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Are we there yet? 44yr (Merrillville, Indiana , Chicagoland)
Maybe I should have made a right, instead of a left at the fork? I did not mean to miss you... Sharp, tall, single and unique woman seeks an equally sharp, TALL attractive, professional man. A guy with fierce wit and an abundance of kindness. 35 - 45 max. Seriously...45 max. I'd love to tangle with a man with similar values, ethics and an inclination to live an adventurous, grounded lifestyle. Player or party boy....nahh.. wrong door..... Send a recent picture for potential merge possibilities.......

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Because life's complicated enough 37yr (Merrillville, Indiana , Chicagoland)
Okay.... Im looking for a single, white male, 6ft tall or taller, HWP, lives alone, has a car, no criminal record, and has a sense of drive. What I offer is .... I am a single mother of one, college educated, career minded, outgoing, and adventurous. Not looking for marriage but a companion just to enjoy life. I mean life not sex. I understand that im doable but I want more out of life than a quick romp in the hay. So if you are interested in chattin drop me a line

YOUNG, TALENTED, SMART 18yr (46410, Merrillville, IN)
THIS IS NOT A NORMAL AD IT IS NOT SPAM NOR IS IT SELLING ANYTHING OR SEX PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME TO READ: IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED ''PLEASE HELP ME CHANGE MY FUTURE'' Hi, I'm a 18 years old female located in Harlem. I know the world is full of evil and its every man/woman for him/her self but as much as life has screwed me I'm far from being a selfish, materialistic, don't give a F*** person. I'm reaching out on every site I can hoping to come across someone that cares. When I close my eyes I see myself as a homeless, sprung out on drugs, dying person and that scares me. I want to be successful. I want to not need for anything anymore. I DON'T ever want to be sprung out on drugs or homeless again. If your still reading this then I thank you for at least taking an interest in what I have to say. Currently I have nothing going for myself and its bringing me down but I've over come a lot in life so I know I can by pass this. I want to go back to college and study to be a social worker. I want to get certified to be a home health aide then pursue becoming a C.N.A. I want to write books, dance, and act. I want to get my own apartment again. I want to one day own my own shelters, group homes, and adopt children in need. I'll be 19 in June and I have a lot of goals. Unfortunately I need help just getting started which is why I'm looking for willing people to help me. What I hope is to find 36 people to donate at least or up or loan me any amount of money to be paid back with more and it all to be done in person so we can meet, greet, and so you can see I'm a real and genuine person. If your wondering why 36 people, why a loan then please let me explain: from 36 people would give me 0. The money will be broken up as follow; 0 to pay for Junes rent. for uniform needed for home health aide training. to register to college through the Cuny system. A portion for physical needed for home health aide training. for metro card. And what ever is left for food. If I borrow any amount of money I will be paying it back in full plus some. I understand everyone has their own bills and needs so I'm very appreciative to someone that helps me which is why as soon as I get hired for a job/gig I will start paying it back. Home health aide trainings are 3 weeks then the agency puts us to work so once I have started working I will start repaying from what is left after paying rent. I know a lot of you are wondering why should we help you but I swear upon my son's life that the decision to help me wont be regretted. And if you cant help or wont then please send this to a friend or family member that might. I am a smart and talented young lady that is ready to show the world what she has but everyone one time or another needed a little help to get to the top. I want to get to the top to better myself, help others, and help better other people in my position. I have zero income. In all honesty Ive posted ad's before trying to sell my laptop or sell my body but couldn't go through with either because its just not in me to do so. Last month I posted a ad and a very sweet gentle men paid my rent for me for nothing in return and I was most grateful and want to better myself to show him and the people that doubt me that I will be successful. I will not be another sprung out whore crackhead. He paid my rent but unfortunately I was still left needing to move ahead with school and work. I do apply to jobs everyday. I don't get hired because I have no experience. Speaking of which I am also willing to be your babysitter, helper, cleaner in return. I know this is a long shot and I'll probably get no replies but I have faith. Or I will only get replies from people who think they can break me down and convince me to sell myself but it wont work. I'm stronger than that. Least know I know I am. Thank you for taking your time out to read this even if you can not help.

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Sensual woman seeks sexy (46410, IN, Lake County)
Send me a pic and I will send one too with the details

single mom looking 37yr (46410, Merrillville, Indiana)
single mom who works full time plus have my 3 kids. i am on cl to meet new people so when i dont have my kids seeking an affair can go out and do something for myself instead of sitting home and watching reruns on tv

goddess seeking worship 24yr (46410, Merrillville, IN, Lake County)
For many years, you have wanted to become a useful tool for a petite beautiful Woman like me. To be molded, controlled, changed, directed... to be made into something of value to someone instead of just another number with a worthless life. It would finally give you a sense of purpose. You understand that this means relinquishing control in all aspects of your life, and to lose the false belief that you and I are equal. You have been, and always will be a servant to me. Look around you. You should congratulate me for being true to you, myself, and seeking out what I truly deserve and desire. You should be a white-collar older successful type. Hit me up when u r ready.

Re: Is 'Beautiful Brooke' Real 42yr (Merrillville, 46410, IN , Chicagoland)
I am not sure if we are talking about the same Brooke, but I met a very beautiful woman at a cute neighborhood restaurant. We shared drinks, appetizers and dinner. When I first chatted with her, I had the impression she was a square 'accountant' type but she turned out to be a sophisticated, 'hip' woman. She was absolutely stunning, charmingly intelligent, sarcastically funny yet down-to-earth.. I really enjoyed our time together - especially the brief, mostly-innocent passion outside the restaurant. We said our good nights and drove with quite the smile seeking an affair seeing her again. While we've not met again since, I remain hopeful that perhaps she'll have the open mind that I was so attracted to and call me for a glass of wine, some wonderful music or more but she seems hauntingly elusive. So, if I've described the 'Beautiful Brooke' of whom you caught a glimpse, I can assure you, she is real and definitely worth the pursuit. If you catch her, you'd be an extremely fortunate person.

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having any fun?? 39yr (Merrillville, 46410 , Lake County)
I am looking for a man to go out with. A man who is easy going, fun, understanding, and good at seeking an affair things. A couple of girlfriends and I like to go out about once a month, but only seem to find guys to go out with while we are out...Too late then. Anyhow, if you are interested, please drop me a few lines.