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CHRISTIAN WOMAN FOR CHRISTIAN MAN 44yr (2467, Chestnut Hill, MA, Middlesex County)
So maybe just maybe you are out there! I am a 44 single woman who although single has 2 small young boys I am raising, 3 dogs, a cat and a big garden all of whom I am MOM TO! I love the outdoors gardening, camping hiking when I can and just hanging out at the beach or in the woods somewhere. I also love to cook and do a great job at it...WOULD LOVE TO START COOKING FOR A COMPLETE FAMILY AGAIN BTW! I go to a Baptist church love Gospel music and would like to share this part of myself with someone who as well, has a full time relationship with God. I prefer Afro-American or Latino men but am open to other races...most of have the Lord in common with me and be 4 real! I HAVE A WEAKNESS FOR TALLER LARGE MEN IN HEALTHY PROPORTION AND CONDITION...40 ish or a few years before or after is fine. I am 5'5 medium sized average matronly figure...been described as thick or healthy not round or pear shaped with a waist and a fully curved figure, feminine brunette with naturally curly wavy hair past my shoulders, pretty i have been told...speak Spanish too and am bi-racial LOOKING Latin or Polynesian...although Amer-asian... Let me know about you and btw i do not photo swap so...dont request you are more than a picture and so am I!

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Manifesting Bliss 47yr (2467, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts)
I am solely interested in the love from the soul. I cannot remember, dating. Finally, I realized, that like a friend, that you cannot remember meeting, or a time before them, it just clicks. I know a few things. Lifestyle, age, areas, and desires, need to mesh. mid to late forties, city central, available, on all levels. ...I know another thing. Happiness is mind and speech in the present. Focus is on the positive. Self made. A spirit of harmlessness. Communication. The skills to convey your wishes and intentions. Enlightenment. Knowing, that you get to know someone through conversation with a current person. Laughing. Where, are you?!

Lovely Women Seeking True Love (2467, Chestnut Hill, MA)
What makes me unique, you ask... I am a classy young lady with an impeccable sense of fashion. I have a charismatic personality and a reflection of humor in my eyes. My ambitions make me unique. My pleasant aura makes me attractive. My intellect makes me dangerously charming. I have a European sense of style, in which heels are an inseparable attribute of any outfit. I walk with dignity, and I act with confidence. I am a luscious mix of beauty and elegance with a mysterious smile and a mesmerizing glance. I am very conservative. I believe that a woman's body is a treasure and only one man can posses this treasure, otherwise it loses its value. I am full of charm and sophistication and have plenty of self-respect. I also have a witty and sarcastic sense of humor; however, I am very friendly and enjoy intellectual conversations. That was just a general description of myself.The last picture is my natural beauty,this is how perhaps you will be seeing me every morning meaning there is no make up.Now that I scared you without my make-up I ask for one thing from you that you will be 6'0 because I am 5'11.

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Pretty grad student seeking summer employment 28yr (Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts , New England)
The title says it all. Iím a little surprised to find myself doing this, but after thinking seriously about it for some time now, I canít think of a single practical reason why this couldnít work out swimmingly for all parties involved. Iím a full-time Ph.D. student hoping to graduate in two or three more semesters. Iíve always been a scholarship student, relying on fellowships and assistantships to fund my education. Unfortunately, though, I just lost my financial aid due to budget cuts. I canít complain much because Iíve been fortunate to get as much as I have. That said, Iím at a loss as to how Iím going to pay my tuition. I work, of course, but I barely make enough to get by on. Stereotypical starving student. I am comically poor. I know that my family would help me if they could, but they donít have the ability. So! Here I am on list, heaven help me. I am seeking employment as your part-time girlfriend. Iím not trying to find a ďsugardaddyĒ in the typical sense of the wordóI donít expect to be ďspoiledĒ or taken shopping for shoes at Billy Choos or flown to Monaco, or whatever the stereotype is, if that even exists. I just need money for school. If you are skeptical of my intentions, you could probably pay the school directly. About me: the good news is, Iím a nerd, but I donít look like one. I take good care of my figure and Iím in good shape. Iím 5í9Ē tall, 125 lbs, slim figure. Blue eyes and straight dark blonde hair. Iíve got a pretty face and will be happy to send photos. I donít have any tattoos. Iím 28 years old and sometimes still get carded at bars. Iím very well-read and well-spoken, and I like to read a lot, so I have diverse intellectual interests. I am polite, responsible, totally non-flakey, and psychologically stable . Iím a nice person and I think that I have a good attitude and a sense of humor. Iím appreciative and I like the arts. I am completely singleóno boyfriend. My schedule is very flexible. I will always respect your privacy and your boundaries. About you: I really have no idea what is out there, so I donít know what to ask for. The most obvious: please do not be a psycho who is going to kill me and chop me up into little pieces. Please be goodnatured, well-meaning, and respectful. Iím in a vulnerable spot here, so I hope that you can appreciate that. It would be great if you were reasonably attractive physically, but given the situation, Iím not especially picky. Please include photo if possible, or at least a fair description. Please tell me a little bit about yourself and what you have in mind. Iím happy to meet this weekend, or soon, if I get a promising response.

