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Why are you still single? (70056, Gretna, Louisiana)
I get asked that question all the time. I hate that question. I go back and forth between it bothering me, to actively looking for someone, to being optimistic that when the time is right it will happen. Dating in your 30ís really kinda bites. Itís a whole new set of rules. Weíve all been around the block before, weíre not virgins and our choices are made up of the bitter types that assume because he/she was previously mistreated that they project that one everyone else, the ones that are attached and are looking for something on the side, the ones that dropped out, had kids and allowed these incidents to hold them back, or the ones that enjoy the promiscuous lifestyle and are searching for the ďfriends with benefitsĒ thing. Donít get me wrong. I am by no means a prude. I am pretty far on the other end of the spectrum, but I am a bit particular about who gets to see that side of me. And for those of us in our 30ís Ė we all have baggage. Thereís nothing wrong or shameful about that baggage Ė itís how people manage their baggage. Iíve been burned in relationships. Iíve been cheated on and Iíve been pushed around. Iím not bitter Ė my experiences just serve as examples to me about warning signs and that when things donít feel like theyíre on the up-and-upÖtheyíre probably not. Iím divorced. It wasnít fun, but Iíve moved on. No one will listen to me talk about what an asshole my ex is because heís not. We merely mutually agreed that we made each otherís life hell and moved on. We decided that weíd be much better parents if we werenít at each otherís throats all the time. Yep, I have children. Two of them. They are phenomenal young people. Anyone that is lucky enough to have them touch their lives is very fortunate. They are so intelligent and funny. I am tall, educated, attractive, successful, really well-read, and I have a wicked sense of humor. I love to joke around, laugh, and to learn something new and to hear other viewpoints. I love someone that challenges my mind Ė that is a huge turn on for me. I am a great and fiercely loyal friend. I love for my man to be a man. I like a man that knows how to put me in my place, but in no way tries to control me. Itís amazing how many men are always at one extreme or the other. I have no respect for anyone that allows me or someone else to walk all over him. I suppose this has turned into more of a rant than an ad. I really donít expect much, but maybe. I want someone that really wants to find someone and doesnít have an agenda. Someone that makes me smile and that smiles when they think of me. Who knows? Maybe. I guess it comes down to the fact that I donít want to be single, but I wonít be with someone for the sake of not being alone or for sex either. And for a point of reference, Iím on the early side of the 30ís, and I look a lot younger. And in case itís not obvious, I am rarely at a loss for words.

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Hope normal man see this before i die 39yr (Gretna, Louisiana )
Hi, I am age 39, and I am white skinned, born Los Angeles, and dark brown hair and eyes and euro descent but I not get tattoos. I still try to not be tall sexy loud white lady age 39. Last thing I need is tattoo on me! I am like 5 foot 8 inches, with no shoes, a woman clothes size 8 at my fattest, and a thin tall smart happy woman by my nature. I am nice lady and like be married or in a nice place for me and lots of men like me. So women friends really like me I think. I am also college 4 year educated I can get along with almost anybody from anywhere but does not mean is fun or nice for me myself. I not been married or divorced or had child by mistake, but I still could, and so I kind of old but kind of young appearing to people like things that way. Like I try to show off my resume job experience TO HELP MYSELF, and I get Girled and I not like or able to afford that to happen for myself. I not a wife, elder lady, mom raising kids, or in a large hispanic family, or left work force to have child so I do get annoyed when I get girled at age 39! But since my teens I think I like to meet a guy to marry me! So I answering this ad of yours. I hope you do ok and don't reply if want to be randomly mean to me. Or I not really into a really quick fast sex experience although I good at that or like that. I totally want somebody who be my family or sort of marry me. Or I not too thrilled being by myself so much. but I can be. but I not like to. Best Regards, Michelle

The National at the Wiltern on Saturday 29yr (Gretna, Louisiana )
I have an extra ticket for The National at Wiltern on Saturday since my friend had a last minute work trip come up. It would be cool if a tall, handsome gentleman in his late twenties to mid thirties would want to join me. Local to Long Beach would be awesome since I would really prefer to meet up prior to Saturday I'm fun, interesting, grounded and all around pretty awesome. You be too. Send a picture with your reply. Have a good one!

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Craving home cooking? :-) 28yr (Gretna, 70053 , Jefferson County)
Hello! Aspiring cook over here! No plans over the weekend? Sick of going out to eat all the time and not knowing what you're really eating? You buy the ingredients-I promise it'll be less than and I'll whip it up in front of your eyes. You might even learn something. Me: Professional, 28, I got some meat on my bones but in no way am I fat. Pics to trade. I would say that I'm attractive and my smile is best feature. Looking for a cool guy around my age, professional, financially independent , open to all types of cuisines-especially spicy that can appreciate good food and good company. Let's get to know each other first before we swap kitchen utensils. Please consider yourself attractive, insecure guys spoil my appetite. Bon Apetit!

Need a sugar baby? 23yr (70053, LA, Jefferson County)
I am looking for a fun, established, attractive, fit, older male to have alot of fun with! I am a sexy curvy girl who loves older seeking an affair and the finer things! Please no FLAKES!!! Serious men only! Pic for Pic! Put Sugar daddy in the sub line! :)

Hardworking girl in late 20's seeks sweetheart (70053, Gretna, LA, Jefferson County)
Thanks for reading my ad...... So, am a sweet girl that's looking for LTR with an educated christian guy that likes to dine out, dancing, staying in, cook-in, take long walks on the beach, workout, and enjoying the simple things in life. I am not into clubbing with rather strangers. I am hoping to meet someone who believes in true love and not divorce. Am simply looking for a kind-hearted romantic guy that's not afraid to build a friendship that leads to a LTR and possibly a beautiful life together. I believe there has to be passionate, good looking and fit guys out there that are simply looking for love and the simple things in life. By the way...... am fit, pretty, petit and educated, so am not asking for stuff that I can't offer. Look forward to hearing from you.

Going to be in Vegas 6/8-611 HSV-2 positive, fun energetic girl 23yr (Gretna, 70056, LA )
I'm going to be in Vegas with my best girl friend June 8th- June 11th. I'm single, good-looking, decent body... just looking to go out and have a great time. I'm HSV-2 seeking an affair positive, but nothing else . I'm well educated with my B.A., like the out-doors, and am pretty goofy. Think you can hang? xo

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single, interesting and naturally spiritual ? 60yr (70053, Gretna, LA)
Single woman seeking single man for companionship and hopefully ltr. seeking an affair traveler and seeker now nicely settled in bay area. I am nature oriented. Love to walk and hike. I like a good thinker and someone who appreciates a natural earth goddess type. You know hips and all. Be a non smoker, solvent and drive.