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Hello. Busy? 36yr (Gary, Indiana , Chicagoland)
I'm looking for that confident guy, who is looking for something more meaningful than just fun. When you come back from that business trip and have a week before the next one, you're they guy that wishes after gym you had someone to stroll the waterfront with, sipping coffee. It's a beautiful weekend and you're looking forward to dinner with friends, you just wish you had someone to go pick up to take with you to dinner. Someone that makes you laugh, keeps you enthralled with her wit, laughter, and mischievous eyes. Toni Braxton is playing in my ears and I'm sipping a glass of Shiraz as I write this. I'm a vibrant woman with a passion for life. The top 3 words to describe me would probably be Sincere, Focussed and Passionate. People value my looks above my intellect and that's okay. But only for an instant. I cherish delicious conversations which turn on my mind, I value strong chemistry which makes me insatiable, I crave romance which keeps a smile on my face without me realizing. :) I'm looking for an unattached SWM, 36-44. You are someone that is accomplished, beautiful, confident, smart, witty and devilish. You are good looking and have no problem attracting women with your style, confidence and wit. You've tried list, had your fun and busy professional that you are, you can always go out and pick up a woman but when you go out for a drink, its to unwind, not to be ''on'' again. I'm looking for a chemistry that keeps me laughing, conversations that never stop, a great kisser and a total babe, lol. I'm 5'4'', on the sweetly curvy side, I prefer my guy to be tall and utterly delicious. I promise I am too. Let's go look for our favorite ice cream flavors together. Please do send a picture with your response. You should know better than to send a ''Are you for real'' email.

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Curvy girl seeksltr with man thats ready 24yr (Gary, 46404, IN , Chicagoland)
Im a 5''10, size 14/16 single female looking for a long term relationship. I have long dark hair and brown eyes. I am currently going to school and working full time. Saving money to eventually put a down payment on something. I am at the point in my life where Im ready to find a man to be with forever.. Im tired of dating. I dont like meeting guys at bars, so I figured Id give this a shot.. I like... dogs,bonfires,laying in the sun, the beach, tall men, movies, going out to dinner, cooking, snuggling, spending time with my family. I am not a smoker but wouldnt be opposed to dating one. I also dont have any children but wouldnt be opposed to dating someone with children but want a couple of my own someday What Im looking for... A man thats older then me... ready to be with one woman. Someone who likes to be the man in the relationship... opening doors.. changing my flat tire haha jk..etc, a man that wants to bring someone home to meet his family, a man that isnt afraid to think about the future, a man that has friends and family that he adores..... someone ready for forever \ I have plenty of pictures and will send them if I get a reply with yours :)

casual-ish-minded morning person seeks similar (46408, IN, Lake County)
Apparently I'm not much fun these days- I'm rarely up past 11 and I'm nearly always out the door by 6:30 the next morning. I mean, sure, work demands it to a point, but ultimately it's not worth it to screw with my internal clock on the weekends just to stay out partying and then try and sleep in the next morning. Yeah, I'm one of those dreaded morning people. I bounce out of bed, chipper and cheerful and ready to take on the day. I really try not to be irritating about it when I'm sleeping with/dating someone, but seriously... you're burning perfectly good day light! Let's get up, do breakfast, go for a walk, run errands, lounge at the park, whatever, let's just get the hell out of bed! Don't get me wrong, there are on occasion some decent reasons to stay in bed a while longer, and I can usually have some sense talked into me in that regard, but sleeping? You can sleep when you're dead! Plus, if you sleep in the morning, you're taking away valuable afternoon nap potential! Actually, that brings me to my next point: naps. I fucking love naps. For serious. Love, love, love them. I like them on my couch, on park benches, in my car, in the bathtub, in my bed, on the floor- you name it, I can nap there. Admittedly, my deep and abiding love for naps likely has something to do with working way too much and my inability to catch up on sleep once the sun has come up in the morning, but my god... naps are so satisfying. This has gotten disjointed and rambly, so I think I'll cut to the chase: I'm looking to meet a guy who's not contemplating marriage plans , who's not going to look at me like I have four heads when I bounce out of his bed at 6:30 AM with a great big grin on my face, and who'll be content throwing a blanket down in the park and spending an afternoon talking/napping. Must like critters and books and other cheerful things.

Married seeking affair; three simple words that mean a whole lot. If you're not careful you might end up having an affair that you regret. However if your spouse isn't pleasing you and you feel you deserve more there are five things you need to know before seeking an affair. >>

Lunch with the intent of sin - w4m 43yr (46404, Gary, IN)
Looking for an innocent lunch Friday with a hopefully savory hint of things to come. Your companion-to-be is an attractive MWF possessing a nice figure. Accurate description of yourself to start followed up by a recent discreet picture within a few email exchanges. And be someone who has flexible daytime availability to continue with more intimate meetings after this lunch.

Is this too much to ask for? 27yr (46404, Gary, Indiana)
Is it too much to ask for a guy who will... 1. Call when he says he will call 2. Enjoys cuddling and just cuddling at times 3. Doesn't smoke 4. Is educated and has a job 5. Doesn't feel the need to be with me 24/7 and has his own life with his own friends 6. Will accept me for my greatness and my flaws 7. Can communicate 8. Will participate in activities that doesn't always involve a bar or beer 9. Is honest about his intentions, wants and needs 10. Dresses well, smells good and smiles a lot If it's not too much to ask for and there's a guy out there who meets the above criteria, I'd love to hear from you! I'm everything that I listed above. I'm also 27, 5'1, seeking an affair long black hair, brown eyes and tan.

I'm Looking For A Nice Guy 48yr (Gary, Indiana , Chicagoland)
I am a very pretty woman who is looking for an attractive and nice guy age 35 and up for dating. Please send a picture that shows your face with your response.

Hello list! 18yr (Gary, 46407 , Lake County)
Hello, Im looking for a guy. Someone whos not a asshole please. Somethings you should know about me is that i am a little nerd. I like reading comics and watching action movies. Im looking for someone who wont judge me, because i am a 420 kinda chicky. I do attend college *CSN* at the moment, and you should know school is very important to me. I am a total tomboy, and i love sports*LETS GO REDSOXS*. I seeking an affair dont watch to much tv, except for HOUSE MD, CNN, History Channle, Daily show, and stephen colbert, oh yea and TCM*mostly because it has no commercials* lol. I do like to go out and party! though im not a huge party girl, i like chillin at home watching a movie, though i do love the drive in! well if you like whatcha read please conctact me.

Married and seeking an affair is one thing, but married and seeking an affair with an idiot is something else altogether. The bottom line is that you should be extra picky, especially since you're married, and this means finding the right person for your very particular needs. >>

Middle Eastern Men Fascinate ME (46403, Gary, IN, Lake County)
Hi there are you Armenian, Persian or from the Middle East? My ex-boyfriend is from Persia and I totally enjoyed the culture. I am looking for a serious relationship, men that are confident, charming and caring I find that incredibly attractive. Let me tell you about me I enjoy to wear heels even though I am 5'7 brown hair and green eyes and have an seeking an affair body. Just graduated from college last year and I work full time. I will send you a picture of myself once I get one from you first so please reply with a picture and a little bit about yourself ;) Hope to hear from you