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All the important things 24yr (Crestwood, Kentucky )
This is my second time to post, my last one was flagged so i am not posting a picture. If you respond with a picture i will gladly send one back to you:) I would like to start of by saying i am not looking for a one night stand, a liar, a cheater. I have learned that honesty is the best policy. With that being said i will explain that i am not a thin girl but not grossly overweight. I would like to find someone that would like to walk or workout with me!! I have a daughter that is my world, so if you ask me to meet you in an hour to come to your house i will have to pass. Dont take that as, i will never meet you, i just have to plan. I like outdoor activities, movies, bowling, going to the bar...ohhh how i love a night out!! I am looking for someone that can b e honest and faithful if it comes to that type of relationship. I am white and mostly date outside my race, but its not a requirement its just been what i am attracted to. If your interested email me and lets talk :0 Today is June 2, 2010 and its sunny and hotter than hell out!!!

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Creative Soul Seeks Playmate - with Crayons? - w4m 39yr (40014, Crestwood, KY, Oldham County)
I love life, and being a firm believer that love is meant to multiply, want to share that joi de vivre in the world. I am a heart-centered, well-traveled, book smart/world smart, conscious, and deeply human woman who knows my own edges .Laughter is often dangling out of my back pocket waiting to erupt in a sea of giggles. I frequent bookstores, love good movies, am a sucker for certain children's books, collect fairy tales and books written by mystic poets .The natural world is a place of sanctuary to me. I enjoy wandering outdoors - hiking, being near water, roaming in Golden Gate Park. Textures fascinate me - I stop and touch the flowers, plants and trees far more than I stop to smell them.The stats: 6' tall, size 18/20, bisexual, active, happy, grounded woman.Maybe you:Love books and get lost for hours in bookstores? or Have favorite authors who speak the language of your heart?Are creative and will lie in the grass and watch clouds with me and find at least as many, if not more odd things floating in the sky than I do! ?Enjoy closeness, have a strong community and are desirous of a strong intimate connection with a partner?Think nature is a place of solace and will go there with me to explore the peace and beauty of this amazing world we live in?Are genuinely happy with your life and just want to share that with another person?Know yourself and are at home in your own skin - no matter what that 'skin' looks like?Potential responders - please include 'crayons' in your subject line and know that I am far more likely to respond if you take the time to craft a reply that is more than 2 sentences describing your 'stats'.

Not Desperate... Just Curious 26yr (40014, KY, Oldham County)
Me: Hard working independent woman. Ok with being single, no my clock is not ticking... Smart, curvy 5'3'' 128lbs. Looking for a friend... and if it turns into more than great! If not, it's cool to meet new people. No, I'm not looking for a serious LTR, but I'm not going to be your one night stand either. Just looking for someone to go out with occasionally and have a good conversation with, watch a movie. I'm a nurse.. and I work hard.. love what I do. I love to cook, spend time with my dogs... and try new things. I have a lot of hobbies that aren't your typical ''female'' things... I'm also a very touchy feely person, which is the only thing missing in my ''single'' life... lol You: Tall, slender, no.. I don't do meat heads.. Please also be realistic, 35ish is my age limit. Smart, and not just book smart. Cooking doesn't mean using a microwave. You know how to treat a woman, not flaky or irresponsible... I don't care what your job is or how much money you have... as long as you can provide the basics for yourself... I'm not looking to support a mooch... You must love animals, and kids ... If this sounds like you, send me something about yourself.. and picture... Oh, and please don't send me any crude or naked pics... I'm also not a bot or whatever... I'm ''real'' lol... I find it important to weed people out, therefore I'm not going to meet up with you tonight.. let's email a little bit first... Also I'm not 420 friendly... sorry....

The Internet, among it's amazing ability to make us laugh at panda bears juggling, can also serve a purpose for anyone trying to be secretive. This includes 'married seeking affair' types.>>

Let's go out!!! (Crestwood, 40014 , Oldham County)
I am looking for something to do today/night and wondered who needed a companion? Dinner, drinks, dance, what would you like to do? Everything depends on what we do. I will send a pic on request. I just want you to know I was trying to post ''services'' for a date. I would love to find a man that I could take care of and make feel good, unfortunately, I cannot supply the financial support, but I tell you whatÖÖ.I CAN TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!!! If you're still interested let me know. If you are just lonely or in town visiting let me know, maybe we can hang out for a while. I am looking for fun, good time and company. Christine Look forward to it!!!!

