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Cannot seem to find a good guy 37yr (1826, Dracut, MA)
When when about how i wanted my life to be, it this wasnt it. But as the saying goes it is what it is and I cant change it. I'm thirty nine, currently getting a divorce, and I have a 8 year old daughter. I'm a bigger woman but im nice lookin, I go to the Y jus about every day and I love the museam. I am educated, I have a degree in business management and one in Accounting. I love birds, art, and I love to travel. I like lite rock music and piercings. Tell me a about urself, reply with a picture, maybe we can do dinner someday. I promise I'm real u b too! PAY ATTENTION:: I WILL NOT SLEEP WITH YOU! I WILL NOT SLEEP WITH YOU! and no you can not come to my house to ''hang''. If sex is your intention then do not emailing me because i will hurt ur feelings.

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Like American Honey... (1826, Dracut, Massachusetts)
I grew up strong and I grew up wild... Lets just say I am an old soul in a young body between 25 and 30. Curvy but sweet faced and genuine. I am the kind of woman who will smile through my tears and insist everything is ok. I would give the shirt off my back to help the people in my life. I'm not perfect by any measure... I have baggage but I know how to learn from my mistakes. I find peace in being damaged goods-- after all even the most beautiful tapestry has it flaws! I'm a mom so I'm very much about prioritizing -- but I also make the people in my life a priority so I need someone who is going to make the effort to call me, text me what ever.. be a part of my life, not just there for the physical side of the relationship-- it sounds bitter but this happens more then you think in the dating world. I need a person in my life who sees me as being beautiful inside and out. I'm not super model but I am definitely note Rosie O. If you cannot appreciate me for who I am, please do not waste my time and hurt me for not being who you want me to be. I know that I am beautiful the way god made me. I need a person in my life who will be my partner, friend and mate-- I'm not looking for a fling. I want the whole shibang and caboodle. I want a real relationship-- something thats leads to more then an awkward ''so..'' or my least favorite -- never calling back. I have a no go policy on that. I need someone who is mature and honestly ready to get set in their life to settle down in the next few years. I want to have a good marriage, kids, family all that happy horse shit before my biological clock goes out of warranty. perhaps this is a have your cake and eat it kind of deal.. but I can hope cant I? Most of all I need a man who is of the caliber and temperament to make me want to be a better person.Someone who will challenge me to try new things and come out of my shell. my partner in crime so to say. Someone who would take me for my first motorcycle ride. Learn to do the tango with me. A man equally comfortable going to the grizzly rose with me, or to see phantom of the opera. I'm looking for the other half to the mold that created me. I'm looking for happiness in love, family marriage and a life together. Am I looking for something I simply cannot have?

BBW searching for a gentleman 34yr (Dracut, 1826 , Middlesex County)
I have recently spent some time in the south and have to say I fell in love. Men holding doors open, letting the women in or out first. They're polite, always smiling, so laid back, and actually wear their pants right. 2 days back in the Bay and I run into this young man, pants hanging so low I can see his entire boxers. It's disgusting, it's not cute. So, are there any southern gentleman out there? Someone that knows how to treat a woman right? Hit me up and let's see where it goes... Oh, and as the title says, I'm a big woman, so I would prefer my man to be over 6' tall. Thanks!

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Just a squirrel, looking for my nut. . . haha 37yr (1826, MA, Middlesex County)
Alrighty what I have gathered with CL is that you get the opposite of what u ask for. So here goes, I am looking for someone who is engaged, recently separated, has no idea what they want or is out looking for the next big butt to come along so they can cheat. A guy thats always drunk and is a only thinks about sex. Ugly and and doesnt care about personal appearance. A man who is in a bad place in thier life, always smokes cigs, has ghonerea. Okay now really guys, please get real when emailing me. A few of the women that post here are good women. Its true we are few and far between, however we do exist. So please be nothing like above and you might be surprised on how great this could, or could not be. I am a pretty white woman, late thirties, completely single, bbw but not nasty. I take great care of my mind and body and once I get your pic I will return the same if I am interested. Thanks for reading my post and gud luck in your search.

Woman with Great Personality 65yr (1826, Dracut, MA, Middlesex County)
Mature Jewish woman would like to meet a gentleman seeking an affair fun and quiet moments--book reading, concerts, fine dining... Far Eastern, Eastern Indian, or exotic men from interesting places in the world. I'm interesting and a good friend. Reasonably attractive.

a cool chick looking for a cool guy 29yr (Dracut, 1826, MA , New England)
Hi! Are you looking for a friend with benefits...and maybe more?? That sounds so terribly cheesy, but that pretty much sums up what I'm looking for just put the emphasis on ''FRIEND''. I'm looking for someone who I can call to come over and watch TV with me or go out for dinner and a movie, someone to go with to a museum or the beach, someone to go have a beer with and talk sports with, someone to laugh and joke around with. I'd really like to have someone who appreciates the little things like holding hands, making out on the couch, and getting random text messages during the day. I know that last set of ''things that I like'' are usually things that happen between a boyfriend and girlfriend, but that's not what I'm looking for right now. I want to be able to do those things with a friend, no commitment to each other, just hanging out and enjoying each other's company. I'm a sweet girl, but I do have an inner bad girl that will come out with the right amount of persuasion. Believe you me...when that bad girl comes out, you'll like it. I'm 5' 6'', 135 lbs....will send pictures upon request. I have a few tattoos, hope you don't mind. I've been told that I'm a ''cutie'' and that I am very charming. I've also been called a flirt, but I like to refer to that as me just being playful. I like to think I'm smart and funny, so a guy who can match that would be perfect. I don't have a preference of race and you don't have to be in perfect shape, but I do love a tall guy with a lean, athletic a basketball player. Please don't be a player, a guy who's gonna email/text all the time until you get me into bed and then ignore me. That's the worst thing in the world. I'm a girl with needs and I understand that you have needs, too, but don't be an asshole about it after the fact. I'm not looking for a committed long term relationship, I just want someone to have fun with...someone who can appreciate that I'm a cool chick to hang out with. Let's just be friends who can share everything about each other...and maybe have a good roll in the sack every once in a while. I'm not looking to be a demanding and selfish girlfriend. So don't think I'm gonna get all obsessed about what you're doing and who you're hanging out with. You do what you wanna do and I'll do what I wanna do, but we'll have a good time when we're together. Who knows, though? Maybe after a while we might find that we really like each other...if it works out that way, then so be it. Email me with ''a cool guy'' in the subject line, so I know you're a real person, with a picture of you. I'll send you a picture of me, if you want it.

Calling seeking an affair on this one (Dracut, Massachusetts , New England)
There's nothing classy about a woman who is looking for a ''sugar daddy.'' Date for $$$ = escort. Vagine for $$$ = prostitute. Either way, she's a tramp. Tramp does not = classy.

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Jewish woman, 70, seeks mensch seeking an affair 70yr (Dracut, Massachusetts , New England)
College graduate, 70, seeks counterpart You would be proud to introduce me to your children and grandchildren. When I know you better, I will cook brisket for you.