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Best friend first then lover 49yr (20794, Jessup, MD)
Can you love me and worship me and make the outside world seem like your such a nice guy as you isolate and alienate me from all my friends and family and then, in the end when I finally could take no more,,,you act out like the monster you are and turn on me, sabotage my jobs, disgrace my name,, lace my drinks with your old meds in order to control me [ gee I guess i was just too tired or sick to go meet an old friend or go to work...must of been the pills hidden in your dresser], you stood by and let my sons beat me up, threw me across the room, put pressure holds on me because with your 52'' chest and black belt you know how to control w/o bruising, try to poison me with your drugs, let the dog attack me, belittle and remind me that I have no one to help me and no one would believe me. I guess you're wrong, GOD did provide and I'm still alive and grateful to have you completely out of my life.

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Not a drama llama 26yr (Jessup, Maryland )
I'm not one, don't want one, don't need one. Life's enough drama without you opening Act 2, Scene 1 every chance you get. I'm looking for a good guy. You can be shy if you want, as long as you're willing to talk about it if something is bothering you. I go to school and work full-time so you HAVE to have your own life. If any of this is making any sense, hit me up.

SWF seeking SWM for possible LTR 20yr (20794, Jessup, Maryland)
I'm just your average 20 year old college student. I love a lot of different types of music, I love to read, I enjoy watching all sorts of movies , and I enjoy hanging out. I'm pretty tall, and I like wearing heels. I have an impeccable sense of style most of the time. I'm polite and well mannered, and a little bit old fashioned. I love to cook and am quite good at it. I'm the kind of girl that loves going out somewhere nice, but also loves sitting at home with a glass of wine and a good book or good movie. I'm also pretty damn hot, if I do say so myself. It's not arrogance, it's self esteem. =) Anyway.. I'm looking for a white guy in his twenties. I want someone who is tall , educated, romantic, attractive, and the kind of guy I could bring home to mom. I'm not going to sit here and write up a laundry list of what I really like in a guy, because I know most guys either won't read it anyway, or will disregard it in hopes of me making an exception. Thus, it's a pointless waste of my time. So just send me an email. Include a face picture. Tell me about yourself a little bit, like what your interests are, your background, your pet peeves.. whatever. Just give me something to work with. If I like what I see/what I read, I'll reply with a picture of my face. If not.. then I won't reply at all. Sound good?

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Fun, Travel, Dancing and Adventure (20794, MD, Howard County)
I am an unusual exotic, fun-loving European woman living in San Francisco. I have been an actress , model and managed to graduate with honors from a famous university. I like men and am looking for Mr. Right. He needs to be very clever, fun, adventuresome, well traveled , pretty sophisticated -- with a great sense of humor and generosity. Someone who has accomplished but still needs to strive. What I bring to the table -- is beauty, brains and the ability to make a man 'better than he was/is'. Everyone seeks synergy in a relationship ie., 1 +1 +1 = 5! I am no different. The man that I want and who will meet me is someone who thinks the same way -- and someone who wants to leave me with more than we started with. Now that the serious part is over, let's dance, eat and be merry, travel across oceans, hike, talk and do what the best of 'confidants' do!! Please do not email me for my 'particulars' since I will not respond -- I don't want an email back and forth that just keeps going on and on -- leave me your telephone number and I will contact you this week without fail -- this is the only way we will hook up -- you gotta trust!! Looking forward !!!

seeking a long seeking an affair relationship 34yr (Jessup, Maryland )
I'm a 34 year old SWF. I'm an educated professional who enjoys the simple things in life. For fun I like movies, bowling, and live music. I also enjoy the beach. I'm looking for a SWM aged 29-40 who has similar interests and is looking for a long term relationship. If you are looking to get laid don't answer my ad--I'm looking for a long term relationship . Write if you are compassionate, a good listener, and like kids . Your pic gets mine!