Cute, down to earth seeks long term potential or just new friends 30yr (Crestwood, Kentucky )
Let's go with list form. It just tends to make things easier. † Things I've Learned: † - There are tons of available guys in Santa Rosa. Iíve seen them out and about. Havenít you ever heard of list? - I need a man who knows who he is and what he wants and isnít afraid to go for it or put his heart on the line. Because Iím a girl that isnít scared or scarred. I know when itís worth it to take the risk, and have usually been willing to do it. If youíre too scared to take a leap with some level of faith then youíre probably not my type of person, let alone my type of guy. - That I am a boatload of fun. There isnít much that I wonít try at least once and probably twice if I wasnít sure whether or not I liked it the first time around. I like adrenaline but donít stupid risks. Going really fast clears my head and gives me a good reason to hang on tight, especially if itís on your motorcycle. - Iím not that young anymore. Iím not anywhere near old but Iím done playing games and wasting time with people that I donít see long-term potential with or could make a new friend out of. This seeking an affair mean that Iím no fun or take myself or other people too seriously, in fact, itís quite the opposite. If thereís chemistry, we have fun together and youíre open to the idea of finding ďthatĒ person, then it is all fun and games and Iíd prefer to take it easy and take it slow. But if I donít see a possibility for long term, I think itís better to end up friends, and that's not a euphemism for blowing you off politely. - That while I can be easily swept off my feet by the right type of guy, I prefer to keep them on the ground. That I make a better girlfriend than I give myself credit for. Iíve stayed with people through the good and bad when everyone in my life was screaming ďRUN!!Ē . - That Iím pretty dang attractive. I donít stop traffic but Iím skinny , have a good rack, nice ass and beautiful eyes. Also, Iím not as much of a tomboy as I thought I was, I guess. I take care of myself and wear make-up but prefer jeans and heels with cute tops to dresses or skirts. - That horrible dates that go horribly wrong where you canít wait to get the hell out of there and laugh while you tell your friends all about it can be just as fun as the good ones. Everyone loves a bad date story. - That I can do anything I set my mind to and the universe gives me what I need when I need it. I donít buy into any hippie/new-age philosophy but itís just been my experience: you get what you need when you need it. In that same vein, I donít believe in God but I believe in being a good, moral and fair person. I donít need the threat of some horrible afterlife in order to be a good person. If you put a gun to my head and forced me to choose a religion, it would be Judaism and if you want to get technical about things, I am ďhalfĒ Jewish . - Iím smart. I read books with big words and like to think about things larger than myself and current events and issues Ė prop 8/equality-civil rights, the environment. The extreme/religious right scares the daylights out of me. - I dig dorks with a bad boy side. Not bad boys with a dorky side. Being able to build stuff or identify mechanical parts makes my brain flutter its eyes and sigh longingly. - Iím also shallow. Iím a pop-culture sponge and celebrity news fan. My Tivo line-up includes some crappy reality/celebrity gossip shows as well as educational/information stuff from Discovery, Current TV, A&E and the History Channel. Prime-time favs include House, True Blood, The Tudors, CSI . - I work for a small company and I love my job. Iíve been here for almost 6 years and I donít hate the idea of coming into work every day. The only downside is that thereís not a lot of opportunity to meet new people, although I count my bosses and few co-workers as friends. Iíll sum it up with the parameters you should fall between: SWM between the ages of 28 and 42. Divorced is OK as long as the baggage is minimal. Kids are not. I like kids and want my own someday but Iíve been there and know that dating a father is not going to work for me at this point in my life.Be employed Ė I donít care what you do but you need to have a job that you at least enjoy, pays you enough so that youíre not scraping by each month and doesnít involve a uniform . You can be a little older or younger but please, not by much. Iím 420 friendly and smoke it occasionally but Iím not looking for stoner friends or what I call ďmaintenance smokersĒ Ė people who need to smoke up every day . Iím cool with just making new friends but not looking for a just a casual fling. You should take the time to craft a response if you expect one back from me. It doesnít need to be lengthy but it needs to give me an idea of who you are. If you have a motorcycle you should mention it. Including a picture will get you mine but not if youíre naked in it. Iím pretty sure that this post is well-written and coherent. Please show me some intelligence in your response and use punctuation, capitalization and leave the ĎLOLsí for IM conversations. Good spelling and grammar will go a long way.

