Seeking an affair in Norfolk, MA, 2056

Lonely wifes seeking affairs

Anyone better - w4m 23yr (2056, Norfolk, MA)
Sometimes I am picky and sometimes I'm not, but I'm willing to get to know anyone better. Not really looking for anything too serious right now, I have been enjoying being single too much. So yea,

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PRETTY BRIT seeks fellow BRIT 53yr (2056, Norfolk, MA, Norfolk County)
FACT: Birds of feather are best together. YOU: Must be non-smoker with a British or Irish accent. A bloke on my wavelength who craves a curry, Cadbury's flakes and knows who Bobby Moore was. Someone who prefers knickers to panties! As an ex-Londoner with no family here, a boyfriend to share our super lives and laughs would fill that void. But prefer the freedom of solo living---living together rots the romance. ABOUT ME: Pretty and sensual British blonde, slim figure, green eyes, non-smoker, no children/pets/problems, London University educated, 5ft 5'' , great fun to be with, sexy, affectionate and giving, well-dressed and sophisticated. A stable woman who brings you no drama. I own my place on a marina in downtown Miami. Love exploring, outdoorsy days, romantic weekends away and whatever you want to include me in. But just sitting outside listening to YOU over a sunset glass of wine, lapping up intelligent conversation is equally tempting. I'm a healthy and vigorous woman, a US citizen since 1996, divorced. OCCUPATION: Self-employed writer in the PR/Marketing/Internet business dealing with British businesses. Lived/worked in London, Bahamas and France and visited 26 countries over my lifetime. I'm 53 by the way but young bucks still chat me up---thank God! ---Marilyn.

Delectable Dark Chocolate 30yr (Norfolk, 2056, MA , New England)
Gorgeous ebony BBW seeks mature upscale caucasian gentleman for discreet MBA. Serious inquiries only. Will send photo upon receipt of yours.

The Internet, among it's amazing ability to make us laugh at panda bears juggling, can also serve a purpose for anyone trying to be secretive. This includes 'married seeking affair' types.>>

Plus sized model seeks her next boyfriend 28yr (Norfolk, 2056 , Norfolk County)
Here's who I am! I have a career in fashion management which I love dearly, college educated, great friends, great family. I have lived all over the united states, although I am a midwest girl at heart! Im 5'11 tall, brownish/blonde hair, blue eyes.. and a bbw, so you must love curves! ha! :) I do live in NW Indiana, but could venture into chicago for the right guy~ I'm the type of girl that would call you at work on a friday afternoon and tell you that I think we should go on a road trip as soon as you get home! I love living life to the fullest, creating memories, and doing something that scares me everyday. I love cooking and baking and will always keep your stomach filled. :) I love spending an afternoon in Barnes and Noble drinking an overpriced Latte, Making a fool out of myself and you thinking its adorable! I promise I will let you watch all the football you want *only if I can watch it with you* I love College Football, and Cubs games! I Love to camp, goto concerts, and hang out with friends and family! I am the type of woman that when you bring me home your mother will look at you and say '' finally!, I love her!'' I'm the type of girl that will sit on the couch with you on a saturday morning eating apple jacks with you while we watch cartoons. I will always hold your hand in public, sneak you kisses when we are walking.. You should be a White Male between the ages of 28-38 , Outgoing, fun, Have a great sense of Humor, an all around great guy with his act together!

