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Does it have to be so difficult? 43yr (Fort Madison, Iowa )
I am a tall , curvy , definitely not a stick figure sort of woman, tattooed and pierced woman, spiritually based, sports and music fanatic, that would love to find someone to go and do things with...I mean really, how difficult is it? Apparently REALLY difficult because most guys out there are looking for America’s Next Top Model to hang on their arm, and most of them don’t know what the infield fly rule even is! But that’s cool, those that want that sort of woman, just keep on looking I am open to just about anything. Big sports fan, will watch the Cubs play and then turn on another game just to have it on. I am down with camping, 4wheeling, skateboarding, surfing, hopefully getting a bike soon so I can take advantage of all the great trails in the area. Would love to have someone show me all the great places to go. Have been known to jump on the back of a Harley on the first date, so anything goes! Even if its just to hang out, have a great dinner, some great conversation, catching a game on tv, that's cool too Have a great sense of humor, be intelligent, have a job, a means of transportation, don’t smoke, be evolved, look for substance in someone, open to being intimate, compassionate, a sense of adventure, maybe a childlike sense of wonder of how cool and amazing things can be in this amazing place we live, be able to carry on a conversation and be open and tolerant of someone that is easily distracted, has a short attention span and will most likely not pay attention to you when Sports Center or a baseball game is on Available…that’s what is most important…if you are thinking that you want to find someone to hang out with, then be available. I get that life can be complicated after a certain age, you know, kids, jobs, the whatnot’s of life. If you don’t have a moment to yourself, you don’t have a moment to spend with others Also, it’s called dating…I like going out on dates, getting to know someone. I really don’t need someone trolling for a hook-up, plenty of those sorts waiting for you in a different section!

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Any of the following describe you? 36yr (52627, IA, Lee County)
Geeky/Nerdy Thinker Content Laid Back Sarcastic Comfortable Resilient Loyal Complicated Accepting I have come to realize these are traits that attract me to people in general - and men specifically. Of course, to know if these apply to you - you'll need to be self-aware, which is also very appealing. I've nothing definitive planned this weekend - and would be open to meeting someone new. I'm 36, SWF, on the tall side - rather chunky - dark hair and eyes, glasses sometimes. I think the list above describes me pretty well... though I would have to add stubborn and sometimes argumentative to that list. Will provide picture - if asked nicely ;)

A dose of honesty 25yr (Fort Madison, 52627, IA )
Tired of Being Misled by W4M list Ads? Cool, me too, I’ve put together a guide for every male in hopes to help you avoid an evening of disappointment. Everything you see translated on here has been taken directly from ads in the W4M section right here in Denver, CO. Ladies there is a reason you are not currently being flesh stabbed by Brad Pitt, be honest with yourselves and to those who would consider dating you. 1. “I like to be treated like a princess and being spoiled by my man is great! I'm very caring and like to please my man.” Translation: You are a spoiled female who when she doesn’t get her way; throws a temper tantrum just like you did for your 16th birthday and your dad bought you a brand new convertible that was the wrong color. You view the blowjob that you offer your boyfriend once as year as the equivalent of front row season tickets for his favorite sports team. Most likely, you are also terrible at fellating your man as well. 2. “Any man would feel lucky to have me on his arm.” Translation: You are 30, still living with your parents who tell you daily that you’re beautiful in hopes it will keep your self-esteem up just enough so you don’t kill yourself in their basement. 3. “I will not send a picture but when we meet you won't be sorry.” Translation: Your personality and self image is even more fake than those discount tits you purchased with a coupon from a shady plastic surgeon. 4. “As my man i'd like to get an allowance from you of at least two hundred fifty a week.” Translation: Please refer yourself to translation number 1. 5. “Someone that has a job of course and is NOT lazy. Someone that cares about himself, be clean, go to the dentist, doctor, eat right ect.” Translation: I need someone who has worked hard to get where they are at in life, because I haven’t, and have no intentions of doing so. Spell check? Fail! 6. “I consider myself very beautiful.” Translation: Delusions are fun and healthy, just like Meth. 7. “I am a little bigger than average. Im working towards average. I have lost 111 lbs!” Translation: 111lbs, well done, keep going. 8. “I have a tongue piercing and am soon to be getting a tattoo.” Translation: You actually think these bodily additions make you a fun and unique person. Odds are, you are not a very exciting or fun to be around. However, seeing as how you mentioned in your ad that you have your tongue pierced, I’d be willing to bet all the beer in Colorado that you have sucked a lot of salt malt out of many different meat straws. 9. “I know im young but i have spent way too much time on fake azz little boys.” Translation: Wow, look forward to receiving a lot of texts from this one. 10. “Here's the best part: I'm a smart, funny, likeable and very sexual woman. Think you can handle me?” Translation: I will give you a raging case of herpes that will make your penis look and feel like a topographical map.

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Looking for you 45yr (52627, Fort Madison, IA, Lee County)
Well I knew this day would come when the kids are grown and gone! I am a new ''empty nester'' and I need to get a life! Yep you guessed it I have been sitting around raising kids for the last 15 years so I have some extra poundage! If you are looking for someone to hang out with no strings attached and dont mind a woman with some extra to love then I am the one. I prefer ''non smokers'' DDF men. Ages 40-52. I am not looking for casual sex partners, FWB or booty calls! Thanks!

RE:to woman lookin 4 harley rider & fix old cars (52627, Fort Madison, IA)
i cant email u so email me so we can meet, i can help u fix ur cars n take u ridin but i cant seeking an affair out how 2 email u on CL

Hello! 20yr (52627, Fort Madison, Iowa)
Anyone out there feel stuck! like the same thing keeps happening over and over again. Are you tired of this happening? Lets try something diffrent.

in the mood to chat 28yr (Fort Madison, Iowa )
Hey there. I'm in the mood to chat and get to know some people tonight. Who knows what will come of seeking an affair I've posted like this before and have gotten some dates out of it and even made friends. I'm a 28, hardworking, fun cute female. Hit me up. Let's chat!

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Beach Bunny! 30yr (Fort Madison, 52627 , Lee County)
Perfect beach weather lately and my tan could use a little working on. 30, white, short brown hair, brown eyes, 5'5, 145 lbs, curvylicious haha I work nights, so my days are free. Looking for a beach buddy, someone to ride bikes with, play in the surf, bake a little in the sun, and maybe get a drink or two seeking an affair start summer early!