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Athletic and Intellectually inclined... 24yr (46628, South Bend, IN)
Hello all well just giving this a try to see what's out there really since you never know now a days. Anyways well I would love love love to find a guy who likes sports and can enjoy playing them as well. From basketball, baseball, golf. soccer, hockey, mma and even just mountain biking or hiking is great for me since I like to do it all and would love to get to play any of them with ya. =) In my mind that would be the ideal scene going out and playing some tennis or something, then coming home and relaxing to a movie and dinner ya know lol. That's way in the future though but anyway I love to dance as well and I hope you do to since it's a big turn on and just fun to have with someone if you know how to dance or not =) Oh and well I just put the title since it sounded like it flowed lol so you don't have be a genius or anything just have you head together ha. It would be great if you like being affectionate or at least letting me show it to you lol since I love kisses and hugs and all that, just don't get to do it often enough since everyone I've come close to being with didn't like it whatsoever. Hopefully there's someone out there looking for the giddy exciting feeling you get when you meet someone that you have a genuine interest in and want to be around ands get to know since that's what I seek and would love to have one day =) Let's see other then that hmm my interests are concerts or all sorts its a pretty wide spectrum. I'm also learning some piano still a beginner but love it so far. Anyway well if you'd like to get to know me more from what you hear send a message telling me about ya so we can see if we can set something up soon enough. Oh and looks I'm mixed raced about 5'4 175 brown hair kinda short length and colored eyes I'll send a pic when I get yours in your response I hope since I'll probably get to those first I guess. So with that I hope to hear from ya soon take care!!! =) P.S. and just so you know I'm not the typical go a dinner and movie date kinda girl I like something a lil more ya know, I mean later that's fine but I'd like to see if you like to have fun really since that's me all the way and if not we're probably not a good match...

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It takes a lot of man to make me feel small 37yr (South Bend, Indiana , Michiana)
It would be simpler if I was just a petite little thing, but I'm not and thats me. I'm not really that big, but if you are picky about size, go ahead and move on. It just feels like the natural order of things that the man be the bigger one. I'm 5'8'' and seem to end up with little guy that make me feel like even more of an Amazon. I'm more interrested in the person inside than the shell, anyways, but I've just always had this thing for guys who tower over me. I always imagined I'd end up with some great big bear of a man, but I never have . If you find it immasculating to have a woman be better at fixing stuff, move on. If you are threatened by intelligence instead of appreciating a sharp mind, move on. If you have lost your mojo and have no more interest in physical satisfaction, MOVE ON. done that) If it is more important to you that there is never a dish in the sink than whether or not your girlfriend is miserable and just needs a hug, MOVE ON. I'm not a slob, but being being henpecked for every little thing out of place is not something I will take ever again. ok, i'm getting off track. after what i put myself through in the name of loyalty to an asshole for the last several years, there are just some things I feel I need to be clear about. Just because I'm good at doing things myself instead of paying someone else to do it doesn't make me less of a woman. Just because I happen to know things that you don't doesn't make you less of a man Spending a 12 hour day making money to pay bills means that sometimes I can't get to the dishes, deal with it. It's better than being a freeloader who keeps the house spotless, I think. Anyways, enough of the crap I've had enough of. Here's what I haven't gotten enough of; -A kink in my neck from looking up at you, yet I can't stop -Arms strong enough to overpower me, but never would -Intelligent discussions that don't turn into arguements just because we have varying points of view -Being asked how my day went, and actually being listened to -Nibbles, bites, and hickeys that dont show -Mutual respect and admiration -a second chance if I didn't quite make it to blastoff first. -Slow kisses that make me forget where I am -Being greeted with a smile that tells me someone is happy to see me I really don't think I'm very demanding, but maybe its a tall order from a man's point of view. If so, I'm fine on my own. I'm a lover, not a fighter. If you like to get into it just for some thrill you get from raising your voice, move on. A real man doesn't have to show his testosterone by throwing his weight around and having a hissy fit over stupid shit. Life is too short to put up with useless strife. Being mellow and getting along is so easy to do. If you think it's not easy, move on because you don't get it. You never know what kind of chemistry you might have with the last person you would expect, so I'd never put a height requirement out there. I'm just spouting off a major physical turn on. There are surely turn ons I haven't found out about yet out there, too. You just never know....