Searching for a GREAT GUY!! 41yr (2056, MA, Norfolk County)
Hi and thanks for taking the time to read my posting..... I'm hoping to meet a GREAT GUY seeking an affair could possibly turn into being ''THE ONE'' ;) .....someone that can make me laugh and smile, honest, sincere.....A TRULY NICE GUY! Between the ages of 40 and 45 NO MARRIED OR SEPARATED MEN ~~~~~ HUGE NO, NO and I won't even consider it! I KNOW THAT CL IS A HUGE LONG SHOT HERE, BUT......I KNOW that I'm NOT A LOSER, STALKER, WEIRDO type and I KNOW there are some wonderful guys reading through these listings as well as posting. About me.... I'm a single mom of an 8 year old son. I'm honest, hard working, sincere, loyal, generous, kind, funny as heck and simply love who I am. ;) Oh...and I have a VERY OUTGOING personality! Have been married once and divorced for 7 years now I have a great career....I LOVE WHAT I DO! I have a very flexible scedule that allows me a lot of freedom for my son. I am driven by goals and ambition with everything tht I do in my life! I AM NOT one of those people who sits around waiting for things to happen for me, I MAKE THEM happen! Life is too short and I want to live my life being happy and successful! I have my life totally in a home owner, have my own car and money.... the stuff that most people my age have in order! Ha, Ha ;) I have A LOT of interests..... I enjoy going to festivals, sailing , love going to concerts, movies, dining out with friends and family, beach, lake, waterparks, baseball games, grilling with family and friends. COUNTRY music is huge for me........ Kenny Chesney, Brad, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban...I've seen them all in concert and can't wait until this summer when Brad and Rascal Flatts are back! I LOVE my family and friends and have an undying loyalty to all of them! One of my best-friend's lives in Marble Falls so I do spend a lot of time there during the summer! WOO HOO...gotta love Marble Falls! Would love to share that with someone as well. I AM NOT A HOMEBODY at all...NEVER HAVE BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE....if that's you, we probably wouldn't be a good match. When you reply, I would greatly appreciate a picture or two. The pictures of me are were taken within the last few months....pretty recent. Thanks so much and good luck in your search!

Heyy 21yr (2056, Norfolk, Massachusetts)
what's good? i'm 21 y/o. Hispanic. I stay in ft.lauderdale. pretty laid back..i work. i drive. outgoing & independent.. I'm just looking for a friend..nothin serious..just to chill. talk.. If it leads to more then it is what it is..wanna know anything else.. just ask..if u reply please send a pic and I'll send one back

You've got to know how..... 39yr (Norfolk, Massachusetts , New England)
My fantasy…. So it’s Friday night, we are drinking a nice glass of wine, shootin’ the shit about the highs and lows of our week, actually communicating and not interrupting that with texts every five minutes from someone. I make that pesto pasta thing, I love that is embarrassingly easy. We discuss which random movie we want to watch on Netflix tonight….will it be the random documentary about artists from the 90’s that took popular ads and billboards, reworked them and showed them the hypocracy, that foreign film, the eye-candy animated one that just came out or the romantic one that you really wanted to see and thought it would be nice to snuggle up on the couch too? The cat is really chatty tonight and waits for us to settle on couch so she can find a spot to take over. We watch the movie, have some more wine, snuggle on the couch, say how pretentious that artist is, but his stuff is pretty cool and it reminds you of when you were in college. I rub the back of your head, you kiss the back of my neck, nibble my ear, you know the right buttons to push….fade to giggle and fireworks. Saturday night we decide to go out with the gang, grab a few drinks, maybe we will end up back at someone’s place to play board games or whatever. But the point is we have this great group of friends, that we all more or less get along with, they are there for us and we always have a good time and leave the evening thankful for such good friends and feeling like it was time well spent, we don’t feel drained we feel renewed. …and these people really never bring much drama, thank god. The best part about us is that we are honest and compassionately direct with each other. If something is going sideways, we find a way to talk about it, accept that sometimes to get to the good stuff, you have to process the bad stuff. Talking isn’t like pulling teeth, it actually feeds our relationship, we respect the other person’s perspective, we like each others querks , value each the other’s strengths and are gentle with each others weaknesses…not in an eggshell walking kind of way but in a “I know that’s a thing for you, if you wanna talk about cool, if not I’m gonna respect it and not emotionally crap on it”. The other great part about us is that the sex is just….well yeah awesome. We seem to have the same non-verbal-sexual-physical cues and when there is something the other person wants, they ask for it playfully, respectfully. There are times when it’s just animal and other times when it is just really good…when we just radiate bliss…or just connect. So here is me and my baggage: I am 39, but I look younger. I am a really straight forward person, but I am also a great listener and I am very compassionate. I can be tightly wound at times, but I am a work in progress, and a gentle nudge from those that love me on that front is greatly appreciated. I am trying desperately to be untangled from my marriage, but the other side is just not letting me move forward. I am so done, I have moved out, but I have some legalities to sort through and I don’t hate him. I am not petite, I am curvy, but like all things in my life a work in progress, my goal is to be healthy and the rest will fall in line. I am me, I will never be supermodel, but I know I am beautiful. I can been geeky: computer geeky, movie geeky, pop-culture geeky…..I can dork out with the best of them. Basically I am a happy person, I believe we make our own realities and we are responsible for the state our lives are in and if we don’t like it, it’s on us to change it. I am not in a rush, since it’s obvious seeking an affair I am working through some stuff…but I know that life and perfect timing rarely if ever go hand in hand. I really like people, I like to talk….the best aphrodisiac for me is conversation ….smart, funny, thoughtful, with some back-bone in it, gets me every time. I am open to what life brings me, but I am hoping this post weeds out the jerks just playing the odds with no care for what the person is actually saying or looking for. Your deal: You have a really good positive sense of who you are, you don’t give a crap about what other people think of you…which is cool because that is my approach to. Life is too short to build your life around what other people think of you. But just because you don’t let others opinions dictate who you are doesn’t mean you’re an asshole. You have a good relationship with your family, your Mom in particular and you don’t need consult them 24/7 but they gave you a good foundation of love and security, so you don’t mistrust others because of it. You are cute in your own way, able to carry a decent conversation on varying levels . You aren’t above being silly, but also know when the occasion calls for a bit more serious consideration. You pick up on what’s emotionally going on around you without needed a literal-overly-obvious translation. I don’t have a type really, looks aren’t critical, although chemistry is, and the combination of confidence and comfort in your own skin are mandatory 30ish-43ish. Please don’t be overly sensitive, too politically correct… lighten up Francis. ;0)Oh yeah and hopefully you smell good. I don’t know if what I am seeking is really a chick or what….but I would like to think that there is a man out there in the world who has had enough life experience to have clearly put together in his minds eye what he wants and he’s not afraid to seek that out, and just really gets what it means to connect. Maybe we can meet for coffee or drinks some time…not strings, no expectations, just a chance to get to know each other. I will provide pics if you do…. extra points if you know what my post title is from.

