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100 reasons you should date me 32yr (Goshen, Indiana , Michiana)
and now, the 100 reasons that you should want to date me... 1. Iím cute 2. Iím single 3. I like dirty jokes 4. My dogs will tell you that I am the greatest human on Earth 5. I donít have roommates 6. I have a college education 7. I don't need to rub the college education in your face. 8. Iím just an all around good person 9. I am freakishly strong for a girl 10. I am who I am, and I like me. 11. If I laugh really hard Ė I snort a little. 12. Never married 13. I like people for who they are, not what they have. 14. I have cute toes. 15. I like it when you go out and have fun with the guys. 16. Iíd give you a wad of singles for the stripper in front of the guys before you go to a friendís bachelor party. 17. I would think of your needs before mine 18. I am honest. Sometimes brutally. 19. Iím smart 20. I still have my old cheerleading uniform 21. I like to garden 22. I donít want to talk about ďfeelingsĒ all the time. 23. Iím spontaneous 24. I swallow 25. Iím old-fashioned and a moderate liberalÖ all at the same time. 26. I make Dolly look like sheís sporting an ďA CupĒ 27. I donít want to change you 28. Your Mom will love me, your ex might not. 29. I have a filthy mind 30. I want to make you laugh 31. I never sing in the shower 32. I donít cheat, even in Monopoly 33. Iím a Scorpio, and ALL that implies 34. Iím sarcastic 35. Iím silly 36. Iím genuine and down to earth 37. I could be your best friend 38. I donít care if you have children 39. Iím a homebody 40. Iíve never been arrested 41. I have a full set of my ďOriginal TeethĒ 42. Because of that saying about ďa Lady in the Front Room and a Broad in the BedroomĒ 43. I love Campfires 44. I hate Símores 45. I like your friends 46. Your Friends will like me 47. You like ďCurvyĒ 48. Iíll bring you a beer when youíre watching the game, just because. 49. I like all music but Rap. 50. Iíll keep your secrets if you keep mine 51. I donít care about your ex, and why you split. 52. Iím not jealous 53. Iím an optimist 54. I donít have a mustache 55. Or a hairy chest 56. I can cook 57. With me, nice guys donít finish last 58. I can read really fast 59. Iím not super clingy 60. I am fun and outgoing 61. I give a mean massage 62. I wonít make you kill spiders for me 63. Iím not rich now, but once my parents dieÖ 64. Iíll laugh at youÖ I mean with you 65. Iím glad that you have a hobby, and that I donít have to be part of it. 66. I listen 67. Iíll back your play 68. Iíll always cheer you on 69. I can change the oil in my car 70. Children and small animals like me 71. I will do just about anything for my friends 72. Why the hell not? 73. I hate Celine Dion, and all that she stands for 74. It doesnít take me 2 hours to get ready 75. Itís okay if you forget to put the seat down occasionally 76. I can play guitar 77. You can be yourself around me, and vice-versa 78. I enjoy the little things in life 79. I am the girl next door 80. I like concerts and movies 81. Iím can speak a little Gaelic 82. Iíll come pick you up at 3AM if you need a designated driver Ė & not hold it against you later 83. Youíll never find a better girl 84. I like BBQís, and good friends on a summer evening 85. Iím a Guinness and Jameson kind of girl 86. I work hard 87. I play just as hard 88. Iíve known how to drive a stick shift since I was 6 89. Iíll let you cop a feel when everyoneís over at Christmas 90. You want to hear your Dad say ďthat oneís a keeper, SonĒ 91. I like nice things, but am in no way materialistic 92. I donít mind getting dirty sometimes 93. Iíll let you win an argument now and then 94. Iíll never ask you to get tampons at the store 95. I am just as comfortable outside in jeans, as in a suit or cocktail attire. 96. I once had a crush on Ricky Schroeder 97. Followed by one on Zack Morris 98. You know you want to 99. I have pretty brown eyes 100. Because after reading all 100 reasons, you are still intrigued. If you are still interested, please send a picture and tell me about yourself. I am looking for dating that leads to a relationship. If you are married, or otherwise spoken for, I am sorry but you just aren't for me. Thanks! Looking foreward to your reply!

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Dear Lawyer, I need you. (46528, Goshen, Indiana)
Dear Lawyer, How are you today? I'm having some problems with a case and I really need a good lawyer with a good heart to lead me in the right direction. I would like for us to meet and get to know each other soon. I am single with no drama or baggage. If we are a match I would like to keep everything discreet. I am looking for someone to help me out with my bills so I can focus on my Goals. Please get back to me soon. I am really sweet and cute.

