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Nothing to do today...cute blk female ) 30yr (Marrero, 70072 , Jefferson County)
African American female...30 yrs old...home alone today with nothing to do Let's get out and have find some fun together Age..25 -42 years old FYI...Please be local or near AV Pic for pic

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nsa passionate kiss 28yr (70072, LA, Jefferson County)
I would like to passionately kiss a gorgeous guy with no strings attached NSA . I would prefer that he has the following attributes 1. Should know what he's doing, be confident and yet not arrogant 2. NOT BE MARRIED 3. He should not be older than 36years old or younger than 24 years 4. Be clean I only want a kiss ... Nothing more, if you want anything more than pg/pg13 please try someone else’s post. I am female, black, beautiful, tall, well educated, 28years old and clean. Please reply with a picture. Thanks

Christian seeking non-smoking Christian 39yr (70072, Marrero, Louisiana)
I'm looking for a mature Christian man who believes in being friends first, taking things slowly, seeking God's will, and maintains a personal relationship with God above all else. I don't smoke and don't have pets. I am divorced and my child is out of the house already. I am starting over in my life, but I have grown so much in a very difficult time in my life. I am not bitter, and even though I don't presume to know the whys about many things in life, I continue to be hopeful and just move in faith. I am a hard worker and have critical thinking skills. I am a medical professional. I am a touchy feel-y type of person, but only towards my beloved. My eyes do not roam, my mind does not wander, and I will not flirt with other men when I'm spoken for. I am 5'7'' and thick with a smaller waist, but built solid with some padding. I am physically strong. I lift weights and try to remain active by hiking and doing different activities. However, sometimes nothing beats pizza and a movie at home! I have hazel green eyes that change color depending on what I am wearing. I have medium brown hair that has strands of silver growing out, and at this point I feel like I have earned this physical manifestation of wisdom that the Bible speaks about, so unless I feel moved to color it, I'm going au natural! I prefer men who are at least 5'11'' because I like to still stand shorter than the man when I am wearing heels. I like men who are thicker, even stocky, but no fat beer guts or lazy and obese. If you are super slender, even if you are shredded, I probably wouldn't be interested, and it's nothing against you, it's just how God made me. I need to be able to FEEL the man I am hugging! I have strong hands and give great massages...but that comes later on down the line. I am not a prude, but I have learned my lessons and am willing to really wait for the right man. When responding, please mention something specific from my ad so I know it's not spam. Thanks!

It is important that you approach the married woman seeking an affair in the right way. She is looking for a casual, discreet encounter with someone who wants the same. >>

Got one man, looking for another 36yr (70072, Marrero, LA)
My little man stands at 35 inches, and weighs in at 30 pounds. He's 2. and uh... what were YOU thinking? :) So, I've been single for a bit now, and yes, I am a single working mom, so time is limited and dating has been low on the priority list. I've had a decent amount of time to figure out what I am looking for, and although I am seeking, I am not looking for a ''fill-in'' father, nor am I wanting to run to the alter. Rather, I'm just a girl , looking for a boy . I'm interested in dates, finding a friend first, having fun , then figuring it out from there. Sound good so far? Good. If it matters, I am asian american, fit/slim, petite, with a great smile. I'm also a lot of other things, but here are a few notes:
Clean. I keep my teeth brushed/flossed, and my legs waxed. I smell nice, although I don't wear perfume or fruit-scented lotions. Responsible. I work, pay my bills/mortgage, and I am a mother. Open minded. I am a flow with-type person. I don't get too agitated if things are just so, and I try not to judge. I make my own decisions based on what I think is right, rather than what others will think or what the norm is. Caring. Sometimes I do too much for others before doing for myself. I like to bring joy to others and I don't like to disappoint. I love to love, and I am an affectionate human being. I'm working on the ''taking care of myself'' part. Semi-smart. So many use the adjective ''smart'' in their personal ad. I'm going to use ''semi-smart'' because I know that I'm no genius, and I'd rather keep the expectation low so I have room to WOW you. But I would like to say that I graduated from college, and I can hold my own on MENSA quizzes. Adventurous. I love to travel, and I like to go places and do things that are new. I'm not scaling Mt. Everest, or bungee jumping these days, but I do like spontaneity and taking the road less-traveled. I'd love to find a partner to share this with. I'm a pretty savvy traveler and, boy, you should see how efficiently and light I can pack! Active. I workout. I don't do triathalons, but I do like to eat, so I run on a regular basis to keep my figure. :) I tend to enjoy men who are active and like the outdoors. Happy. I love my son, and I love being a momma. I have great friends and family who are fully supportive. There's always room for more happiness though, so bring it.
What I seek:
I respect and am very attracted to men who value and respect women. Honesty. Honest men are hot. I don't expect, nor do I care for cheesy romance, but I do find cheesy-to-be-cheesy-romance endearing. Obviously, I would like to meet someone who enjoys children and would like to be a father someday . J.O.B. I know it's rough out there. However, I prefer to meet someone who is working or doing something that they love, or at least helps keep them out of the gutter or homeless shelter. Limited- to NO-drama. Nothing else to say about this, except be normal, happy, and wanting to live life fully. Looks are not *totally* important. Cute, yes, but I'm no model myself. Though, I do understand that it has some bearing on attraction between folks. So, I would like to see an attached picture with a wonderful email about how glad you are that you found my ad. :) If I find it/them rather appealing, I'll return the favor.
Thanks and have a great rest of the week!

