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Are you smart w/ a sense of humor? 58yr (1841, Lawrence, MA)
Hello. I will try my best to be candid and humble. I’m simple and complex. The simplicity part stems from enjoying quiet evenings playing piano , painting, and reading , and all the “clichés” of long walks, good food, etc. The complexity part comes from my work as a writer, and my attraction to smart men who like clever, passionate women who love to laugh. I travel quite a bit internationally, about 4-5 months a year. Upon returning to Portland I miss sharing the ongoing company of an intimate, inter-dependent soul. I often wonder, can two people live parallel lives, then intersect and still sustain a sense of togetherness? Meeting new people can be so interesting, especially since everyone has a story to tell. But I think talk-talk “dates” at coffee shops are too much information and not enough context & fun. If we meet, it would be nice to do something we both enjoy . In this way, even if there are no sparks-- the meeting is always a win-win, don’t you think? I hope you’re engaged-in-the-world, adventuresome, politically liberal and have a warm sense of humor…or at least two out of the four; although liberal and humor are essential. I enjoy a good time, wonderful conversation, and a great laugh. I’m neither really large nor really small. I like burly men, not interested in 6 packs-seeking-2 packs. I will send a picture after an initial “hello” Please no married or narcissistic men or “players.” Enjoy, from smart, engaging and sporadically amusing.

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Get ?ver HERE!! 23yr (1843, Lawrence, MA, Essex County)
Straight Up:: I'm not going to be that chick all of you guys are looking for. I'm going to be extremely frank. I am NOT lookin for ANY kind of sexual action. No one night stands, nsa and all that. No way. You dont even have to read the rest of this. Second, drugs are a real dumb way to trash your potential. This includes cigs. I dont understand why invest your cold hard cash into sumthin temp and unhealty? I'll tell you time you feel the need to light your money on fire, call me up and I will go blow it on a new purse. Deal? lol iight. So either you're turned off or impressed by now. Please dont even waste the time to type an email to tell me im shallow or stuck up or whatever.. I'm doing both of us a favor by being up-front-im not going to waste time or play games. And plus, if I were to find out you did drugs, i just mite be that chicken head girl to report it. :) Have a nice day! If you happen to be one of the few who agrees with the above, cool beans!! Then we off to a good start I'm looking for friends first first, of course. Not married, no kids, no drama. I love music: Not all i dont really like metal or coutry.. I'm more alt/rock/indie/sometimes pop. A few faves: U2, DMB, Matchbox20, The Starting Line, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Queen, a bunch of local stuff, Red Hot Chili Peppers... you get the gist. I am SO down with watchin movies at the crib rahter than going out to the movies. It's kinda a lot of money, especially if if u arent sure about the movie you're going to see. Plus, those theatre chairs make it kinda difficult to be close! :P I am old fashioned in many ways, but I live in the real world and I certainly aint perfect. I can make and take a joke and sometimes I even show my ankles or my elbows! lol Anyhoo, I'll close this up. I'm looking for friends first, like I said, but ultimately, someone caring, corny, humble, goofy, intellectual, independent and spontaneous. And if I were really picky, I'd say no piercings and no tattoos. Im generally not that attracted to smaller guys just because I'm little. Muscular/thick/fillintheblank is wat i want. Yeah yeah, and white guys too. Just a personal preference. Does all that sound like a laundry list? lol i forgot to mention the application process !!!

Did anybody else accidentally take a nap this afternoon? 28yr (Lawrence, 1843 , Essex County)
I did. And now I'm paying for it...dearly. If anybody with any respectable amount of intelligence and doesn't speak in texting lingo is still awake, send me a message. Note: You will not see my boobs. Or my vag. Or anything of the like. And don't ask if I like anal. I mean, really people?

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looking for friendship 63yr (Lawrence, 1841, MA , Cape Ann)
seeking a kind , easygoing..... animal lover, 55+....................looking for a normal guy share lifes adventures..... my age group only..........

Cute and clever with curves and charm 35yr (Lawrence, Massachusetts , Cape Ann)
How about a little alliteration?? I'm really trying to fight every ounce of skeptcism in my body, and convince myself that you're out there and might actually be reading this post. Who are you? You're funny, charming, secure with who and where you are, and you are in search of the same things in a woman. You know yourself, you understand what your life is about, and you're a grown-up now, even if you weren't before. You're bored with casual sex, but you're not on a desperate hunt for your future wife, though you'd be particularly happy to stumble upon her, here or somewhere else. You're beyond the point in your life where you're searching for perfection, but you're still holding out for the stroke of genius that is this woman you seek. You fully understand and embrace the idea that the sexiest part of a woman is her brain. You're passionate about things that matter to you- the people in your life included- and you pursue those things with commitment and care. You're not afraid to state the truth, but you've got tact and patience. You've got a past that's led you to see the world with a unique set of eyes, and you'd like to blend that perspective with the vantage point of an amazing woman. You're not particularly optimistic about list, but you're secretly curious and hopeful. You can't believe you're about to reply to this post, yet here you are still reading. You like women with a strong seeking an affair of self and a passion for the things they love. You detest wallflowers and people without opinions or ideals- and you're not afraid to show that. You feel happy when the sun is out, but you're hardly the type to mope about when it hides . You're now completely hoping that the girl writing this post- the pretty blonde with big blue eyes, a curvy, strong, fit body, infinitely kissable lips, and an intensely curious and intriguing mind full of passion and wisdom- actually exists, because she's the kind of girl you look for just about everywhere, but haven't yet found. You meet plenty of interesting people in the real world, and you didn't think you'd ever do this, but here you are. And really, what's there to lose?

Looking for that someone special~~ 40yr (Lawrence, Massachusetts , Cape Ann)
If you're sensitive, loves to stay active, are very attractive, and likes blondes...send me a note :) Please attach your photo also, and not one of your chest or a naked one.

More than happy to send photo when I get yours! 46yr (1841, MA, Essex seeking an affair confident, very attentive, a true woman and I do care if you smoke. A very discerning woman in both my personal life and my professional life. Endlessly romantic and passionate. PDA's are fine by me, the more the better. The romance and passion continue from there, it never stops! This is the way my life has always been and I'd never change it, OH! In contrast to this I'll be the first to push you out the door and tell you in a stern voice to get outta the house and go visit your friends! Why don't we just meet on the Northside? Looking for a more sophisticated, articulate man; educated though not necessarily erudite. Lacking formal education? The school of life works if you've been a good student! Have a great day!

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Getting back in the saddle... - w4m 29yr (1841, Lawrence, Massachusetts)
Fun-loving, smart woman interested in finding a man to have a good time with. Not looking for anything long-term, but not opposed to seeing what happens either. I enjoy music, sports, cooking, and the outdoors to make the list short. About me 29, medium length curly blondeish hair, deep brown eyes and I have been told, a fantastic smile. Capable of hours of serious conversation, but I love to laugh & just be silly as well. I like dressing up & having a nice glass of wine with dinner just as much as wearing jeans & a t-shirt to the dive bar & getting a pitcher of Mirror Pond while we shoot pool. I am looking to get back into the dating scene after years of being in a relationship. About you: 30-35, easygoing, fun, self-sufficient, and not prone to BS, drama, or psycho ex-girlfriends. I will send you a recent pic if you send me one. Please put the name of your favorite place seeking an affair go camping in the title so I know you are a real person. Let's go out and have a drink, share some laughs, and see what happens.