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I have ALWAYS wondered what it would be like to----------------------- 39yr (62234, IL, Madison County)
Now that I have your attention...and get your mind out of the gutters.. Back to my post... I have always wondered what it would be like to spend the summer riding as much as I could--yes, I mean motorcycles! I would love to learn how to drive one, but think I would like to spend alot of time riding as a passenger first and foremost, and yes, I am also looking for a long term relationship. I am a good looking lady, sexy, confident and a great sense of humor. If you are just as sexy, good looking and seeking same, it would be a match made in heaven. Send a pic, and tell me about you and I will return the favor.

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DOWN LOWWWW 30yr (62234, Collinsville, Illinois)
I want my bf to get fucked by a dude, kind of crazy but I'm sure he is bi. I'll set it up, like a ''pick up'' if you know what I mean for extra activities.. I want a dude to fuck suck just get crazy with him, HOWEVER you MUST be bi. When it comes down to it, I CRAVE TWO DUDES. So, you need to be fit, and hung, he has a hairy chest and stomach he trims, he has a perfect ass and I don't want him to trim that!! He will let me play with his hole and lick it, but I want to really know if he will take dick, and I'm totally cool with it we have spoken about it. He isn't opposed but not sure if he wants to share me, yeah I'm mad hot. Black hair, crystal clear blue eyes, great lips, and a fat ass, full c 34, size 8. I work out so does he we expect the same. Hit me up BISEXUALS, I like uncut although he isn't but hes so good in bed, all over my crazy body :) lets have some fun, liquor is encouraged!!

This important message keeps getting flagged (Collinsville, Illinois , Greater St. Louis)
Dwight F. Peters is a psychopath and destroys womans about psychopaths and you will see.........He never has just one ladies although he will tell you youre special........this is a warning.......its always all about him you will see this charming snake come before your eyes

Married seeking affair; three simple words that mean a whole lot. If you're not careful you might end up having an affair that you regret. However if your spouse isn't pleasing you and you feel you deserve more there are five things you need to know before seeking an affair. >>

Nice lady seeking one gentleman 36yr (62234, Collinsville, IL, Madison County)
I am single, white, latina, full figured, curvy shape, down to earth and fun and spontaneous personality. I enjoy staying fit and working out, cooking, decorating home and gardening. I like to dance go to concerts and comedy clubs. I also enjoy just staying home and relaxing with someone special. Im looking for someone for ltr not into the dating scene and seeing different men. I do not smoke and prefer the same in a partner. Please tell me about yourself if interested and we can chat.

vilt khasene hobn mit a liberalen frumer ) 57yr (Collinsville, Illinois , Greater St. Louis)
h shrayb af yidish vayl dos iz mayn neshome. un efsher ayers, oykhet. zayt moykhl dem kumendikn paragraf, ober ikh hob shoyn derfarung mit Craig’s List un nisht kayn iberike tzayt! Iz, zayt azoy gut un enfer NISHT afn meldung oyb ir - zukht nisht far kayn vayb - zayt nisht kayn frayer - roykhert - kukt / farzorgt nisht af zikh - hobn nisht gelezn dem gantzn meldung - zaynen nisht erlekh - trinkt mer vi a bisl oder nemt “recreational drugs” - nisht vilndik tzu shikn mir a bild fun zikh ver bin ikh? a froy an opgegete, vos vil zayn Shomer Shabos ikh hob ongeheybn davenen mit an Ortodoksishe kehile, a liberale un es gefelt mir zeyer. … ikh hob zeyer lib yidishkayt – seeking an affair di vos hot tzu ton mitn Tanakh un lernen – efsher mit aykh in eynem a mol?... un say mit der kultur …’khob lib natur, tzu farbrengn mit fraynd/mishpokhe tzu “explore” – noent un vayt un ideyes…oyshtelungen, film , aa”v. ikh pruv tzu tuen mer khesed. mener tzu vemen ikh bin tzugestoygn zaynen nisht zaftig un mer oder veyniker mayn elter. ikh vil a man vos iz oykhet a shutif – tzu farbrengn mit mir, tzu tayln dos lebn – say aleyn say mit fraynd un mishpokhe.

if you are down to earth..intelligent and sensual we should talk.. 43yr (Collinsville, 62234 , Madison County)
What makes you happy? truly content? thats a question I pose...if its money or things...then we won't click.. If its experiences, challenging ourselves to really feel and have a passion for something then we should to have deep conversations that leave me asking questions and wanting me more.. Integrity..I posess it and hope you do too..have a passion for something and love life.. passion need it and crave it... I want that feeling that makes you tingle with electricity... I know we all have do you convey it? thats the question? I chose to use the ending of a long term marriage as an opportunity to find what makes me happy and see that we are on a journey.. a journey that is never ending, a learning process and a chance to use past hurts to enchance our present and make it the best. We are here only life don't rush thru it... Life is short and what matters is the single moment, not yesterday nor tomorrow. We have right now...we are hear for the time being lets make the best of it.. Carpe Diem...yeah that's what they say...seize the moment-grab it by the balls and live life! Don't be afraid to let loose, smile and giggle.. I am far from perfect have a whacky sense of humor, my car is a mess, need to drop a few pounds Not going to lie and say I am skinny, have boobs and a butt and its all good...I can dress in jeans or put on a skirt and stillettos.. I am not scared to let you see my soft side will hold your hand wipe away your tears and comfort when you are sad..A man that can convey his true emotions is sexier than a stoic man afraid to let me your vulnerabilities, open your heart and mind and let go... We all have had struggles...times when we thought it would be easier to be alone then to sift through people with agendas and motives that are not honorable....I know that I have had times when I thought that, but the piece of me that believes wants to continue to try and find that connection. I will say that attraction to me is what inspires you to be who you are, the smile you give me, the unspoken words that convey more than a million words, washboard abs and a nice ass do not do those things.. impress me with the look you have that lets me know you got me, you understand.. I am not religious but spiritual, not overtly into politics, love to read and love to do things..bowl, mini golf, fish, I believe in karma....know that the good wins out all the time.. If you are seeking an honest woman, one that will have your back-will want to hear about your day, one who won't drag you to the mall every weekend, I want an equal someone who wants to be with see me for who I am-a kind woman who alot to offer the right man...and expect my man to have my back too. I will respect you and let you have your own life..would be a treasure to see your smile, would love to see you laugh and for that moment have your worries be I am a real woman one with a sexy womanly body and more between my ears than fluff...I am intelligent can hold my own, but think I clean up well and can turn a few heads...its all about being confident and cool with who you are.. hope this finds you well and believe in yourself you are worth it baby.

Roy's Pasadena, for dinner Sat? 40yr (Collinsville, 62234, IL , Greater St. Louis)
I have a gift certificate for 1 person to have dinner, but dinner is always more enjoyable with stimulating conversation beyond my blackberry. Do you enjoy fine dining? Are you active? Intelligent? Able to converse on a multitude of seeking an affair Able to 'agree to disagree' if we do not share the same political, etc beliefs? Are you enjoyable and low key to talk to? Well, if you are interested in joining me. Again, my dinner is comped but how often do you get to go out with a charming, witty, selfless, happy woman and only have to pay your way?

Remember, a married woman seeking an affair is out to fulfil her needs and not yours. If you can live that then have fun! >>

Candiee Kisses 23yr (62234, Collinsville, IL)
Whats Good.. just looking for friends..get seeking an affair me