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friendship 45yr (Matteson, 60443 , Cook County)
Life is beautiful, need someone to share with and enjoy!!!!

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BBW WANTING TO DATE AGAIN... 57yr (60443, Matteson, Illinois)

Looking for a friendship to build something more 40yr (60443, Matteson, IL, Cook County)
Is there anyone who wants to actually meet first, get to know each other, spend time together finding out if there's something worth building on? Please I do have faith that there are men out there who want to actually get to know a woman, to take the time to actually have a conversation!!! I do not put all men into one catagory, I do not believe all men are the same and I still believe that there is a man out there that I'll have the chemistry with, that spark! Just haven't met him yet LOL So I give this one last try! I''ve done the and other dating websites, maybe I''m trying to hard! It's hard meeting people nowadays! I don't want to meet someone in a bar, I don't do the clubs. Where do those of us who are actually looking to socialize with people we'd maybe like to know and date go?? Because dating has sucked lately! About me: Long dark brown hair, blue eyes, beautiful I''m told, great smile! I''m caucasion if it matters. Always get mistaken for younger, always! If you are looking for a size 2 that's not me! and I''m not a size 14 either, I fall in between and you'll have to meet to see! If all this offends you or makes you say, no I'll pass on emailing, you could be missing out on something great and not even know it! Believe me, I don't look again my age and I''m not fat or lumpy or bumpy in the wrong places! If all this matters I just wanted to get it out of the way because for some men if you're not a size 2 they won't even take the time to know you! I will send pics to you and god would a coffee date kill you to just meet, say hi and see if there's any attraction or desire to even get to know each other more! Seriously!!! I don't watch sports of any kind at all! I''m not opposed to social sporting but socially. If you're life revolves around every sport known to man, we probably won't hit it off. Just being honest! I'm more of a live music kind of person, love big and local up and coming bands! I like musical theatre, doesn't mean I'd make you go, but I enjoy it! I volunteer with the local theatre company and have made wonderful friends and just enjoy the shows! I love to cook and would love a man who likes to get in the kitchen right along side me! A glass of wine/or bottle, music, cooking, conversation can make the start of a great evening! I''m so open to new things, I've found in a few men that they just get set in what they like and aren't willing to try something new! I''m open, I want adventure in my life! I haven't been in the world much yet, but plan to explore in the future, but can start off small! A drive to the coast, seeing new places, those out of the way hidden places! Maybe this doesn't sound exciting for you or as I''m finding out most men want sex right away or never mind! Little do some men know that if you actually take the time to get to know someone and build something, the sex can be awesome! Better then jumping in right away! Just saying, that's an experience thing! I''m not saying it's out of the question, but if you are looking for just sex I''m definitely not the one for you! I don't like to put limits on anything in life, we all know what has attracted us! I tend to like men who are taller then I am, I''m only 5'3, so around 5'8 at least or taller because I like to wear heels at times! By no means am I a fitness buff, but I''m on my way! I do watch what I eat, getting in my daily exercise so I do appreciate a man who cares as well! Doesn't have to be a greek god, but if you like beer a lot and you've got the gut to show it, probably won't match! I do care what I look like, I actually care about my appearance, my hair, putting on make up, etc! I like to look nice! and can appreciate a man who cares about his appearance as well. I guess this is my last shot trying to maybe find someone I can have a decent conversation with, who actually can hold a conversation I''m not shy at all and very very outgoing, so if you tend to be shy hope you warm up quickly! I''m by no means unintelligent! I hit a bump in the road, got divorced a few years ago after 5 yrs separated, then got laid off! Decided to take my life in my hands, went back to school, graduated with honors in academics and leadership 2 months ago, now I''m working for a dr/specialist as their office manager! So I actually take my life in my hands and move forward! So can appreciate someone who's motivated in life as well! If you've read through all this shoot me an email, what can it hurt right????? Maybe you'll make a new friend out of it! I''m not putting an age limit on this either, if you think that any of my ad interests you, just email :) Have a wonderful day

