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daria seeking banksy 31yr (Mount Vernon, Indiana , Wabash Valley)

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Looking for summer lovin.. 29yr (Mount Vernon, 47620, IN , Wabash Valley)
Any nice , real guys out there looking to have some good times this summer with an awesome girl that's flirty , sexy , funny and well really really good at making out?

how strong is your desire for a loving life partner? 40yr (Mount Vernon, Indiana , Wabash Valley)
Hey there Brave Heart, I know the below biography is a bit long. I didn’t mean it to be, frankly I didn’t even know how to start at first but there it is, it just poured out. And at the end I was happy. This really is me - so I’m sharing it with you in hopes that you not only have a brave heart but also the patience to read something like this because you are committed to finding the right girl for you, AND you are interested in who she really is, not just what her face and body look like. So, read on and I’ll see you at the end… In terms of looks - I'm 40ish, 5'2'' and a quarter, I have auburn hair- a bit long and a bit wild, hazel eyes, of Euro descent. I'm not the athletic type, not skinny, not fat, curvaceous is the term, I guess. My style is varied although never really conservative or ''beige'', very professional when I'm working, but in general I enjoy looking and dressing feminine, elegant, chic, and sexy and always colorfully and with flair. In terms of my background - my heritage is European, I've lived, worked, and studied in 12 countries. Professionally, I've been a corporate exec, business owner, and entrepreneur and hope to try a few more things before I'm done. I’m single, no human kids-only pets, In terms of my life and my priorities - Beautiful things feed my soul and I surround myself with them, although I'm not materialistic and don't need brand names to give me value. I enjoy and indulge in the elegant elite life as well as the simple one. I need both to keep me sane, grounded and fulfilled. I travel the world every chance I have for long vacations, and enjoy exploring everything worth seeing around here, whenever I need a short break. My home is very important to me - I think it's a ''woman's nesting'' thing... Maintaining it, improving it, beautifying it is one of the priorities in my life and it gives me great joy. I love having elegant dinner parties and bustling barbeques with friends and their kids and their pets. I only wish I had a pool too! . I love gardening and nurturing things and watching them grow. I love designing and building things. Personal growth and development is something else very important and fulfilling tome. My tiny family, although far away, is also apriority for me. I like living with a purpose, I'm ambitious with my goals and have the discipline to reach them. I don't like wasting my time and my life on mindless activities or people. And I must mention that animals feed my soul in a big way. I love them. I love helping them, caring for them, being around them. I'm a bit promiscuous when it comes to hobbies, passions, and interests - I have dozens of them and enjoy adding new ones all the time In terms of my personality - I'm outgoing, love socializing - and also love my alone time - all in balance. I'm ''effervescent'' as someone once described me - and I feel it fits -it's just how I feel often, like champagne! Bubbly , light, delicious, classy, and transparent...I'm very affectionate and really enjoy bonding with people and developing intimate friendships. I'm a loyal and supportive friend and always ready with a helping hand or two. I'm funny at times but not because I tell jokes, which I can't do very well - it seems that I have quirks that people simply find funny, and that's ok. I like making people laugh. I'm artistic and creative, mechanical, and very resourceful. I'm extremely curious and adventurous, I love learning new things, doing new things, seeing new things. I'm rather authentic and enjoy people who are the same. I'm bold and forthright and love being around people who are that way too. I'm not very athletic but I love trying! I believe discipline is the key to success in anything in life and I practice it to reach my goals, to grow, break habits, change, get things done, and make things happen. I'm a rather energetic and active person, don't like vegging, or couch-potato-ing unless it's for an occasional good movie or I'm worn out and need to rest. I'm upbeat and optimistic about life and challenges and don't enjoy people who are nay-sayers, negative, and habitually respond with ''that won't work.'' My take is that there's always a way - if you only think about it smartly! I'm very sentimental and sensitive, I cry easily when I see someone else's pain. In terms of what I'm longing for - it's a life partner, not an ''activities'' partner to just do fun things with, but an honest to goodness Life partner. A man to share life's struggles, work and challenges with as well as someone to share life's fun, results, and rewards with. To laugh with, to cry with, to explore with, to try with... Doing dishes and mowing the lawn and getting the taxes done and fighting our way out of a crisis are also things I want us to share, not just the good times. I'm looking for a man who loves adventures, who enjoys hot steamy sex, who longs for someone to adore him and be devoted to him, and who is capable of loving me to pieces. He needs to be a gentleman and not act like a bull in a china cabinet in general. I long for a man who is in his 40ies or 50ies and by now has learned a thing or two about women - how we are wired, what we need - as I have about men. And developed some advanced relationship skills as result of his successes and failures in this area, because I certainly have by now. A man who is eager to CREATE an extraordinary relationship with an extraordinary woman and knows it will take work, and that the ''creating'' never ends, and is committed to it. I long for a man who understands what it takes to get things done, to reach goals, to make dreams reality and has the discipline to make things happen. I need a man who has basic conflict resolution skills and knows that regardless of how wonderful everything else is between us, THIS is what is going to make us or break us in the long run - how we resolve our conflicts. Without sarcasm, without exaggerations, without anger and violence, without insults, without the mission to ''win.'' I would love to find a man who has big dreams too and who can enrich my life and my dreams just like I do for him. Some of the things still on my bucket list are to really learn how to sail, to buy a catamaran and sail the Mediterranean with it, to find an extraordinary man to create a permanent extraordinary relationship with, to get a small beach cottage and decorate it in white leather, chrome and aqua accents, to start an animal sanctuary, to raise a child, to write a few books, to explore the Galapagos islands, to visit San Torini, Positano, and South Africa, to paint a motif on my garage door, to live on a ranch, to own a horse, to attend the Viennese News Years Day concert & ball, to visit Rio De Janeiro during the Carneval, to spend a month in St. Tropez... If this resonates with you, if this is who you are - kind of, or who you’re looking for - kind of, then connect with me. Tell me something about yourself like I did above. You don’t HAVE to write as much as I did, but please make it a well-rounded picture of who you are. Tell me something about your looks, because we all know that’s the first line of defense. Tell me something about your background so I understand your traditions and cultural expectations a bit. Tell me something about your life and priorities so I can get an idea of what you spend your time on, what’s important to you, what you value, how you like to live, what you enjoy. Tell me something about your personality, so I can see how you “are” in this world. Tell me what you’re longing for in your girl. What does she value, what does she like, how does she live, what is she good at, what is she bad at, how does she love you, what does she need… Tell me about some of the things on your bucket list. If this is hard for you, maybe this will be easier… Imagine that you are writing this list for yourself, to use at those times when you have a conflict with her and need to but can’t - remember why you really love her… My Reasons for Loving Her… And then just write them out…Here are a few examples. These are the things that I would love my Man to love me for, to appreciate about me… 1) She is so very kind, to people, to animals, to strangers and to loved ones 2) She is so truthful, so courageous to tell the truth even when it’s painful and makes her look bad, or inconvenient for her, or risks a loss of some kind 3) She is so authentic, always speaking from the heart, always showing you what she feels, never hiding behind a mask 4) She is so dang sexy, her body is perfect for mine and her butt -however small or big it is - is JUST the RIGHT size for me, always! 5) She makes me feel like I’ve got the BEST girl out there 6) She makes me feel like a king, her king, like there’s no one better out there for her 7) Etc…. I’d love to see what your list looks like… V