Married and seeking an affair is one thing, but married and seeking an affair with an idiot is something else altogether. The bottom line is that you should be extra picky, especially since you're married, and this means finding the right person for your very particular needs. >>

Its My Time 22yr (Norfolk, Massachusetts , New England)
Hey how are you doing? I normally dont do this but it seems that all of the men I meet the normal way are jerks. Sorry to put it out there like that but they are. I am a single mother but yet all the men I meet are broke and they actually wanna use me for money. Im not a ugly ot tacky female but yet they treat me like I am and I am sick of it. I am tired of being a good woman that gets treated badly. Im supportive im strong and im ice but yet they take my kindness for weakness. So here I am now. Stilln strong but yet chnaging the way I will go about men. If you do not have your own car, a job, ur own place, and cash in your pocket, DO NOT REPLY TO ME.... I need man in my life that can be there when or if I need him. I want to have all the finer things in life but I am going to beg you for it. I want it just to come from youjust because you want to do it. I love to be spoiled with gifts because i know that I am worth it. Every once in a while I need guy that can take out the trash, fix my car, watch our kids, take me shopping, go out dining, pay the bills, travel, and just be able to curl up on the couch with and watch a movie. I want the whole package. If you own your own business i got your back i will support you all the way. I will deal with workers, and paperwork, and be a secretary if I need to. We should be a team. I am a real female but you have to take me seriously or you will miss out on the best thing you could have ever had. When it comes to physical im a five ft 6in 125lbs slim blk female. I just need a fairly tall like 5 ft10in and above guy that takes care of himself. Also I go to church every seeking an affair and sometimes bible study. I pray a lot. Thats what keeps me mentally sane and focused. I love all times of music. R&B, hip hop, rap, gospel, pop, rock, old school. I am pretty straight forward so if you think you can handle all I have to offer get at me. your pic gets mine. Please be financially stable.