Can We Just Cut the Crap??? 42yr (Chestnut Hill, 2467 , Middlesex County)
K, so here's my deal - considering the ''variety'' of people you run into on CL, I'm going to be very blunt, please don't confuse this with bitchy which I'm not. I'm looking for a guy who's main method of communication isn't texting and who doesn't think that's a good way to get to know someone. I've got better things to do with my time than spending an hour texting what we could say on the phone in 10 minutes. Plus it just plain sucks for getting to know someone. Be willing to meet sooner rather than later - if you can't find half an hour for coffee or a drink sometime in the next week or so, don't bother. Don't be an alcoholic or do hard drugs - eventually that gets scary. Don't be a flake - if you say you will, do it, barring emergencies of course. Please be local and around my age - to me this means Vancouver or NoPo, and under 45 though I'm sure I'll get the usual assortment of seniors who reply I've had my share of complicated lately and would like someone who's not in the middle of major drama in their life. Notice no long list of must-haves. I know it's entirely possible that the perfect person for me is nothing like I imagine them to be, so I try and keep an open mind and give a person a chance rather than make snap judgments. My basics - divorced, no kids, employed, 5'2'', long, light brown hair, hazel eyes, curvy, optimistic, not materialistic, decent sense of humor down to earth, no BS/games/drama, an outside smoker, 420 friendly, occasional drinker. I am an open, honest and up-front kinda person. If you can't say the same or believe people are really still like that - thanks for reading, but b-bye. If you want a response, tell me enough about yourself to intrigue me, a little about what you are looking for and send a pic I've got no interest in a guy that I feel like I have to pry info out seeking an affair Thanks for reading and best of luck to all! :)

single young looking mom (Chestnut Hill, 2467, MA , New England)
Ok well I am trying to find a white male 39-46 that is fit, nice tan and strong arms,has a child and knows how to treat a women ,no dirty talkin on the emails either there are plenty of other sites for that . Ill be at Sammys in joliet this sat for the single vip room looking for ya .I am 43 ,blonde ,blue eyes 5-5,150 ,long legs,not indoud , let s meet up and talk ,I am not into one night stands or younger imature guys . Send a nice pic so I can look out for you ,

Whers is My Dream 46yr (Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts , New England)
Petite Korean lady, 5 ft, 105, seeks the man of my dreams. Live with my junior-high daughter. Just tired of being alone. Love travel, the water, the outdoors, football/basketball, company seeking an affair friends, sing/dance, grilling out or fine dining. Prefer a white male, fit, height/weight proportionate, enjoys children, respectful/loyal, emotionally/financially secure to make my dreams come true.

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RE: What I want 23yr (2467, MA, Middlesex County)
Don't judge me for posting this, especially since you are reading this lol. ok so here is what i want. I want to find a fun guy. Not a sicko looking jus to get in my panties. I hold myself to a higher standard than that. A guy that appreciates thoughtful things that I do. I got so many quirky habits. I try hard to keep things looking up in my seeking an affair I'm usually very content and I don't complain much. Yeah and Im a MAJOR sports fan, I love the Bulls, do you? I'm 23, mixed races black and puerto rican got a nice body. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Im looking for someone NEAR my age range! Not somebody thats 49 and has ten kids. I'm not looking for perfection just dont be a complete jerk. Really tho Im not conceited at all I play around a LOT and I'm real stupid once i get comfortable wit u. Lets chat and see whats up? Also please don't lie in your email, I will see right through it and wont respond.