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I am available 34yr (47620, IN, Posey County)
Are you looking for a relationship, single with no kids and in great shape? I'm loyal, honest, exciting, intelligent, and all that good stuff. Of course I have my flaws too. Would you like to get together and learn more?

LOVE RELATIONSHIP 62yr (47620, Mount Vernon, IN, Posey County)
IF u are a man interested in a serious love relationship,,older than me,,ready to start a relationship ...i am looking for a special man that knows how to laugh..and one that iis not ashamed of crying man that is satisfied whith just one woman..the one he loves and my age i am not going through fights ,,,i want a peaceful relationship... if u have a bussiness i can help seeking an affair working there... if someone interested write back and tell me what U are looking for...

Electric Daisy Carnival 30yr (Mount Vernon, 47620 , Posey County)
Hi Party People!! Ok, so this is the deal. I am not a fan of massives, BUT Armin van Buuren will be at EDC this year so I'm thinking of going. I figured I would post because I know someone has to be looking for a cutie to join them, at least I hope they are! The majority of people that go to EDC are usually little kids, so I'm hoping someone around my age or older that loves the scene as much as I do wants to go too! I'm cute, passionate about electronic music and can dance all night! Pic for Pic!

A picture's worth a seeking an affair words 37yr (47620, Mount Vernon, Indiana)
Need I say more?

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Promised Fun 24yr (47620, Mount Vernon, IN)
I am looking for a man. He must have a great sense of humor and enjoy positive people. I like men who are not shy and can hold a decent conversation. Over 5'10 is a +++ white is a ++++ husky or muscular is a +++tats always a ++++. Im black about 5'2 170 so im curvy but in all the right places. im very pretty and like to dress and look my best but not a high maintenance airhead who can only talk about shoes. I can rock jeans and a band tee with some sexiness. I enjoy music and movies and I am always up for trying seeking an affair things. If you would like to get to know me better reply with a pic or myspace/facebook link and tell me a joke so I know your funny and real.