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the secret life of BEES 22yr (60443, IL, Cook County)
hello I told myself I would NEVER re post, but between boredom and school being out for the summer I found myself here I work part-time and go to school mostly Im a young, ambitious 22y/o AA woman 5'8 CURVY GIRL I like to laugh and have as much fun when I can I not into staying in the house much I think Im sweet, or at least thats what most who know me impression is But i have a fiery side Im looking to meet someone who can enjoy my company laugh play talk about sports/poltics DONT CONTACT ME SOLICITING SEX DONT RESPOND WITHOUT A PHOTO NO BISEXUAL MEN NOT LOOKING FOR AN NSA or A MARRIED MAN NOT LOOKING TO MEET YOU AT YOUR HOUSE NO ENDLESS EMAILS YO HABLO ESPANOL

This really sucks!!! 29yr (Matteson, Illinois , Chicagoland)
I'm turning 30 soon!! My high standards have caused me to be alone at this point and really done want to be alone turning 30. So, if you are interested seeking an affair going to a movie, a museum, or just talking at starbucks...let me know. Me- mocha skin, 5'4. Curvy. Size 14. Black hair, Brown eyes. You - I don't long as you can hold my attention.

Looking for a big thick cock 27yr (60443, Matteson, IL)
Looking for an attractive white male with a big cock to satisfy tonight. If you are interested in hooking up tonight email me with THICK in the subject line. I am curvy, horny, and looking for some adult fun. I have huge boobs and a cute face. Please send pics of your cock and face and I will reply with mine. Can't wait to wrap my lips around you!

Maybe you?!? (Matteson, 60443, IL , Chicagoland)
So its Saturday night and it looks like you are home as well and of all places on CL....its okay no judging am I! :) I am a white female in my late 20's, college educated and run my own business. I am a daughter, seeking an affair best friend, co-worker but the title I currently lack and desire is girlfriend/partner/significant other. I am looking for that special someone who is missing the same thing I am: someone to share long conversations with over dinner or coffee, a person that wants to be a couple as much as I want to be a couple and think of each other through-out the days and weeks with little surprises or random text messages and cards, day trips together to explore the beauty of Oregon while learning more about each other and a person who desires to learn and grow with me in a supportive and caring adult relationship where we are friends before lovers and always look forward to the our next meeting. I am looking for someone who is educated, can hold a conversation, who is willing to work at a relationship because I do believe a relationship requires work to build and remain solid. I am often attracted to older men, but age is only a number and really its the maturity that I seek. At 27, I am far older in life experience and maturity than most my age and seek someone who is not still into materialist things and parting and rather knows what they want and also what's important in life. Please be employed and happy with where you are in most aspects of your life. I really am not picky beyond those basics, a list of wants and desires of what I MIGHT like, could possibly ultimately limit me from that perfect someone I seek. So if my ad catches your eye and you are interested in knowing more and getting to know one another, please email and let me know a little about yourself and feel free to ask questions. I am very open, often sarcastic and want to meet someone new. We can email, yahoo messenger or text for awhile...if we hit it off hopefully we can meet soon!

