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Prince Charming Wanted, Even Part Time-- Read More.... 35yr (Westlake, Louisiana , Acadiana)
I have an incurable weakness for intelligent, sexy businessmen who are successful, yet grounded. I love to compliment your life. It's my ''thing.'' Seeing you in your tie and suit will be such an incredible turn on for me that I will barely be able to contain myself :) I am an amazing woman. I am beautiful and sexy, intelligent and fun. Voluptous BBW. You will always be smiling with me.... Which will make me incredibly happy. I am very hard working woman but rarely enjoy the finer things in life, like a wonderful dinner, drinks, a show, etc. Why be alone when I could enjoy all of these things with you and bring all of my fun into your life.... We'd both have a much better evening, that's for certain..... I'd like to build something that's on-going, even if it's only part time when you are in town or away from your other commitments..... I understand the commitments that are sometimes in my Prince's life and accept them.... knowing that I will become the true princess that he lays awake craving when I'm not there :) I admit to kissing a frog lately that I thought was a prince, I almost gave up on the fairy tale.... I hope there is a prince out there that can make me believe. Let's live a Fairy Tale together -- Do you believe dreams can come true?

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New Butterflies and Goosebumps 34yr (Westlake, 70669, LA , Acadiana)
The sole reason to live is to feel these things. Whether it's buying a new car, playing with a new toy or meeting someone new the feeling is the same. this is what usually goes missing in a marriage and is never really replaced. If you know what I mean read on... Do you feel like when she looks at you all she sees is the stability and familiarity you bring? Do you miss feeling wanted and worthy? Do you look at you life as though the cup is half empty? Do you miss the feelings of butterflies, excitement and goosebumps then read on..... Do you want all these things back by making a new friend that may have benefits... well I am a normal Girl looking to have some fun. I am looking for Alexander the Great and Hercules to take me away for a little while. If you don't know who this is don't bother replying. I am educated, have a great career and drive. If you don't have these basic things also don't reply. But if you look over at your wife everynight and think there must be more to life than this. I am your girl. If your single don't reply as I need someone with a deeper understanding of the basic rules of cheating. I don't need the added drama singles bring. I am looking for a white or hispanic male 6'1 or better 30-38 year old with a full head of hair and half a brain. Please reply with your basic info and a pic. Please do not and I mean not send me pictures of your privates as this is obviously not a good representation of yourself. Please send a pic of yourself and some info as I will not reply without one. You must be able to get inside my head before I consider allowing you into my bed..... I won't wear cowboy boots and walk on you. I will not play rough. you can not pull my hair and the only thing that may get strapped on are my heels. If we are not talking the same language please move on. I also am not looking for new friends as I am quite popular and have enough. i can't deal with scared men that are unsure. SO if you think you can meet the requirements then happy hunting. If not keep it moving and don't reply. I can not begin to be specific enough in this post other than to say I do not need new friends. So if your not prepared to continue in this don't reply. if your a sexual freak that wants strap ons, cowboy boots, dominance or has the nerve to ask if I am pre op or post op again not the right girl. If your crazy, abusive, ghetto, short, ugly, or any combination also don't reply. Thanks

Single in San Antonio 29yr (70669, Westlake, LA, Calcasieu County)
Trying out list...there's always a first time for everything, right? Well, I'm a plus size woman looking for friends maybe eventually something more :) I'm not into one night stands or friends with benefits I'm 29 and single with no kids, at least for now. I'm looking for someone between the ages of 28 and 35 to hangout with or just to talk to. I like to go out and have fun whether it's to a club, movies, bowling, or going to dinner with my family. Yes, I am a family oriented person; I love my family even if they are a little disfunctional LoL! I am of Irish and Panamanian decent and have beautiful green eyes and long reddish-brown curly hair; I take pride in my heritage! :) I am laid back and openminded, caring, honest, thoughtful of others, and sometimes sarcastic and above all else, I usually tend to get along with everyone so if you wanna talk please do email are welcomed :)

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Student needs room for tonight 27yr (70669, LA, Calcasieu County)
Black female student , age 27 , petite, 120 lbs, seeks room exchange for tonight and next two months near Desert Inn/ Maryland, or Flamingo street Seeking to work for you as personal assistant, typist, paralegal, certified nurse assistant 20 to 30 hours per week, driver Please email address telephone number, email address Can meet you tonight