Looking for Husband 50yr (46615, South Bend, IN, St Joseph County)
Beautiful Xmodel/actress lookong for someone for security and someone I can take care of..Must be 60 or older and be a man of means,,Tired of the bar scene and dating websites are too wierd.. please send photo for me to respond.. Thank you Lisa

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it's not always what it seems 35yr (South Bend, Indiana , Michiana)
Hi Guys, How's your weekend going? Did you watch the BH's game last night? That was a cool game. If you are looking for casual fun, you clicked the wrong ad. I am open to dating and LTR, but won't jump into a committment either. Anyways, I'm looking for that initial connection that just feels right. I would love to find someone that I have mutual attraction and interests with. Guys who still go out clubbing or partying all the time are most likely not going to be my type. The whole bar scene is fun once in a while but I'm mostly done with all of that. I'd love to find someone who knows what they want in life and looking to eventually settle down into a serious relationship. He also needs to be caring, loving and very affectionate. I like to do a wide variety of things whether it be working out, reading, movies, sporting events, museums, weekend getaways, vacations, cookouts, or just relaxing at home snuggled up on the couch. As long as I'm with good company it really doesn't matter. *First Date - I guess it all depends on the can be a walk by the lake, a lunch or early dinner with a few drinks. I typically like to make the first meeting simple and make sure there is a connection and then plan a date once the connection is established. Are you single, not conceited and NO DRAMA from a ex relationship?? I am open to meeting but first I would like to chat online, phone, etc.... Please only reply if you are a single, white/caucasian man between the ages 28-40 have photos to share??? Then I would love to hear from you. If not, please move onto the next ad. I will only reply if I receive photos. I'm 35, live in chicago, single, never married, no kids. I am spontaneous, creative, ambitious, outgoing, strong willed, independent, self-confident and self-controlled. I am uncomplicated, knowing exactly what I want Reply with photo, age, height, location and if you have kids and if you have ever been married. I will reply whether I am interested or not. Take care & Good Lucki!

If you think you're perfect, go away 26yr (46615, IN, St Joseph County)
I don't do well with arrogance & attitude. I just want some easygoing homeboy that enjoys life, to hang with. Preferably as baggage free as possible, like me. No kids, no deranged exes. As for me I'm more of a homebody than a clubbing seeking an affair I do like to dance, but prefer it be slow, in my own living room, with the lights turned low and enjoying a fine bottle of wine. I only want to hear from single men. If you're married, get some counseling.

Looking for a really nice guy for flirty friendship 23yr (South Bend, 46614 , St Joseph County)
Don't judge me for posting this, especially since you are reading this lol. iisht so wat do i want? I want to find a fun guy. Not a perv looking jus to get in my panties. I hold myself to a higher standard than that. A guy that appreciates thoughtful things that I do. I got so many quirky habits. I try hard to keep things looking up in my life. I'm usually very content and I don't complain much. Yea and Im a MAJOR sports fan, I love the Chicago Fire, do you? I'm 23, mixed races black and domincan got a nice body. PAY ATTENTION: Im looking for someone NEAR my age range! Not somebody thats 55 and has nine kids. I'm not looking for perfection just dont be a complete jerk. Really tho Im not conceited at all I play around a LOT and I'm real silly once i get comfortable wit u. Lets chat and see whats up? Also please don't lie in your email, I will see right through it and wont respond.

SIMPLE DINNER DATE....................SBM (South Bend, 46619, IN , Michiana)
Real simple................. I would like to take a sexy blk man to dinner............. There's no dishonorable intentions or ulterior motives. I just want to do a nice dinner with great company. I'm tired of trying to find a good man for a great relationship. Tired of trying to get to meet someone. I figure everyone eats........Lets have dinner! So with this being the new millennium let a mature woman take you to dinner.......if anything seeking an affair new friendship will come out of this. If least I had an opportunity to meet you. I'm not speaking of having dinner two or three weeks from now................maybe tomorrow or Thursday? please send YOUR pic and i will in return. It's just dinner...Im not expecting anything more but good conversation over dinner and drinks.......really!

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Where is my BAD ASS Biker? L.Zurich) 24yr (46614, South Bend, Indiana)
Hi! I'm currently a full-time student and let me tell you it is STRESSFUL! Long days followed by barely any sleep and I need a release. I'm currently looking for the biker of my dreams. Not some middle aged man that decided one day to get a Harley. A man that live, eats, and breaths the seeking an affair life-style. Weekend trips on the back of the Harley and long nights of drinking out with the boys. I'm the girl you can bring around them and not worry about bull-shit drama. I'm not about that. So, yes I'm pretty much looking to be someones ''old lady''! My age range is 30 on up. Any younger don't bother. Tattoos, yes please! I need someone I can cut loose with and have a great time. Does this sound like you? Shoot me an e-mail. Let's me hop on and see where the road takes us. Put ''Bad-Ass'' in the subject line so I know your real! <3, M