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WHERE ARE ALL THE GOOD MEN????? 33yr (20646, La Plata, Maryland)
I am looking for a REAL GOOD MAN!! Not a man that just claims he is but because he really is!!!! I am not looking for SEX or any ONE NIGHT STANDS. I am a plus size 33 year old black mature, sweet, outgoing and caring woman. I am looking for someone that is SERIOUS and WILLING to take the time to get to know me and date me with the hopes of starting something long term. If you're not serious or willing to take the time to get to know me please don't waste my time or yours by replying to this post!!!!

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Mature Sexy Woman With Great Assets Looking for Drama Free Fun Times 43yr (La Plata, 20646 , Charles County)
About me....43 divorced no kids, mature sexy woman with ''great assets'' looking to meet a white professional employed man 48 to 58 with either older or no kids. Would love to find someone for a long term relationship but have to start somewhere first. Looking to have drama free fun in and out of bed. I am open minded to most suggestions. Have many interests and would like a man that is not a couch potato. If you send me your picture, I will send mine back and we can go from there....Let's not waste any time getting started.

I'm not looking for an ltr, but would like someone single to date 30yr (20646, MD, Charles County)
If you can relate to this, please email me: You're the fuel to the fire You're the weapons of war You're the irony of justice And the father of law I've been waiting for awhile to meet you For the chance to shake your hand To give you thanks for all the suffering you command And when all is over and we return to dust Who will be my judge and which one do I trust You're the champion of sorrow You're the love and the pain You're the fighter of evil Yet you're one in the same I've been waiting for awhile to meet you For the chance to shake your hand To give you thanks for all the suffering you command And when all is over and we return to dust Who will be my judge and which one do I trust?

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asian BBW seeks soulmate 28yr (La Plata, Maryland )
I am a kind, affectionate person who loves to laugh and enjoy the little things. I am intelligent . I'm funny . I like movies, music, museums, um, food... although I am fit. I trained to be a sumo wrestler. I'm just looking to meet up for drinks or dinner and have a nice time getting to know someone with common interests. So let me know what you're into and what you're looking for, I would love to hear what we have in common.

2 young females seek men for banter situations 23yr (La Plata, 20646, MD )
Let us introduce ourselves. Two twenty something girls, looking for some nice dudes such as yourself as be our 'men' for go-to masculine tasks. You see - we have ongoing issues with the apartment. It's small things such as our toilet which keeps running, no matter how often we get the service people to come around. And the airconditioner - which sits on our lovely floor.. just waiting to be installed by a strong, masculine man such as your good self. We like to shop for lots of old vintage items on list and are kind of hoarders.. so sometimes we pester friends to pick up items for us. As realistically, with our lean arms, we can't pick up heavy items on our own. And well, we don't have a car. Waiting for a time slot with often means that we have to skip our Yoga class, which we would prefer not to have to do obviously, as exercise keeps you trim. So - we like to have a 'collection' of men to help us out with small masculine orientated activities such as this. Being - installing our airconditioner for us. Fixing the running toilet. Putting it a light globe for us, or perhaps sanding back some items. Picking up some tables for us that we buy - well, even use of your car would be pretty swell.. we are excellent drivers after all. If you have skills or hands that don't get regularly manicured - I'm sure we could be great friends. This is the type of things that would be offered to be fixed for us if we had loving boyfriends, in which we don't. We aren't looking for new ones right now either, so thanks, but please, no thanks. So, why would you help out two random chicks on the internet? Well when trawling for that perfect nordic buffet cabinet - we realised there is a lot of lonely guys on list that: *Have lots of spare tickets to corporate sporting events *Hate to dine alone *Want to upstage their coworker at the work Christmas party *Don't want to be placed on a cardboard end table as they don't have a plus one. *Are going to a party and your ex will be there *Have told their mother down South that they aren't the failure she constantly accuses them of being and they are infact dating a real woman - and mum is coming to town this week. *Etc I know you're not a failure and Christmas is several months away, but you get the general gist of this post... We are just dying to get into sports, cheap to feed due to vanity issues and parents LOVE us as we are such sweethearts. We will happily crack on to your exes new boyfriend to make her feel inadequate. Happily wear a slutty dress to your work function so that your co workers think you're getting some from some easy babe . This is a win-win-win situation!! And we have an adorable dog. If you want to take it when you're out getting fit via running - sure, you can take our dog with you. Maybe your dog is lonely too? I know ours is. So to seal the deal - we are AUSTRALIANS. Yes fair dinkum aussies. Just imagine getting to listen to that accent for a few hours. And if you haven't noticed - Australian women are really down to earth and nice. Far more superior than you're American counterparts really. We are super friendly and quite funny too. Not to mention - Fun! And.... we're attractive. Seriously, you won't find a woman more attractive than us in the 'looking' for section on list . We are not arrogant at all - but one of us is 22. Eurasian. 5'6, very petite. Medium length brown hair, exotic looking face and cute as a button. The other is 23, 5'11, slim with blue/green eyes, long black hair and a baby doll face. Chalk and cheese, but good chalk and cheese at that. Maybe you and a friend need dates for an event and you're a giant and he's a midget? I don't know your personal situation, but I do know that we fit perfectly in it. And we bake! Such good cookies and treats. You will be given coffee, cookies and some iced cucumber water as you worked on putting out airconditioner in. If you 420 friendly, you can even smoke and listen to some cool tunes as you munch down delicious home made biscuits and add your masculine touch to our apartment. So you want to your masculine bit for 2 lovely ladies that are understanding and not judgemental regarding your situation? Send a bio about you, your skills/tools and what you seeking an affair from us along with the term 'disco' in the subject line - and we will get back to you quickstat. Please no photos. Although we love a good cock shot, we have no interest in your penis. We are located in the Upper West Side

Anyone Interested In Long Distance Relationship? 33yr (20646, La Plata, MD)
Philly and DC aren't that far apart, so why not try it? I'm looking for a nice man, between the ages of 28-40, who is ready for a LTR. There is no rush, but please don't respond if you're not on the same page. Like myself, please be one who is intelligent, career oriented, well-groomed , a non-smoker and one without children. The most I can accept is one child. Also, please be one who has a car and stands at least 5' 9'' tall. As far as myself, I'm short with a thick, curvy shape . My skin tone is chocolate. Just as I ask of you, I'm a career woman , non-smoker, well-groomed and one who drives. I also don't have children, but I want at least one in the future. If interested, send me a response telling me a little about yourself. I don't like those who only type one word, so please display some form of intelligence. Also, send me a recent pic. I will do the same in return. Take care!!

What's your favorite color? 30yr (La Plata, Maryland )
I've been told I have ''commitment issues,'' but I've been burned way too much to give it all until I know it's right. I need more free time seeking an affair my life, but I work too much. Someday I'll work less and enjoy life, but at the moment I'm career driven. I'm sarcastic, I love to laugh, I love to eat and I love live shows and travel. Artistic, quirky, loyal, outgoing, crazy at times. I'm tall, HWP and attractive. Not wanting to offend anyone, but please no children. There is always drama and I'm done with the drama. Please let me know more about you and in exchange, I'll share more about me.

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Hiya, Mister! 26yr (20646, La Plata, MD, Charles County)
If you've put yourself on a shelf somewhere seeking an affair some women was abusive or dumped you, hit me up. I'm great with boundaries, and am heavily into hugging, kissing, holding hands; all the fun, comfortable stuff. No relationship rush - early days are my favorite time. Don't give up on us womenfolk just yet. *wink*