedar Springs, Michigan)
What I am looking for? I want a strong man physically and mentally. I want a man that's confident in himself.Very good and positive energy. I want a man that will just allow and go with the flow.... I want a man that's gentle yet, aggressive when need be..... About myself.....34 years old, beautiful Asian woman, single mom, independent, loves nature, loves being active, loves fitness, loves to love be loved, always seeking joy..... I am affectionate and very passionate.....loving, sweet.... Prefers Caucasian man, age range, just a number, just not over 50 years of age, unless you are Robert college students questions, e-mail me.... I am a loyal person and so expecting that, nothing serious, go with the flow and take it from there MY PICTURES ARE A MONTH OLD SO PLEASE SEND A CURRENT ONE ALSO***********************************8 *************I will only reply to e-mails with pictures attached***************

It is important that you approach the married woman seeking an affair in the right way. She is looking for a casual, discreet encounter with someone who wants the same. >>

Black BBW looking for hang out buddy 25yr (49319, MI, Kent County)
Hey guys! Just as the title says, looking for someone to hang out with when I get to Chicago. I like white guys, handsome. I am very fun loving, try to be outgoing, sports fan. The thing is I live in Central, Illinois & my fam is in Chicago. I will be there this week & am looking for someone to maybe hangout downtown with. I plan on spending a large portion of my summer in the Chi & am hoping to have someone to hang out with while there. I have a lot of interests. Yes, I also have pics so if you have some please send with your first message & I will send some back. I plan on moving back to Chicago soon too! So if you want to know more about me, send me a message.

shiksa's seeks cute jewish guy 35yr (Cedar Springs, 49319 , Kent County)
I am a non jewish girls, that really enjoys dating jewish men. I have had a few boyfriends that where jewish starting in high school. I enjoy sports, movies, museums, the theater. I love going to play pool or going to a comedy club. I have a picture and i will send after we talk. Im open so feel free to ask me anything you want to know.I looking for a guy who is smart and funny, with a romantic side. Please be within the 30 to 40 seeking an affair range. Be single.... And being tall doesnt hurt I hope you here from you soon.

seeking true love 22yr (Cedar Springs, Michigan )
hey what 22years old going to school to become a nurse, and hoping to achieve my goals within the next 2years. I am a real and honest person. I'll let you know the truth, cuz there isnt a reason to lie and when you lie it just makes you a bad person.Im looking for my best friend and someone i can call my own. My days consist of going to school, doing school work, hanging out with best friends and hitting the gym. Ive lost 30lbs. in the last 2-3months. Im a big girl, and am trying to lose some of the weight, I know I will never be a small girl but Im good with how I look. I'm looking for a nice guy who is honest and has a great personality. Love guys in the military, cant pinpoint why maybe its the uniform or the fact that they are all mostly country boys. For fun I like going camping, fishing, hanging out with friends, watching movies, im a huge movie girl. Im looking for someone between the ages of 21-28, Im not looking for a hook up, so if you are move along. I live in Murrieta which is about 40min. from oceanside. I definately love the beach am usually there at least once a week with friends.

Looking for a REAL MAN 39yr (Cedar Springs, 49319, MI )
I have posted here several times already... I am ready to move on and meet a good man. I am NOT looking for a young guy that wants to be with an older woman, so please if that is who you are.. do not reply to me as I will only discard your email.. I know what I want.. seeking an affair I like and do not like.. Im tired of dealing with losers...I'd like to find someone between 30-50, tall .. Love chest hair but not looking for an overly hairy guy...Someone stable and affectionate. The attraction must be there for both you and I...Please send your recent pic with your reply as I am posting a recent pic of me here..

Yet, there are more married women seeking affair than men, since men are more career oriented and have less time for family, as opposed to the wives, who have all the time in the world. >>

To My Own Personal CL Stalker! (Cedar Springs, Michigan )
Dear List Stalker: I put up a post the other day you didn't like and you were determined to send me hate mail. I blocked you out once and then you switched to a different email for the sole purpose of sending me more hate mail. Do you really think I use my primary email account to post on here? Do you really think I am as stupid as you are? My email addresses for List are disposable email accounts, meaning I can delete them at anytime to get away from psychos such as yourself. I have many phone numbers also. Oh, and this is going to disturb you even more. I deleted the last email you sent without reading it. Well, I may have read the first sentence, determined it was you, the head case and then proceeded to delete it. Whatever! All the time you invested in writing that hate mail was purely in vain. You must not have anything else to do. Are you unemployed and living in your mama's basement and this is what you do to entertain yourself? How pitiful are you??? You need to go take some anger management classes. Anyone that would persist in sending hate mail and going to the extremes of switching email addresses to do so, has more mental problems than I could ever imagine. You likely need some medication also. I'll just bet you tried to send me more hate mail and your email bounced, didn't it? Ha ha funny on you! Now find someone else who doesn't agree with you or worship the ground you walk on to stalk. I have mail controls that prevent idiots like you from pulling that trick. You are the biggest, pathetic LOSER I have ever encountered. Then you sit at home on Saturday night and wonder why no women want anything to do with you??? Get yourself a shrink and some pills, you're going to need it. Oh, yes, and if you try to respond, this will go straight to my SPAM folder and be deleted and I'll never see it. So feel free to write all the hate mail you want, if it makes you feel better about yourself. Men: Guys like this is part of the reason women seeking an affair are so paranoid. So, these types of idiots are the ones that are ruining YOUR chances of finding a decent woman online!