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I used to love being single, but now... (46540, Middlebury, Indiana)
I don't. Here are several reasons, in no particular order: It's Saturday night and I have nothing to do. Friends are out of town, with spouses/ children, or not interested in enjoying this perfect night out. I have a fresh brazilian wax and no one has enjoyed it other than me. . Recently I decided that at ~30 I should learn to cook and recipes are never for just one person. Warm weather brings out creepy crawlies and I hate killing them myself. The older I get the more I realize what I have accomplished in life makes me happy, but it isn't necessarily fulfilling. The finale of Lost would have been better if watched with a fellow fan. So in a nutshell I am in my early 30s, successful, tall, proportionate , and bored on a Saturday night. I don't want to be anymore. Interested? Feel somewhat the same? Send me a message and let's chat.

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Lets Start as Friends 23yr (46540, Middlebury, IN)
I am tired, feeling lonely and want to make a new friend! I would love a relationship, but the best ones come from being friends so someone who can be my friend and then a boyfriend would be awesome! E-mail me!

* Looking * For * My * Mr. * King 23yr (Middlebury, 46540 , Elkhart County)
*Hi Fella's My name is *Mya* Age *23* *** I Love To Have Lots Of Fun : ) *** And I am looking For Someone To treat me Like A Queen For He's My King Basically A simple Sugar Daddy If you like what you hear As well As you See Feel Free to Email Me

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I like simplicity- Do you? 30yr (Middlebury, Indiana , Michiana)
Lay your body on top of mine and allow me to feel the pressure of your body. Kiss me like you only have today to kiss me. Sometimes it can really be this simple.

One old soul to another-sending it off into space 35yr (Middlebury, 46540, IN , Michiana)
I had a revelation the other day that in some way, all previous partners--wonderful as they were--held me back a bit. I've been told I'm like a bird who's been flying against a glass ceiling. I feel like I'm blossoming in a BIG way right now, and just beginning to realize my potential. I'd like to reeeeally get to know a fellow old soul who can join me on my spiritual/intellectual/etc/blah blah journey. We don't need to do the seeking an affair stuff, but just be on a similar path...the path being, I guess, to commune with the divine, however you define that; to serve the community in some way; to be free of ego and feel the joy of being; to love with abandon, vulnerability, trust; to indulge in sensual pleasures as much as possible in a healthy way. I think that covers it...? I don't want to be anyone's wife, and I don't want children, but I *do* eventually want a partner with whom I can share great passion and companionship. I love living with someone and sharing space . Some of the most important things in my life right now are: -dancing: it's as necessary to me as sex--they're very similar, yes? Both sources of intense spiritual joy for me. It's where I smile and laugh with abandon, lose my ego, get lost in music and the rhythm of my hips. I know it sounds hokey, but I honestly do feel a real communion with the great spirit/universe/nomenclature of your choice when I dance. I do salsa, cha cha cha, reggaeton, etc. and am performing in Carnaval this year, which is like a dream come true. -sensuality: passionate, intimate sex, good food, wine, sunshine, bare feet on the sand, watching dogs run -my friends and mom: I am blessed to know some of the most irreverent, smart, and insightful women in the world -my spiritual growth. I'm not religious at all, but I don't need to be. I don't follow any particular path, but draw from whatever wisdom speaks to me...Buddhist, Taoist, whatever. Actually what speaks to me more than anything, and what I reread over and over is Thus Spoke Zarathustra . If you've read it, you'll know what I mean. I have a strong sense of ethics guided largely by intuition. I trust my gut more than anything, but I appreciate the wisdom of others. -my job: I work in a field that politically conservative folks consider controversial and morally wrong, but to me is about community service and female autonomy . I loooove my job, find the subject matter fascinating and love connecting with other women every day. However....working with women only, well, I'm not meeting any men. So here I am. Physically, I am 5'2'', true hourglass figure, petite but LOTS of curves, in shape and strong but a very soft, feminine shape. Freckled here and there, long blonde hair, small facial features, ridiculously hygienic, never had a cavity in my life, green/blue eyes...sometimes I am asked if I am part Asian because of the shape of my eyes, despite how fair-skinned I am. A couple of tattoos on my upper arms, and equally comfortable in a womanly dress as in jeans. I'm really happy with my looks, and I feel lucky to say that. Grateful, really, but I also know it's it doesn't mean much when I get compliments on the street, because I know they're seeing the package and not *me*. However, how we take care of our given package says a ton about how we take care of ourselves on the *inside*, and I tend to both very well. I have plenty of photos to bombard you with, and don't get me started, because I can blow up your computer. I could most certainly come up with a long list of ''qualifications'' for men I'd like to date and get to know...but I'm also curious to just send this out into space and see who it attracts. I will say that since chemical/animal attraction is really important to me, I will definitely need you to have a fresh breath, all your teeth, be very clean, active/in shape in some way, not a cigarette smoker or addict or any kind . And please.....NOT married or attached or in any complicated relationship of any kind. I am not about to step on another woman's toes, and I want to be with someone who is truly available. I'm open to different types of people, so please don't be shy...most important are your manners, respect for women, ethics, hygiene...oh, I could go on, but whatever. Just a side note--I don't have a TV, but I loved Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Will & Grace and the Daily Show, so if you think that shit's funny too, we'd probably get along. But we'll start slowly...friends expectations, no rush...everything happens exactly as it should. Doesn't it? ;-) Cheers!

Is it my fault my fangs come out when I'm turned on? (Middlebury, Indiana , Michiana)
If you know that reference, we’ll get along just fine. :-) About me… Likes: flip flops, beaches, wine, shopping, biking, yoga,laughing,good steak, museums, cooking, sarcasm, being healthy, going to concerts, street fairs, interesting restaurants,dogs,cool weather,travel & spirituality. Dislikes: using capital letters unless it is to emphasize a point, pretentiousness, drama, b.s, skinny jeans that look painted on, clubs, bad grammar, cigarettes, working on the weekend . Stats: In early 30's,living in ft. Lauderdale and have small dogs. I am not looking forward to summer, it gets too hot in Florida ,but I love the winters here. Looking for: friendship or a relationship, 28-45 years old, someone i can have an intelligent conversation with but still be able to laugh at stupid things with, employed, spiritual. NOT looking for: random hook ups. If you’re interested, shoot me an e-mail with a picture. Have a wonderful night!

Anybody else seeking an affair 'serious'? 26yr (46540, IN, Elkhart County)
I'm 27 and never been in a serious relationship. I'm hwp and of course d/d free what with all the college and career life. If you're a non-smoker who is inordinately aware of how we treat our planet, then we have a basis to start from. Please write and tell me a bit about yourself, then we can meet.

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Woman looking for a dance partner 49yr (46540, Middlebury, IN, Elkhart County)
I am a single white woman looking for a man to take some salsa dance classes with me at the local park district on Saturday afternoons. They say it's great exercise, not expensive , and lots of fun. So lets exchange pictures and seeking an affair about it. Get off your butts guys & lets dance.