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I am human and I need to be loved. 20yr (Matteson, Illinois , Chicagoland)
Am I a little awkward? Yes. A little goofy? YES. I'm a barista in the morning and a Film Student at night. I love animals, literature, writing, and my family That being said, basically I have straight pearly whites, glasses, reddish brown hair, blue eyes, and a little over 5'7. I'm not a health nut by any means, but I do consider myself healthy. I'm just pretty normal looking. seeking an affair CL, I feel like this is a terrific feat. I'm probably that girl that makes your coffee for you every morning at the coffee shop around the corner that you look at and wouldn't think twice that I'd be posting an ad on craiglist. And do I need to be doing this? Probably not. I have a great life, and great people in my life. But why not? Currently and forever into: Radiohead, Boards of Canada,Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, Dark Tranquility, Neutral Milk Hotel, Smashing Pumpkins,Coldplay,Pavement, The Decemberists, DMB, The Strokes, Dredg, Fleet Foxes, Incubus, James Taylor,Third Eye Blind, Joanna Newsom, Mumford & Sons, Counting Crows.... I'm a Pisces and an INFP. It's sort of weird, because, I'm quite the dreamer and yet I still have a tendency to be painfully realistic. I tend to be a bit of a recluse too, sometimes people can just be too much for me.I'm really low-key and sometimes I just feel really offbeat with people my age. I'm not a complete hermit, though. I do have a somewhat active social life, enjoy going to the occasional dinner party, and catching live music with friends. Ethics and morality are pretty important to me. I'm really into learning about religion, and while I don't practice any in particular, spirituality is pretty big in my book. I mean, it does shape our views upon the world we live in everyday, so to me, it's hard to imagine how someone could NOT think about these things. I guess I'm sort of a cheeseball sometimes. I just can't help pulling to the side of the road and watching a sunset. Or having a nice existential chat with a friend over coffee. Basically the world amazes me. The world amazes me, people disappoint me. This is where you come in. I like someone that is well read and intelligent, but at the same time isn't a snob, and can still enjoy cinematic masterpieces such as Wayne's World and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. I like someone that CAN MAKE ME LAUGH, but not in the ''Look at me I'm so ridiculously obnoxious and outrageous!'' way but in a subtle and completely endearing way. I'm cool with tattoos, if done tastefully. I have a relatively large backpiece so I hope you're cool with tattoos as well . I'm a pacifist, so, that'd be great if you weren't really into violence. I can't tolerate someone that harms animals, so if you're into hunting, stomping on bugs, running over critters, etc, then, sorry that's a deal breaker, I value ALL life. If that's weird to you then...neat. Click the backspace. I like an old fashioned guy, someone with manners and someone who is pretty low key. Someone that'd make breakfast with me at midnight and then fall asleep watching a Disney movie. Sleep in late and then lay around listening to old records all day. Then hit the road and go knick-knack shopping. The quirkier and goofier, the better. Good taste in music will get you brownie points. Please be in college or have graduated recently or at least have a full time job. *If you're into partying, regular alcohol/substance use/420 I am NOT for you. Physically what I like, is hard to say. It could go so many different ways. I have an undying nerd crush on Seth Rogen that won't go away. Totally not into the muscle-y guys, but you NEED to be relatively healthy and not be older than 25-ish. Beards are fun. If you're into bluegrass/folk and enjoy dressing as a gentlemen...hubba hubba. I already like you. At the same time, I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I'm not really ''looking for love'' or whatever. So don't expect that from me. I'm the type of person that values friendship, and organic relationships that sort of evolve on their own. So, to put it shortly, I'm just looking for a connection. Finding commonalities in others and creating bonds with friends to walk through this life with is awesome, and reassuring for someone like me that has a tendency to feel like an outcast. Haven't you ever wondered if it was possible that there could be someone out there that thinks and feels like you do? The realist in me says no, but there's still that dreamer in me that wonders. Don't bother replying unless you actually have something relevant to say. Hey, it's list, I'm allowed to be demanding and picky. Oh, and put your favorite band in the subject so I can weed out the Juggalos and Justin Bieber enthusiasts. Send a link to your facebook, or a picture, and tell me about yourself If I think you're someone I'd get along with, then I'll give you mine. All this being said, NO I am not looking to ''hook up'', NO I will not marry you. NO I do not want to see your junk. I just figured that maybe, amongst the hundreds of nameless, shirtless dudes that can't spell that I will surely receive responses from because of this, that JUST MAYBE that awesome 'wow, they totally get me moment' that I've been looking for will be in there somewhere. Maybe.