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bricks and ivy 33yr (Mount Carmel, 62863 , Wabash County)
Hi there, Let me just start off by saying that I am SWF looking for a SWM. I am a single mom, and divorced and live in Indiana. So if that is a problem, then just keep looking at other post. I am smart, funny, sensitive, hard working person that just wants to find the one person who they can text, or call when having a bad day. I am not into, the whole you didn't text me, or why haven't you called me? I will almost always send a text in the morning tellin you good morning, and one at night saying have a good night. I am always up to getting on the train and spending the day with someone in chicago, I love that town, so much to look at and so much to do. Never a dull moment up there. I am only an hour away so its not a bad drive either. I am not controlling or need to know where you are at all times... So if your still reading this then send me a message with title ''bad day'' in it. Thanks, and this is a pic of me. please send a pic as I have provided one for you! Thanks

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Raised with manners and seeking same 38yr (Mount Carmel, 62863, IL , Little Egypt| Wabash Valley)
I am posting not because I NEED a man, but I w a n t to find someone to spend time with. I am generally attracted to older, intelligent men with middle class or better upbringings. I say this because of the values that are instilled having that background. I come from an upper middle class family - while I am ~not~ in that tax bracket -at all- anymore, I still retain the morals and manners that I was raised with. I expect the same type of manners from a man- if I'm going to spend my time with him. I would like to find an arrangement of sorts. I am not looking to get married, not looking to live with anyone at this point. I have my own place and I like it that way. I have wants.... I also have needs. I expect you have the same or you wouldn't be here. Life is hard, I'm a single mother. I struggle. I would like to find someone who has some free time and wants to spend it with someone appreciative of their company. My child is older though still in school. I am not looking for a father figure, make no mistake, I'm just letting you know my situation. If you are 40 or older, W A N T and not n e e d someone in your life to spend time with doing normal things, are stable and secure in yourself and your situation, can be consistant... PLEASE NOTE: can be consistant... read on: I'm 38, by no means model material but definately **attractive**, average body type with belly in need of sit ups - in my defense I make up for that in bra size haha! I'm tallish, great hair , honey colored eyes, sympathetic/empathetic, intelligent, happy to provide a picutre provided you take the time to actually write a response containing more than generic information. I won't bother with canned responses. If you are interested, prove it, write me a note - have something to say about yourself other than age/height/weight type mundane things. I don't expect a big letter, too many fake ads are up for someone to invest that kind of time/effort on an initial response, I understand that completely. If you doubt I am who and what I say I am but you're interested the only way to get proof is to email me :) . If it helps, it's cloudy but only pretended it was going to rain today, at least on my side of town. Heard thunder a few times, enough to make the dog bark, but that was the extent of anything exciting weather wise here Write to tell me you're interested and I'll answer any questions you wish and provide recent pictures to boot! -tba

Lighting in a bottle (Mount Carmel, Illinois , Little Egypt| Wabash Valley)
Summer is almost here and I would love to find someone to do fun stuff with when the weather gets hot. Ideally, he would be smart, athletic, funny, creative, open-minded, passionate and handsome. I am the female version of all those things mentioned above. He should be in his 30s, like me... responsible yet still into having fun. I'm not looking for something average. I'm seeking lighting in a bottle.

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Sk Weekend Companionship South Shore 65yr (62863, Mount Carmel, IL, Wabash County)
I'm well educated,, professional, middlel-class culture, Long-Term twelve step participant, doubles tennis player . SEEK SIMILAR in the general south shore area. I have blue eyes and a warm smile, generally attractive & down to earth. Divorced with no children. Quiet and inward at times, I have a busy life of my own, yet value being in relationship. My range of interests is diverse and includes tennis, boating, dancing, singing, gardening, outdoors, the ocean, cultural events, spirituality, exploring places and meandering, I am quiet initially, and want to be friends for awhile before anything more. <

hey vegas men 21yr (62863, Mount Carmel, IL)