WHAT'S HAPPENNING TO US??? (Marrero, Louisiana )
I have been reading some of the posts here and it came to my attention that maybe its so hard for us to find what we are looking for here , because we are very selective, demanding ,picky or have requirements that benefit us.... who in the world said that we can find a person in certain city area? as: only answer if u live southwest area or within 3 miles around.... people dont even want to drive and meet someone..whats the matter? . another post read..: i dont exchange pictures,just meet me......helloooo!! we dont want to meet a ghost.. Another post: dont respond if u deslike oral sex.... wait a minute ...he just asked for someone to have dinner with...OH Lord.. they have not eaten yet and seeking an affair dessert.... Next add: answer if u wear size 6 shoe no bigger.....COME ON! who cares about feet size ..we are not talking about a penus... One more: ignore this post if u are skinny, fat,short,tall...... I have seen many skinny ladies with fat men...or tall woman with short man, or fat ladies with skinny men...and they looked soooo happy that i envy them....... And i think thats why we are here still looking for someone....we want and need someone but we want all easy or our way or nothing... I am willing to know someone from any part of town, or even another city...i dont care if they are fat or thin..i care for how they are, how they treat me... i dont care what shoe or penus size they are.. just one thing : HOW BIG IS HIS HEART.......enjoy ur day!!!

Attractive Black Woman seeking Handsome Asian Male 31yr (70072, Marrero, LA, Jefferson County)
I am a former model that seeks the companionship of an attractive, witty yet imaginative Asian male. I am only interested in Asian men so if you do not fit into this category please do not respond to this particular add. I will answer any inquiries you may have about me. I am an open minded introverted extrovert. I love people, and have a fascination with linguistics. If you are an Asian male and you would like to know more about me, please leave me a message. Thanks for your time

english woman seeks real love 22yr (Marrero, 70072, LA )
Young and drama free looking for honest,sexy and clean man. I'm out spoken,educated,no kids,have a good job and still in college. I like to stay to myself and keep my private life private. I enjoy the out doors and I don't sweat the small stuff. All I want is a good man who will let me treat him like my king. Some one who won't take advantage. I don't mind if you have seeking an affair kid but please be drama free..... If you like.....if you reply please leave a number so I can text you a pic of myself.

Most of the guys seek an affair to avoid the drama of their daily life, so why would they maintain a relationship if the affair adds to it?>>

Re: Seeking Christian Single Man - 35 (Marrero, Louisiana )
A woman wrote: ''I'm a Christian Single Mom seeing seeking an affair Christian Single Man. Are there any left out there?'' We are all around you, in churches, civic organizations, volunteering in your child's school, and yes, on list. I'm not in Sache but here's hoping you meet the man God has planned out for you.