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Seeking tall guy to have some fun with 30yr (Darien, Illinois , Chicagoland)
sexy thick bbw tall 5'11'', blond brw eyes, seeks swm at least 6ft tall good job likes to go out no kids not married send contact info and pic thanks

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Empty Motorcycle Backseat? (60561, IL, Du Page County)
If your motorcycle has an empty backseat that you want to fill, well then send me an e-mail. I am a down to earth laid back fun girl in my young 20's. Looking to ride and just enjoy the warm weather :-)

Older SWF seeks older SM who believes in ... (Darien, Illinois , Chicagoland)
.... second chances, lost and regained romance, stimulating conversation over a glass of wine, companionship, intimacy. Classy, professional woman, widowed many years ago, would like to share your company, and perhaps explore our options together. I'm attractive, tall, have all those attributes we all brag about, and like all the cultural activities and environmental ups and downs that make New York the best place to live. Love to read, travel, and spend time with friends and family. I'm romantic and at times very sentimental, optimistic, and hopeful about finding a special friend, and about the state of our world today .... but not thoughtless about any of the above. I believe that our values are informed by the events that happened during our formative years .... so if you were a young man during Viet Nam, appreciate and maybe participated in the civil rights movement, we'll likely have things in common. Life's short. Let's meet. Sooner rather than later.

It is important that you approach the married woman seeking an affair in the right way. She is looking for a casual, discreet encounter with someone who wants the same. >>

Tired of the lies, just want a LTR 50yr (60561, Darien, Illinois)
I have placed ads on here before and even though there was interest at the beginning of our conversations, I believe they and I engaged in so many emails and the conversations lasted for too long and one or the other of us lost interest. I'm a desk jockey, so I'm behind a computer for work way too many hours. Therefore, I don't have the energy or ambition to ride out long winded emails for that person to make up their minds just to briefly meet and get it over with. We will either like each other or not. Here's a summary of me: Divorced, no kids, attractive, BBW, non-smoker, social drinker no drugs. I like a wide variety of activities, but I am not a serious outdoorsy person, so no skiing or mountain biking for me. I'm honest and straightforward. I have a sense of humor that most people appreciate. I'm spiritual, but not religious. I am in the middle of the road on politics. I am a romantic and would like to share that in common with you. I don't have a detailed list of what I must and must not have in a man. Everyone is different, has difference experiences and has something valuable to share. Some basics I would like to see in the person is a good communicator and has a good sense of humor. Therefore, personality counts for me more than looks. I do like the ''biker'' or ''cowboy'' look on a man. Dealer Breakers: 1. Smoking, drugs, in trouble with the law. 2. I am tall, 5'10, so I really wouldn't feel comfortable about dating someone who is less than 5'9. 3. Married or attached men. 4. Men more than 10 years either younger or older than me. 5. Men not over their ex. 6. No respect for women If you want a pic, send me yours and I will reciprocate. Also, no propositions for NSA or FWB. I would like to start out as friends first and see where it leads. Also, ONLY reply if you are actually serious about meeting someone after a couple emails and perhaps a phone conversation . By the way men, I don't accept Saturday night dates on Saturday afternoon. I do have a life outside the internet. That means, by Friday, I know what I'm doing Saturday. I'm not the kind of woman who does not have a life and therefore, don't sit around waiting for a man to call for a date! Good luck in your search.

Where is my John Cusak? 44yr (Darien, 60561 , Du Page County)
That last relationship experiment was harsh and the cut was quick but deep. Might leave a scar, but in a place most people wonít see. I will forgive, I will not forget. Not to dwell, but to move forward, to be proactive, to get on with it. I am not an unhappy person. I am active, gregarious, strong, fit, smart, attractive. I like to play outside. Not an uber athlete but a dabbler Ė I like to mountain bike, ski, whitewater kayak and rock climb. I love my dog and take him with me. Thatís pretty cool, but Iíd like a man who will go, too. And thatís not to say thatís all I do or that the guy has to do all that. Those are simply some things Iím passionate about. There are so many walking wounded out there. And people who need attention and will blast at you and forget to ask you a thing about yourself, theyíre so busy trying to impress. I am still learning when to have compassion and when to enforce my boundaries. It can be so confusing. Balance, I seek balance, for myself and for others who are aware that itís needed. A little yoga helps, some down time, cooking a good meal, some good two way conversation. Next time I want to take the time to get to know, to connect, seeking an affair really connect on more than the superficial levels before saying those things so many of us want to say and hear. Thereís a scene in a silly movie - Must Love Dogs - where John Cusak rambles about how he thinks when your heart gets broken it grows back bigger. How come John Cusak always plays the guy Iíd like to be with Ė if he only did a couple of the things I do Ė bike, ski, climb, yakÖ

