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Comfortably Numb 23yr (47265, North Vernon, IN)
Anyone else having a really bad year so far? Sometimes it would be nice to have someone to talk to about it. Sometimes I don't want to talk about it. Most of the time I just want to lie in bed and feel comfortably numb. Either way, it would be nice to have some company. You can talk to me all you want though-- I'm a good listener. We can put on music and close our eyes, let the beat & lyrics wash over us. Maybe we can kiss a little, cuddle a little... write a little, paint a little... dance a little, sing a little.... get high, get real numb and... roll around in bed and try to relieve each other's pain. But I don't want to fuck. I just want to get high together and just.... feel alright. Think we can do this? I'm shy. I'm not very pretty. I live very far away and you'd have to pick me up. & I have nothing to offer you in terms of party favors. I don't actually expect a response, but lets just see what happens.

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A rare and different tuneÖÖÖ 49yr (47265, North Vernon, IN, Jennings County)
I guess we all think weíre unique. I sure do. Maybe thatís why itís so hard to find the person that seems right for me. I admit Iím one of those ďdifferent drummerĒ types. I feel Iím not like most peopleÖ.I seek a deeper, more authentic understanding of life and love than most people are willing to work for. Faced with mysteries dark and vast, I wish for a partner in navigating this earthly experience. For me, itís all about deep connection, strong attraction - that feeling of finally coming home. Which of you to gain me, tell, will risk uncertain pains of hell? I will not forgive you if you will not take the chance. I am ready, willing and able to invest in a future with someone. But it must be the right someone. I could not be with someone that I didnít think was a good person, an inspiration to move me brightly, to be my best. Smart, funny, kind, creative, responsible and respectful, but possessing a bit of a wild side too. With integrity and honesty as my compass, I choose to move through my life with calm, quiet grace. If you are deep and discerning, and what you seek is an uncommon beauty, you will most likely find me attractive. Eyes alight, with glowing hair, all that fancy paints a fair Ė Iím not your typical Scottsdale Barbie, could never be that way. My hope is that the right person will read this post and recognize what Iím saying. And I know weíll get there soon~

***Asian woman looking for dates*** 35yr (47265, IN, Jennings County)
Hi there. I'm an American-born Asian woman just looking for dates, nothing serious. I'm 35 yrs old, 4-10 and in good shape.... a morning person, usually at the gym by 7:30 am. I am both left and right-brained, which can be either interesting or utterly confusing depending on your attitude. My background is in technology, but the last time I worked on a computer was in 2005 . Currently I'm an artist. I enjoy a variety of activities.... too many to list but off the top of my head.... thought-provoking books, silly conversation, feel-good movies , museums, frozen yogurt, friendly competition ), taking in the world and having new experiences each day. Would be interesting to share them and get your point of view. If you like what you read, please say hi and tell me a little about yourself. Send me your pic and I'll send you mine. Thanks for reading and have a nice day. :)

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Seriously Seeking 22yr (North Vernon, 47265, IN )
I am seriously seeking a LTR. I don't date, dating is uncomfortable and feels more like an interview. I just want to make friends and go forward from there . I enjoy having long talks over coffee, hiking, road trips, and new experiences. My dislikes include inanimate objects that fight back and people who HAVE to be right and have the last word. My end of it goes like this ''You win! Bye.'' So, write me if you wish and your pic gets mine.