Red Headed Cowgirl 47yr (20794, Jessup, MD, Howard County)
Me, Iím a no BS confident ambitious and feisty country girl. You should not be shy if you want to take on me. I donít cook but Iíll mow the lawn. Well, I do cook if the mood strikes me and I'm good at it too. There is a difference between a fat ass and a lazy ass for those of you not wanting a ďfat assĒ. I was always skinny until I got hurt on a horse and got to lie in a hospital bed for 2 months. You are not my type anyway if that is all you desire what with having limited sight and all. Not only can I walk now but I can run. Hell I can leap tall buildings in a single bound. I guarantee I will outwork you so being lazy is a deal breaker for me. Fat ass. What are you thinking? Shut the hell up. Do I think Iím awesome? I know I am awesome. Will I be skinny again someday? I might and I might not. There are too many other things to do than worry about than just getting skinny to make all your dreams come true. Sheesh. Are you thaaat good? Really, are you because I expect you to know your abilities and will absolutely hold you to your word. Ethics and Honesty and the ability to keep trying are paramount. You should know you are not dead. You should know there is still life out there and want to be a part of it. Naps are good. I love a nice nap if the mood strikes me. I sometimes also work 14 hours a day and sleep 4 hours at night. Sometimes I want to kick back and other times I am a burst of endless energy. If you donít like tornados, go hide in the basement. You canít handle me. This is not burning the candle on both ends. I am a double fused stick of dynamite. I donít hike, I donít take romantic walks on the beach and I hate camping. Boating or taking a cruise on a bike is good. I also love to dance and I am inclined to find people interesting enough to talk to. Other days, I prefer solitude. No Iím not manic depressive. I like yard work, home repair projects and just hanging with the horses some days. Sometimes I like TV, other times I could care less. I do love the drive in. Not a girly girl. Iím a tomboy. But, again if the mood strikes me I may be more feminine. If youíre a gambling man, Iím the long shot to wear a dress unless itís a special event. I dress from boots and jeans to professional office. I dress for the appropriate occasion. I have all the shoes I need and none are high heels. I am outspoken and honest. Along those lines, I donít want pictures of your ďpartsĒ and Iím not sending you pictures of my boobs. Respect for others and yourself are important qualities so sexting and online masturbation arenít going to fly either. . Do I want to run for president? Hell yes I do. I donít want you to just sit there and watch me live. Get up and do it yourself as well. Support, encouragement, and applause of each others accomplishments is awesome but self motivation is awesome too. Oh also, if you needed a dictionary to comprehend the words in this post, you probably should go find some skinny girl who likes cat in the hat books. I like taller men. I am 5 foot 6 inches. Other than that, I don't have a ''type''. I listen to country, rock, classic rock and yup, some black eyed peas on occasion. Send a pic and be honest. I'm not looking for Fabio and in fact, if you are a model, don't bother. You should be clean unless of course your working on a projet or fixing a car. My pic is November and I only lost 13 pounds since then. Most important. You should know how to laugh.

Looking for Friendship 47yr (Jessup, 20794, MD )
Looking for someone who has a flexible schedule seeking an affair join me with various activities. Someone who is athletic, belongs to 24hr fitness and will be my work-out buddy, enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation, a bike ride, game of tennis or get a bite to eat. Most of all, it's the friendship I seek. Please live in the San Fernando Valley, age group . You take pride in your appearance, upbeat, fun, sense of humor, spontaneous and genuine. PHOTO REQUIRED. ~Michelle~

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Dating/Long Term 42yr (Jessup, 20794 , Howard County)
42 year old single white female seeing dating and eventually something long term with someone who is serious about finding the same. I have brown hair, blue eyes and I am a BBW. Things I enjoy are movies, mostly any type except scary or horror, taking road trips, seeking an affair spending time with friends and family, and I have recently discovered that I do actually enjoy working out, 8 weeks into it so far and it's going well. Anyway, not going to leave a ton of information here, I get flagged quickly lots of haters out here on the internet that thing they need to be controlling over someone else. I am a non smoker, no drugs at all, I don't have kids, I drink occasionally, I dont party and seeking someone comptabile with me. Please send your face picture, yes I am real, game 6 is tonight!