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Fiery Irish Nutjob descended from Bog People seeks date 27yr (40962, Manchester, Kentucky)
About me: I'm kind of goofy, intelligent, and cute enough. I'm a redhead, if you're into that sort of thing. I'm rather buxom, a little on the chubby side, but by no means a BBW, and I have incredibly fair skin. I don't plan on posting a picture on CL, so if you want to see me, you'll have to impress me with your wit and charm via email first. What I'm looking for: I like guys who have a passion for something. Preferably not just video games, since I like to get out of the house on occasion. Passion breeds charisma, and I love that. I think that's why I tend to find teachers attractive. You must have a car, a place to live that you do not share with your parents, and a job. I know, I'm asking a lot here. Also, I like to be treated like the lady that I am, but I can't take a compliment unless I'm sure it's genuine and you're not just greasing the wheels to getting into my pants. So don't tell me I'm beautiful every 5 seconds, and don't stare at me constantly, it freaks me out. I like to talk, and I have a degree in anthropology, which is good for absolutely nothing except that it means I can talk about just about anything. I dig geeky guys - more science than sci-fi though. Also, I hate anime. With a passion. So if you're super into it, that's fine, just don't talk about it. I like nice guys. Tip the waitress, don't send food back, and say please and thank you. Also, table manners are a necessity. If you like to talk with your mouth full, eat with your mouth open, and slurp your soup, coffee, or tea, it just won't work out. I love music. My favorites are The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Kate Nash, Cat Power, Regina Spektor, Band of Skulls, Band of Horses, Beastie Boys, The Duke Spirit, Janis Joplin, Patsy Cline... so if you like any of that, that would be cool. As far as looks go, I like dark hair, nice hands with short, well-groomed fingernails, at least 5'10'' , and nice teeth with a nice smile. I prefer white guys, but I wouldn't necessarily rule someone out based on race. I also tend to go for guys on the slimmer side, but body type is also not really a dealbreaker. Having some sort of personal style is also a major plus. So if you meet most of my criteria, email me.

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Seeking The Right Guy... 26yr (Manchester, Kentucky )
First and foremost, if you read this and plan on responding with ''i need to see pic first''.. ''send pics''... or just a pic of your d***..then please... dont read an furter and dont waste my time or yours.* I'm being honest and upfront I don't deal in games or drama. Its hard being a regular girl in a hard spot needing some help and finding a guy that doesn't have some preconcieved notion about what kind of girl I must be. I love to do for myself and actually prefer it and honestly if I had a millionaire at my beck and call I really would only call in dire circumstances and it would be for the vital things and anything else would be his offering not my asking. I am seeking a man of means yes but not to use him or perform ''transactions'' with him but be friends with and rely on and know that I have someone I can rely on if I am in need, not to take care of me but to help me do it myself like I myself would do for a friend if I had the means. And I am simply putting on the table that I am open to the physical side if that happens to be a need you may have because I am grateful and I do appreciate the help being given to me. It seems that when I was busy turning down things people offered to me because I didn't ''need'' it they were all around me and now when I do need someone they are either no where to be found or aren't genuine people. I am a great friend and I have some good people in my life and unfortunately I have always been the one offering help to people and being in the position to do so. So now I just want to expand my circle of friends to include someone that has something no one else in my life has right now and if this forms a ''special bond/relationship'' between us so be it. Did I give it to you straight enough? Im an african american woman who is looking for a mature man who wouldnt mind helping me from time to time Times are really hard for me and they have been for quite some time... so I could really use the help. Im looking for a genuine, mature man who has no problem helping if I came to him and said ''daddy, I just got a ticket..can u help me pay it''... ''can u help me pay a bill?''.. or ''i'd like to get my hair and nails done... if this sounds like something you can possibly entertain.. keep reading... if not.. STOP HERE! Now before you start thinking too far ahead.... let me say this... I am in a relationship and have been for 6 1/2 years.. and i no intention of replacing my partner. Im not looking for a boyfriend... or anything of that sort... just a mature financially secure... . This arrangement would in no way be one sided. I definately know how to please in a lot of different wys... and i love to be pleased as well. Ill take care of you as long as you take care of me. We can work together to bring eachother to that uncontrollable point of ecstasy and passion.. itll definately be worth it! Now as ive stated... this is a helpful ''arrangement'' for both of us... Im not posting this lookng for a f*** buddy or anything like that... im looking for someone genuine..who knows how to keep his word. Im looking for something ongoing. If you are any or all of the things i mentioned then we DEFINATELY need ot talk!!! Well, if you're interested... respond freely.. but keep in mind...i WILL NOT respond to one liners.. or obscene responses.. or a response with a number saying call me.... if you cant say more than that.. DO NOT WASTE MY TIME!!! *and if you're one of those men that responds with some dumb s*** just for the sake of responding... DONT BOTHER!!!! Your pic will get mine...

just looking.. 22yr (Manchester, Kentucky )
I'm 22, 5'6ish, curvy, student at UTA. Looking for a genuine, mature, educated guy who is fun to be around. No game players. No older then 26ish... i prefer around 6ft or taller. Email me if your interested and please send a picture!