Hmmm...... 27yr (40014, Crestwood, Kentucky)
So it seems that If I put anything about the type of person Im looking for I get flagged....Soooo Like every other woman in the world Im gonna make this about me...If you like it email ...If you dont Have an awesome day Me: Thick.. Would like to be smaller but working on it... Dont consider myself a BBW but I need some work Can be one of the guys but in a girly type of way... I love my flip flops and I love my vans but I do own a few pairs of kick ass heels Prefer a pony tail or bun but have realized I get complimented most with my hair down Am Comfy with no makeup but wear it daily just to bring some excitement to my day Divorced...Long story... No children but Id like some one day Can be a total pain in the ass but what woman isnt Dont like to go to bed angry... Dont mess with my friends... you will hear it from me.... I like long walks but not nessesarily on the beach Almost done with college Wanna be a teacher Very outgoing and makes friends easily Not really a jealous person I like beer but love wine Smoke when Im stressed...but I hate the smell..totally wanna quit Am religious but not religious at the same time 3 tattoos and no piercings except my guaged ears...size 4 I listen to all types of music .... from Lady Gaga to Pink Floyd Would consider myself a RANDOM person... I like organized my house Im easy to get along with Sometimes its hard for me to shut up but I try Fav Men in sports...Rafael Nadal Tony Parker and BJ Penn...You dont have to like these guys but start talking bad and ill will try and prove my point eveytime... Sometimes when I say nothing is wrong.... I want to be comforted Reality TV junky I like outdoor stuff like fishing golf and toobing I like MMA....Noooo Im not just saying that like most girls ...I actually kinda know what Im talking about Fav colors Pink and Yellow I love animals HHHMMMM.... What else UUUmmm..... I work days.. Im kinda sensitive but what girl isnt... I cry with cheesy commercials Swear like a sailor but in a cute way....

Looking for a nice man:-) 41yr (Crestwood, 40014, KY )
I am forty one years old, five seven height, one hundred and ninety pounds, Latin, woman , my heart and brain are young, I am family oriented, normal, very friendly, I have common sense, I am honest, I keep my promises, I donít lie, I donít smoke. I donít do drugs never did, I love all music genders but my favorite is Latin, love to drive. Back home I did a lot: camping, biking, hiking and very little seeking an affair I feel embarrassment to say but lately I do nothing. I would like to meet a man: single, divorced or widower, honest, non smoker no drugs, social drink or not at all, disease free, no drama no complains, a normal man. Funny but not sarcastic who likes to have a friend first someone to be with to go out Saturday, Sunday. Who want to have first a friend and maybe girlfriend, if we can hold a nice conversation over phone we can meet if we both agree. Do you think you are the one? Reply to me with phone and picture and tell me a little about your self but just if you really looking also for real nice relationship. I will answer only e-mail with Phone and Picture Thank you.

In this day and age, married women seeking affairs is becoming commonplace. Like it or not, attitudes are changing in our society and the amount of extramarital affairs continue to rise. >>

Seeking someone to get to know and then some... 38yr (40014, Crestwood, KY)
I'm posting for my friend whose is 38 year old, african american lady whose seeking someone to get to know. She seeking an affair a great personality. Laugh at just about everything. Don't take things too seriously unless the occasion calls for it. She knows how to have some fun and when to let loose. She employed, SINGLE, entertaining, charismatic, spontaneous, humorous, bbw, funny and not bad looking at all :-) She doesn't really have a preference as far as race is concerned. Just have a good head on your shoulders. Thanks in advance.