Still looking for a practicing catholic man 38yr (60561, Darien, IL)
Still looking for a practicing catholic man -- its amazing how difficult it is to find a kind, decent, semi-normal, practicing catholic guy in the Chicago area... Emailed and chatted by phone with some seemingly nice guys, but that elusive 'special something' just wasn't there yet. Looking to develop a friendship first then see if anything grows from there. About me: 5í7Ē 115 lbs but curvy brown hair blue eyes Degreed but still looking for a job I donít drink, donít smoke, and am active at two churches No sex until after the correct TWO rings are on my correct finger. Would like to get married, travel a bit , then have a few kids, be a stay home mom and homeschool. You should be: Not married and no kids yet. Preferebly between 33 and 43 years old but this might vary a bit if you seem like a great match for me. Have impeccable traditional manners and a good sense of humor Taller than me in heels and be in shape Non drinker, non smoker, non drug user, no diseases Good morals values and a practicing catholic who is willing to wait til after marriage for sex . The guy Iím seeking should be mentally and emotionally mature, be able and willing to: lead a relationship to marriage, get married, have and properly care for a wife and family. If you are seeking ''a women'' then I'm not her/it ... so if you know what I mean, then I'm really looking forward to hearing from you. If you just don't get this then maybe you need to contact the ladies at the posts above or below mine. I welcome all thoughtful emails. I'm tired of trying to explain that I am a human, I've come to realize that most people here are human, just perhaps not interested in the person who writes to them so move on, that's internet dating, that's life, if you're ego is that sensitive then we're probably not a good match. Maybe that should clear things up... seriously, can a spambot be that demanding?? Guess I need a real patient, understanding, flexible guy... again I mention sense of humor! Thanks for reading.

You've Finally Found Me 33yr (Darien, 60561, IL , Chicagoland)
Hello! I'm a 33 year old, very attractive, tall , slim woman, with black hair a little past my shoulders and brown eyes. I admit to being charming, witty, very sincere, and sweet! I am also adventurous, spontaneous and willing to take chances. I'm not out to find the man of my dreams, I don't even know if that exists...I want to make a seeking an affair connection with someone special....I want to enjoy everything that life has to offer now, to take what comes, and to share today with someone who feels the same. I'm looking for someone intelligent...someone so unafraid of risks that they truly experience life and are strong enough to succeed...someone sensative enough to know every action has a reaction...someone introspective enough to know who they are and what they want out of life...someone bold enough to heed nothing to get it...and someone intriguing enough to keep me dreaming.....

Yet, there are more married women seeking affair than men, since men are more career oriented and have less time for family, as opposed to the wives, who have all the time in the world. >>

all in favor 26yr (60561, Darien, IL, Du Page County)
I'm home listening to some Frank Sinatra and reading my financial times I never got around to this morning because I was too busy sleeping in too late and racing out the door while spilling coffee on myself. May the record show that I also pounded some cheap sauv blanc lastnight at a work happy hour. Oh yes, party people. Moving on. Since last September Iíve roofied myself on an intercontinental flight and Iíve taken more photos than I could ever post-process with my case of adult onset ADD . Iíve watched more Oprah episodes and read more US Weeklyís and taken more cabs than I care to admit. I also got a new laptop and broke a blackberry. Iíve gone on dates that after too much beer and Jameson led me to believe that we should just catch a cab together back to my place and decide weíre just getting married, we had too much in common. And it was fun. Woot. I laughed during my aunt's funeral, but only because I know she would have laughed, too. I miss her. After that I lost, and regained my religion. I love texting and google reader, and I consider seeking an affair ability to forgive to be an affliction. Like halitosis. Itís a silly cliche, but it actually turns out that life is too short. Drinks, anyone?