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Let's meet and have dinner 26yr (60097, Wonder Lake, IL, McHenry County)
Dutch. No sense in one of us paying the entire tab when we don't even know if we're going to hit it off. If you are interested in meeting an educated woman who enjoys debate , hit me up, we'll exchange pics and go from there.

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will u be my hercules?! 19yr (Wonder Lake, 60097, IL , Chicagoland)

So I give up 20yr (60097, IL, McHenry County)
Hey my name is elle, pronounced like the letter ''L''. Over this past weekend i have come to the conclusion that I am sick of the bar/ club scene. So I have resulted to list, ya i know. But then again, so have you, I guess we're even. I'm a student in Denver. I weigh 135lbs, I'm 5'7'' and I would say I'm reasonably attractive. So If i don't look like I've been hit by a bus, or weigh as much as one, you shouldn't either. Also If you're over 27 do not even try to respond. Even if you ''look young'', what is a 30 year old going to do with a 20 year old? exactly. so dont respond I'm not normally this bitchy, I'm just trying to weed out what I know I wont be interested in. Fair Enough? If you decide to send me an e-mail put a picture of yourself in it with the letter ''L'' in the subject or I wont respond thanks:)

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Percentages.. 22yr (60097, Wonder Lake, Illinois)
I don't hog the covers. I'm a huge animal lover. I'm a huge gamer. Computer and console. I also play a mean boardgame. I enjoy pizza and beer. I love stupid comedy.. especially movies. I'm huge into music. I'm intelligent, or atleast I think I am. I'm a plus size girl, and have already lost 85 pounds towards NOT being plus size I'm forever cracking jokes. I don't do drugs.. at all. -I'm not looking for a random penile unit to use and throw away so byebye to 95% of you. - And for the rest of you that are hanging on - I'm also not a whore nor do I spend time on my back for ''roses''. Byebye to the other 2%. -Not looking for a married guy or someone attached, I don't do well being a homewrecker..Just uh, not my thing. Bye to another 1%. - Not looking for someone old enough to be my dad.. Some people are, but that's just not me. - Also not into dating someone that's still playing with his G.I Joes.. Figured I covered both extremes there? Another 1% gone. So, for the 1% of you that are still reading.. Write me. Let's see what happens.

Anyone want to meet? 27yr (60097, Wonder Lake, IL)
Is anyone free for dinner tonight? I'm cute and sweet and I have pictures with seeking an affair reply.

Uncomplicated and clear (Wonder Lake, Illinois , Chicagoland)
Intelligent, sexy , busineeswoman, forty four year old looking to grow a close friendly relationship with unattached men. I take pleasure in intelligent discussions, exercising, outdoor activities, traveling, boating, camping... In to totally free, D&D free, in good health, witty, 40-62 men. If you have a significant other, spouse, a junkie or have a Std, please move along. Spam will be deleted. Photo for pic.

Taking Chances 33yr (Wonder Lake, Illinois , Chicagoland)
There is nothing wrong with taking chances in life since you never know what could happen when a new chance is taken. My name is Gwen and I am a cancer that will be 34 this July 9th. I stand about 5'5'' tall with a thick build that is accented by big bones and I also have very dark brown eyes too. I am half african american and the other half is irish and spanish. My skin complextion is honey carmel color that is soft to the touch and I have been told that I have a great smile that is accented by full, natural lips. My hair is naturally very thick and curly but is medimum in length too. I enjoy many different types of food, music and movies and I am a big time animal lover also. I do not play games and I do not deal with one-night seeking an affair for there is no enjoyment in either one. If you would like to know more, send me a message and ask. Just know that you are dealing with a real woman here and you will not be disappointed by taking the chance in getting to know me. And, if you want a pic, it will have to be done with a camera phone. Hope to hear from you soon.......

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Cute, fun, intelligent and looking 40yr (Wonder Lake, 60097 , McHenry County)
Hello. I'll warn you up front that this is a little long winded. I just want to be specific so that neither of us are wasting our time. I'm looking for someone that can be a friend first and foremost. No judgement, no conditions. I want for us to be able to talk about anything, personal or otherwise without arguing, fighting or playing the blame game. I want to be able to talk about books, art, tv shows we like, food, cooking, wine, hopes, dreams, worries, the weather, anything. I need someone that can carry on a conversation beyond the scope of work or football. Don't get me wrong, I seeking an affair football and I am interested in what you do and how your days was. I just think that there should be more in life and more between two individuals. I'm looking for someone who will listen when I speak and actually hear what I am saying. I'm looking for someone who likes to go out and do things, but truly doesn't mind some quiet, lazy time at home. If we become close and start something sexual, I'm looking for someone that is open and as willing to give as they are to receive. I'm looking for someone that will be monogamous without feeling like they have to flirt or try to sleep with every woman they see. Basically someone that is mature and confident enough with themselves that they don't have to ''prove'' anything. I'm passionate and loving and I am looking for the same. Don't skip kissing certain areas just because you think you will ''get there'' faster. I like being kissed on my belly and the back of my neck and other places too. I won't miss any on you if I get the same consideration. If you spend the night, I want to be held for a while. Not all night but more than just 5 minutes. Please don't just roll over, fart at me and start snoring. I suppose to sum it all up, I'm looking for a man who is well rounded, not afraid of his emotions , is reasonable, strong , intelligent, and hopefully will have a good sense of humor. If you've made it through reading my ad and feel that you fit the bill, please email me. If you are looking for a one night stand, or pictures of random girls, please move on. Thanks for your time.