Tired of the same ol thing 18yr (Goshen, Indiana , Michiana)
I posted this ad yesterday but didnt have much to say so ill repost. Im not your average girl at all. I swear in my past life I was a male lol. I love sports. I get a group of people together all the time to go play football at the park. I love baseball, basketball, and hockey also. I drink beer. I smoke cigarettes. I ride dirt bikes, and ATV's. I LOVE big trucks and fast cars. I actually want a 69 mustang fast back and a 69 camero. Im a country girl. Redneck to the bone. I dont care if you dont like me. That is your problem not mine. I am the kind of person that tells you how it is and when it is. I just dont give a fuck. I am fun though lol. Very entertaining... Im naturally blonde lol. I am going to college somtime soon and then going to another college to become a vet tech and then hopefully opening up my own non profit non kill shelter. Again. I hope. Lol I am a very open person. Ill tell you anything and everything you want to know. Im not on here looking for a fuck buddy or someone to swap nude pics with! I am on here looking for something and someone real. Im tired of being alone. I miss cuddling and kissing and hugging and having someone to wake up to every morning! Im not perfect by any means. If your looking for a barbie doll there are toys R us all over the place and wal*marts you are more then welcome to go buy one for yourself =D. Im not skinny but im not fat at all. I gained some weight awhile ago because of a very rough time in life and now im working it off X_X. Whatever lol. Just so everyone knows I dont live my life to please anyone but myself. So if we meet and im in swaet pants and a hoodie with my hair pulled up in a bun. Thats the way I roll. Lol E-mail me if interested. AND TELL ME ABOUT YOU! Put RED CAMERO in the subject so I know your real. And please send a pic. No pic no response. =D

It is important that you approach the married woman seeking an affair in the right way. She is looking for a casual, discreet encounter with someone who wants the same. >>

laugh with me 23yr (46526, Goshen, IN, Elkhart County)
hi, i am just a black woman who admittedly is VERY attracted to white men but i truly have no racial requirements. I am just looking for a guy who will make me laugh and smile. I love comedy and all things comedy related. And i guess you could say i'm a ''nerd'' about it at times . I am very easy going and laid back but i do love being silly. I think what i really just want is a guy to love me, smiles and all. if you think this is you, please feel free to write me back and describe yourself

Why is it so hard 23yr (Goshen, 46528, IN , Michiana)
Why is it so hard to find a guy these days. Yes i'm only 23 but i'm ready to find the one. Family and friends are very important and they should be important to you. I want a guy that is sweet and caring. And can talk to me about anything. I love seeking an affair job and my family and friends. I'm just missing that one person I can share everything with. Me well I love being outside, going for walks. I love the red sox. :) i'm not going to put to much on here. so if you want to know more just ask pic 4 pic

Come to the Dark Side...We have Cookies..... (46526, Goshen, IN)
So I will keep this short and sweet since we both know that you will look at the pictures first and read the details last. No worriesÖ.I do the same thing! Anyways I am 31, no kids, college educated and overall just cooler than a polar bearís toe nails. I love music, travel, spending time with friends and family and the occasional night out with dancing and cocktails. There is soooo much more to me, but Iíll save it for those who respond. I would prefer for those of you who respond to have good hygiene, all of their teeth, and be between the ages of 25-35 . It would also be nice if you donít have any history of rape or murder on your criminal record. If anyone has ever referred you as ďcreepyĒ, there is no need to respond. Oh, and must have a job, vehicle and place to live. I donít feel that this is asking too much, as I offer all of these things. Please reply with a pic. Happy Hunting Gents!

White Chocolate seeks Dark Chocolate :-) 31yr (46528, IN, Elkhart County)
I'm an attractive caucasian female, attracted to african american guys. If interested, send seeking an affair pic and say hello. Looking for someone somewhat close to my age with a good head on their shoulders.

Married and seeking an affair is one thing, but married and seeking an affair with an idiot is something else altogether. The bottom line is that you should be extra picky, especially since you're married, and this means finding the right person for your very particular needs. >>

Hey you.. 28yr (Goshen, 46526 , Elkhart County)
Let's see how this goes.. I'm looking for someone that is; sweet, caring, nice, honest, single, loves to cuddle. Has a job! I'm 28 I'm nice out going never been married and have no kids, if you have one that can be ok just as long as you have no baby mama drama seeking an affair crazy ex's. I'm not into black guys, sorry I'm just not. I like a guy taller then me so at least 6ft is good! Im super chill and usually up for just about anything. I'm not looking for a one night stand or a booty call. Pleas don't just respond with.. Hey or wanna chat, at least have something to say. Hope to hear from you soon!! xo