A little affection 30yr (62863, IL, Wabash County)
or maybe a lot. I have a lot of free time. No kids. I am interested in dating possibly moving into a LTR. We have to get to know each other first, right? I am kinda a homebody, but I do go out for drinks occasionally. I am trying to get motivated to start working out again. The funny thing is I like working out, but getting myself to the gym is a pain in the rear. I like eating out, attempting to cook, the zoo, park, museum, and other things like that. I am also open to trying other things with good company. My description: Full-figure Deep brown skin Brown eye, and hair Kinda short Glasses Cute Pretty shy I like a variety of men, but you must be single, stable, courteous, attractive , have a good sense of humor, and just adore fat chics.

Any real men 23yr (Mount Carmel, Illinois , Little Egypt| Wabash Valley)
So I'm kinda nervous but I'm seeking an affair to give this a shot anyways. I'm 23 years old. 5'5'' mixed mexican, I'm thick yet curvy in all the correct spots and believe me when I say I make heads turn. About my personality: I am pretty outgoing, love to laugh, have fun, extroverted, I am a huge sports fanatic love to watch the Dodgers or Lakers. I pretty much walk to the beat of my own drum i go to school fulltime major history. Oh, and one quick note, please be between 25 and 29 years of age and please be able to support yourself. I could care less about how much you make as long as you pay all your bills and you do not try to mooch off of me. Also, I do not believe in sex on the first, second or third date. I am a lady; not a whore. I want an LTR, not a casual encounter. =) If you want a response from me, please respond with more than just one line about yourself. I told you about myself, now let me read about you!

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Where's my PAPI CHULO?!? 22yr (62863, Mount Carmel, Illinois)
I KNOW THIS LOOKS LIKE A WHOLE BUNCH OF SH*T YOU DONíT WANNA READ, BUT IM JUST LETTING YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS FROM THE GET GO! LOL As much as I love going out to a club occassionally, I go for the drinks and music and time with my peoples. Not to pick up men! And the few times that I didÖthe dudes were wack lol. So I figured since Iíve tried every where else, let me try the same spot that I can virtually find anything from a job to a sofaÖCL! A little about me, Iím a 22 y/o sweetheartÖ with a caribbean background. Iím very much into having a good time, meaning Iím very easy going, Iím into movies, music, reading, cars, dining out, going to the park, beach, mall, baseball games, playing pool, bowing, hookah, chillin on a stoopÖwhere ever! Iím not very picky. Although Iím very motivated my school/work situation is pretty shitty but hopefully things will get back on track soon! Also im a curvy girl, I have meat on me, Iím a bbwÖNot like Precious lol, But if youíre looking for skin and bonesÖthat ainít me! I'm pretty cute though. Iím very down to earth. Im not afraid to make an ass of myself. I love having fun, laughing and just enjoying life. What Iím looking for is a guy I can start off as friends w/ but has the potential to become a Long term relationship. Iím very much into hispanic guys. I like tall men like above 5í9Ē because Iíd like you to still be taller than me if I wore heels. Just some one cool thatís not into games and is a genuine honest person. Also that can hold a conversation. Someone thatís interested in doing some of the things I listed above. I like dudes w/ a lot of personality and that can make me laugh because I can be a clown sometimes! Youíre probably not my type if: Youíre younger than 21 and older than 27 Youíre not hispanic. Youíre shorter than 5í9Ē u tawk LyK DiiS n TiiNk itz k3Wl cUz itz JuZ SLaNq Youíre a redsox fan You donít eat pu**y Youíre not outgoing and youíre maddd boring! Youíre not willing to travel or meet me Ĺ way Youíre really really skinny! You canít handle meat on a woman You have small feet like smaller than 8.5 So for those of you who read, Thank youuuu and if youíre interested feel free to holla ;) I know it may sound like im asking a lot but I just know what I want and donít want! Please also send a pic and say a few things about yourself. I wont send my pics If I donít seeking an affair yours! Lets see if we can vibe, talk to you soon!