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Happy Tuesday! Long week already? 27yr (Manchester, 40962, KY )
Why not take a break and relax for a bit with a nice massage? 2 or 4 feminine hands. ;)

Beauty, Intelligence and Personality 24yr (40962, Manchester, KY, Clay County)
I am currently in the mist of a divorce from a man that I have been with for almost 5 years. seeking an affair day he served me with divorce papers! Even though this is a horrible thing that has happend I choose to not let it turn me into a jaded individual. I am 24 years old, I just recently graduated with my bachelor's in social work and I am currently working on achieving my master's degree part time as well as working. I am interested in a great conversation, and geninue caring individuals. NO one night stands, or friends with benefits.

take a chance 47yr (40962, KY, Clay County)
part berkeley free-spirit, part new england traditional... an odd mix, I know. Educated in the east, I migrated to the west for a new and different experience... and six years later I find that I'm still adjusting. I step to my own beat... I'm not sure I quite ''fit in'' with any particular crowd, but I seem to manage just fine wherever I go.... your mom's kitchen, your best friend's boat, your kids lacrosse game, a concert of screaming guitars or a string quartet, the ballet, the remotest beach you can find. My friends range from freedom-seeking pirate, to opera-singing diva, to super conservative lawyer, to stay-at-home-mom, and so much in between. I've done many things in these 47 glorious years, and am always open to new experiences. So far... I've had the pleasure of rebuilding a lighthouse in Maine, camping in the Whitsunday islands, skiing all over stowe and alta, fly-fishing most of the eastern seaboard, and I'm about to purchase a rod to go in search of trout. Hello Montana, Idaho and beyond. I've bought and sold real estate, learned to negotiate with twin 2-year olds, and make killer zucchini bread. I like to dance, and cook, go to the movies, and walk on the beach. And I'm growing fonder and fonder of Tilden park and West Marin I've travelled quite a bit, though not so much recently. I love kids, and would welcome yours I love animals, and have a special affection for dogs and horses. And starry skies, and moonlit nights, and the many waters of the world... in particular, the salty ones. Seeking one special man, not too conservative, and not too radical... but a little bit of both. You are steady in who you are, committed to personal growth, open to new ideas. You understand why organic is important to the earth and all of its lovely inhabitants, but can succumb to the occasional junk food calling. Ice cream and hot chocolate make a regular appearance in your home. You get that the universe is conspiring to bring you all the good things you wish for, and so you go with the flow, rather than against it. You are between 42 and 55, over 5'10'' , reasonably fit and healthy , and seeking a committed relationship.... with friendship first.

Looking for a Real Man 34yr (40962, Manchester, KY)
I am looking to meet a great guy who wants to seeking an affair out and do things together. I love to see movies, dinner out, travel, shopping, road trips, etc. I would love to find someone to workout with as I just started going to the gym again. I am cute, 5'4'', blue eyes, nice smile, dark brown hair, some extra pounds, but a real person who takes good care of themselves. I am not looking for perfection as I am not perfect myself. I am really just looking for someone real. I am college educated, classy, have a job, car, etc. I love guys with tattoos, bad-boy looking but who are actually softies inside and I tend to be attracted to ''bigger/meat on their bones'' kind of guys. I have no kids, but if you do that's perfectly okay. So if you would like to know more shoot me an email and we can talk. Please be real and around my age. Thanks and have a great day!

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Free spirit... 42yr (Manchester, 40962 , Clay County)
Some things I enjoy: Living in the moment, but dreaming about future possibilities Having a plan - a future set date, only to completely ignore it and go with the flow when the time comes. Honesty above all else, while respecting ones personal choices and privacy. Friends, Family, Theater, Song, Music. Day trips, night trips, and trips around the block. Staying in, going out. Exploring seeking an affair the world, each other...... 42 Attractive. Widowed. Open to possibilities