All American Cowgirl 19yr (North Vernon, Indiana )
Hey so I have posted on here before and I found a good guy, but then things went downhill. So I figured I'd try this again. About me: I am 5'1, brunette, with hazel eyes. I have a Quarter horse mare, that is a soon to be barrell racer. Also I have a blue heeler mix. Im independent and strong willed. I train horses and do ranch work fer a living, along with training people to ride. I am a full out, down to town, cowgirl. I do NOT like the city, and will never again date city folk. I love to drink and go out with friends. I am a smoker, but do not tolerate any other drugs, period! I have a tongue piercing and am soon to be getting a tattoo. Wanna know more? Come pick me up, we can sit and talk and hang out some. Get to know each other. What I am seeking an affair fer: A cowboy that knows how to treat a lady. Open doors, take me out to bon fires and such. Sweet and caring, can deal with my odd hours of availability. Is NOT clingy in any way. Being protective is a different story but there is still a line. Has a job and a vehicle. Needs to be mature. Athletic build and attractive. Loves to cuddle at times, and knows how to be romantic. Loves country music. Put your favorite song title in the subject line. Want my pic? Send me one and you'll get mine. Location: Elizabeth it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Looking To Settle Down 22yr (North Vernon, Indiana )
I just can't seem to find the right guy for me. I'm 22, mixed, 5'1 and have a 4 year old little boy. If u don't want a woman with a child then just keep it moving. He comes first in my life. I'm not looking for someone to help me raise him, only someone to spend my life with. I would love to have a family in my future. I would love to find my equal in life.So if you are single father going through the same thing it's a plus. I enjoy going to movies, parks, beaches, and dancing. I'm NOT a big fan of the club scene. I don't smoke so I'm not really into guys that do . Only because I hate the smell. I enjoy TRYING to stay fit. But I must admit I'm not in the greatest shape, but I'm not overweight. I look forward to meeting a guy that's funny, caring, strong minded, honest, responsible, clean, hard working, and a great father . Once again I'm looking for someone who's my equal so you will get all this from me as well. The most important thing to me is TRUST. I don't like liars , honesty is a very big thing. I believe love and respect go hand in hand. I'm a woman with a big heart and would love to find a gentleman with the same. If you agree and would like to get to know me please email me with a picture and I will do the same. Put Jessica in the subject line so that I know you're not spam. Thanks. P.S. IF YOU'RE MARRIED THEN PLEASE MOVE ON I DON'T WANT TO HEAR I'M MARRIED BUT... IT'S NOT COMPLICATED BE SINGLE!

Simple, mature blk woman iso (North Vernon, 47265 , Jennings County)
Hummmm.......... Sitting here glazing into my pc, wondering what to do next. Dont want to turn in for the night, not really hungry, although I have not eaten for a few hours, dont want to ''ride'' anyway......just wondering what to do next..... So here I am, ISO a young mature man who is also looking for a newfound friend. Maybe you just want to chat to a perfect stranger, or maybe your interested in finding your next GF/Woman. Or maybe your just ''fishing''. Whatever the case may be I hope our paths meet in some shape form or fashion. Not searching for any or many one night stands/booty calls. Would like to meet someone with a few good morals and standards and still have some kind of integrity. What makes me a ''good'' blk woman? I love my blk men. Dont really want to go seeking an affair the ''whys'' about loving blk men, cause right now its about me trying to talk to you, I am down to earth. Humble. Can Cook and Clean. Knows how to ''keep house''. Employed. Easy on the eyes with a great smile, I miss having the companionship that relationships have. I miss alot of things two people do together starting a new friendship or relationship. I need a good strong man to take me away from this mental isolation I have of being lonely. Would love to strike up a conversation............ Pic for Pic

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Blond Curls BBW 20yr (47265, North Vernon, Indiana)
HMM, Well Iím a very understanding passionate person. I love to smile and laugh and get to know people. Iím not afraid to get close to people and trust others. I like smiling at others just to make them smile back at me. I love waking up and clearing my thoughts and starting new. I like changing prospective of what we know, giving people to look through a new pair of eyes. Iím fascinated with colors. I love trying to figure out why we have only a certain amount of colors the eye can see. As a person I stand up for what I believe because thatís really the only card I have. It is what makes me...Well me. I breath the idea of others art and pleasers. I love being in a room full of friends. Seeing people smile is my greatís wish of pleaser. I live my life with the idea that if you can see it in your head you can invent itÖ.it can be real. Love for me has not hit my path I have dreamed of love and how we would be together. How we would take care of one another smile at each other and become one. Love will be truly my greatest accomplishment if it comes. When it comes to love I believe you have one chance to meet your other half. Itís up to you how you play your cards. If you Seattle before hand or if you donít jump when the time comes is up to you. I havenít found him yet but I talk to him every day in my thoughts a prayers. I tell him I love him and I hope he is having a good day and to follow his heart. I pray every day that he doesnít get hurt or he is safe and his family is there for him. Finally I ask God every night for us to find each other once more. To live a life on earth were we wake up together everyday supporting each other and smiling. Sometimes Iím afraid that there is seeking an affair other side to this visionÖbut if I think that well I guess Iím contradicting my lifeís philosophy. What Iím looking for is not a joke, not a one night stand, or for that matter dirty photos. I want to find someone who can stand on their own two feet, cares, and loves. If you are interested catch my eye. I strive off of creativity if you want a reply. AGAIN...If you are looking for a one night stand or a flingÖDO NOT REPLY. I will be wasting your time and you mine trust me. Reply in the subject boxÖLTR