Bring on a fun weekend! (70669, Westlake, LA)
Classy enough to bring home to your mom Educated enough to chat with your boss Fun enough to hang with seeking an affair buddies Cool enough to travel with Cultured enough to accompany you to the museum Loving enough to just snuggle in bed with you on the weekends

stab in the dark 40yr (70669, Westlake, Louisiana)
OK, In know this is a ONE-in-a-million shot to find that ONE-in-a-million relationship here on CL. Nevertheless, I'm reaching out to see if I might find that ONE, rare, nice man, a man of substance, to grab for that once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable relationship, as friends, mentors, and lovers, for however long it lasts. Hopefully, long-term. I've been married for umpteen years and lately I find myself in a marriage -- in a life -- that's lacking in romance, and intimacy. If you find yourself in a situation similar to mine, and can understand how someone might come to this point in their life, that's even better. At this stage it's not an issue that I'd want to belabor. Suffice it to say, that since we're both here, it might be best to leave some things unspoken. A basic, common understanding should suffice. I don't have any desire to leave my family and I trust that you do not either. I am not a terrible person and I do not make a habit of going this route. In fact, for what it's worth, I feel a little guilt about posting this ad. But let's face it, there is a void in your life, as there is in mine, otherwise neither of us would be here. To awaken that sleeping giant within us, to stir up feelings we haven't had in years and create a special and unique bond, a special place for us to fulfill what is missing in our lives. For the limited time that we would have, the type of relationship I am looking for is something more than just cheap sex. That I can find any time, but that's not what I want. What I want to is to create a time in our lives where we can soar to new heights, to have that tingly feeling full of longing when we think of one another, even to feel a small, sweet tinge of pain when we miss one another, yet still being able to balance that fine line of respecting each other's family life. I'm not looking to jump into bed with you right off the bat…but when the time comes, I want to enjoy it for everything it should be. I am not looking to squeeze love out of a rock. So please, don't be shy about letting your feelings go. You should be handsome, creative, imaginative, intelligent, silly, sexy, warm, open, honest, or any combination thereof. I'm seeking a man similar in age to me, for he will hopefully be in the same mind set as my self. I am not looking for a ''soulmate'', instead I am looking to find the other half of my twin soul. If you're the ONE, then you understand the distinction. I also am not looking for perfection, but rather, I want to be attracted to you because of your imperfections. A radiant personality, sparkling eyes, a gorgeous smile, and being a great kisser, is a plus. In an attempt to prove that this is indeed a genuine post in hopes of not getting flagged, let me mention that today is Thursday, June 3rd and the oil is still flowing into the gulf! it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Too busy?? 30yr (Westlake, Louisiana , Acadiana)
I'm a sweet, sexy Independent woman that has very little free time; despite my busy schedule, I'm still trying to find someone to share a good conversation & fun dates. I'm not a girl that needs you 24/7 or wants to talk to you every night. I'm looking for someone to seeking an affair out with, while taking the time to get to know each other. I'm a happy and complete person but at the end of the day I miss having someone to relax and cuddle with. I'm not looking for friends with benefits or a booty call. Do you fit my busy schedule? If interested to hear more, then drop me a line, say hi and we'll take it from there! Although a pic is not necessary, it would be greatly appreciated along with you being between 27- 41. I look forward to chatting with you!

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SBF for SBM 28yr (Westlake, 70669 , Calcasieu County)
So here I am, posting on list. I won't lie and say that this is ''my first time'' doing this, because it is not. I've met some really cool friends on list, but haven't had much luck in the dating department. I'm hoping that my luck will change. My stats are short and sweet: I'm a 28, single, emotionally unattached African American woman. I am 5'8'' and 150 lbs. My body type would be described as fit/slim. I am gainfully employed and have a career in my field of study. I'm college educated. I have never been married and do not have any children. I don't drink or smoke. My sense of humor is best described as sarcastic with a bit of wit mixed in for flavor. ;-) I like to do many different things. I don't feel the need to construct a grocery list of things I like to do, however. If you want to know, just ask. I'll answer any direct question with a direct answer. But I will tell you that I am a lover of music, prose, travel, social awareness, and knowledge. I'm likely to have a great time if I'm doing anything that involves those things. I'm very laid back and do not understand why people yell. It is my belief that people can comprehend an opinion in a more effective manner if yelling is not involved. With that said, it should also be noted that I'm very allergic to drama. It makes me break out in hives. If you are bringing it, seeking an affair walking the other way. bv;-) What am I looking for? That's a very open ended question. But, I do some idealistic qualities… Age: my range is between the ages of 26 and 36. You cannot smoke. . Although I do not drink, your drinking is not a deal breaker to me unless you do it in excess. One or no children and please be an like being independent. A sense of humor is a must. Also, a man with a career is attractive. I understand university is not for everyone, but you must have keen intelligence. Your chest and biceps are secondary impressions with me although being physically fit is an attraction. I'm a sucker for a man with a great smile and a great mind. Again, my dating preference is African American men. My picture is below. Please include your picture with your reply. I will not reply to any responses that contain any sexual advances or suggestions.